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Nightstorm of ShadowClan (Rough Draft)
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NAME: Nightstorm

AGE: 3 years old ; 36 moons (born in late Leaf-bare)

GENDER: Tom (unaltered); he/him pronouns

CLAN: ShadowClan

RANK: Warrior

DESCRIPTION: Large short-haired tom with dark brown/black fur and a muscular, rugged body type. He has longer than average legs and above average size paws. He has angular facial features, a black nose, medium-length whiskers and intense yellow eyes. Small battle scars litter his face and his ears are torn along the edges from skirmishes. The fur on his shoulders and at the base of his tail are sometimes patchy from recovering wounds after a battle.


Social Skills/ Surface Level - Clanmates - General/
Nightstorm is an extroverted, affable cat with a positive outlook on life coupled with a good-natured sense of humor. His demeanor is generally easygoing, enthusiastic and expressive; his aura exudes a strong sense of confidence.
He possesses keen socialization skills: he's adept at "reading" other's emotions and tailors his approach to each individual. However, he is poor at assessing cats based off an initial encounter. In order to make an accurate assessment of character, he needs to observe actions, habits, and language to get a read. A master at the art of "small talk" but prefers to go beyond the surface level; he'd prefer to delve deeper and get to know you more as he's genuinely invested in the lives of others around him. However, he's respectful of others boundaries and won't pry when he senses unease. He's very consistent in his routine visits with others: he'll drop by to see how you're doing and inquire about important events in your life. He generally spreads positivity but is very capable of navigating sorrow.  Very patient, easy to talk to, and an excellent listener, he's well-equipped to be a shoulder to cry on.

Social Skills/ Personal & Romantic Relationships/ 
Trusting, overlooks potentially harmful behaviors in his friends, if someone was to be nice and have the right actions, he could succumb to backstabbing, doubts his gut feelings because of Nightfang's gas-lighting, mourns his mentor's absence, it's hard for him to open up about his feelings without him joking around but is quick to offer fatherly guidance to other cats, perfectionistic in everything he does
Open to polyamory; bisexual; most attracted to those who exude strength and confidence and responsibility, but they don't neccessarily have to be loud and outgoing
only wants a committed partnership where he can feel like he can rely on them completely
wants to start a family
when talking to those he's romantically interested in, he puts on the smolder and drops his voice pitch a tad and speaks very deliberately and maintains intense eye contact
his flirting style is to generally make it known he's interested if he doesn't outright state it; he regularly checks on them, is very, very affectionate both publicly and privately, brings gifts, makes a point to listen to their interests and try to learn about it, can be clingy at times,

Social Skills/ Outsiders/ 
Due to his traditional upbringing and experiences, he's cordial and polite to cats in other Clans but prioritizes his Clan above the relationships between Clans. However, he maintains a few, close friendships and rivalry with cats from the other Clans. These relationships include a handful of cats he's met in battle previously. This interesting dynamic provides a sense of rivalry he doesn't maintain in his own Clan, and he's eager to challenge them to almost any contest every Gathering. He greatly enjoys a physical challenge and will the be one of the first to volunteer for a friendly competition, especially of the brawling variety. Additionally, he enjoys sometimes vulgar, heated trash-talk, catching up on current events, story-telling, and reminiscing with these cats.
In regards to outsiders, he's generally cautious, curt, and suspicious in these interactions, as he's unfamiliar with their personalities and motivations. Generally, he's of the following opinions: kittypets are lazy cats wasting their potential by relying on the generosity of Twolegs, loners are usually harmless cats that one should generally leave be, and rogues, especially groups, are potentially very dangerous and should be actively monitored. While he is normally laid-back, he is rather territorial and protective of his Clan. He is pro-active in monitoring the movements of outsiders close to ShadowClan borders. He makes his presence well-known to those who venture too close and is not afraid to confront them. He is firm in asserting his dominance and authority to these outsiders, instructing them to be on their way or face the consequences. If they issue a challenge, he eagerly accepts and is uncharacteristically intimidating and brutal in these confrontations. His demeanor instantly switches from calm and collected to an animated, almost frenzied, state; he goes full tilt, switches gears into "fight" mode, slides into a fighting stance, and he becomes hyper focused on defeating his opponent(s). He perceives their provocation as an opportunity to go all out and utilize his training to defend his Clan. Since combating outsiders can potentially involve bloodshed and even death amongst inexperienced apprentices and warriors, he's careful to pick his battles. However, if they trespass, he is a firm believer in sending a message and sending them back to their territory with their tail between their legs to lick their wounds. He lacks respect for their territories, as he perceives it as unclaimed, and will actively hunt prey there in secret.

Habits / Daily Patterns /
He operates on a strictly monochronic time schedule unlike most other cats; he values keeping a set schedule and not wasting time. He's early to rise and late to sleep, as he suffers from chronic insomnia and usually runs on a few hours of sleep, coupled with several naps throughout the afternoon. His daily patterns are like clockwork and are frequently used by Clanmates to denote the passage of time. He carefully structures his time around his Clan duties, social interactions, naps, meals and unoccupied, free time. He is careful to not let one task run over his allotted time restraint and with age and experience, he can usually accomplish whatever he's tasked with. However, if particularly challenging task requires more time, he is quick to buckle down and almost obsessively work to complete this task. The only exception to this rule are social situations where he feels inclined to spend extra time with certain groups or individuals or when he loses track of time shooting the breeze. He hates to idle about and can be particularly grumpy if he's holed up in camp, usually if he's sick or recovering from a fight, and unable to get anything done. A majority of his free time is dedicated to his training regiment. While he is very extroverted, he finds inner peace in the usual solitude that his personal training provides.

Habits / Work Ethic / Humor / Likes & Dislikes
He takes pride in his athleticism and physical prowess. Self-confident about his appearance, he wears his extensive facial scars like badges of honor and is more than delighted to tell you how he got them. He is a meticulous groomer and dedicates a good portion of his time after meals to his grooming.  Additionally, he is a rather picky eater now, refusing to eat anything but the freshest kills.
His second favorite hobby is trash-talking close friends and especially opponents. His humor can be described as crude, snarky and observational.

Beliefs/Moral Code/

Empathy, Loyalty, Honor, Community, Strength

Wrath, Pride,

Blood doesn't make a Warrior; Any cat is capable of being a Clan cat if they can prove themselves
Avoid romances between Clans as much as possible, these only cause problems in the long-run, especially if kits are involved.
"A true warrior only resorts to stealing if all other options are exhausted"
"Listen to both your head and heart in every situation. Go by somebody's actions but listen to your gut if something feels off"
"Before you get upset, ask yourself if it's really that serious enough to pick a fight over."
Believes in the idea of StarClan but he has yet to have a "religious experience"
is of the private opinion that blood doesn't make a good warrior and any cat is capable of becoming a Clan cat if they can prove themselves
He's careful to analyze every cat and judges based off actions since he distrusts himself in making the correct assumptions about a cat.
sympathetic to half-blood cats but generally disapproves of forbidden romances between Clan cats as it negatively affects the kits. "love transcends all boundaries but as it stands, our world is always going to tell you it's wrong"
If you want to piss him off, start spewing hateful tropes about shadowclan
Hates cowardice in capable warriors; hates Pride getting in the way of doing the right thing
He won't fight weakened cats and won't kill unless his life or the life of a clanmate is in danger.
Will go out of his way to help a helpless kit, regardless of Clan.
Previously ignored the Warrior Code about staying in one's territory but now believes if you're capable of stealing, you're capable of being resourceful enough to go outside the borders into unclaimed territory to find food
for cats that claim territory outside the clan, he generally ignores their claim but if they confront him and look like


| Kit-hood |
Nightkit was born towards the end of winter as the only kit to a very loving, pure-blooded ShadowClan mother named Ivycloud. His father was absent when he was born; Nightkit's mother assured him that his father was a brave, strong, pure-blooded ShadowClan Warrior that had gone on a journey to the Twolegplace and never returned. In reality, his father was a loner that had joined ShadowClan for a short time and left just before he was born. During that time, the Clan's population was dwindling and the leader of ShadowClan began recruiting cats from the Twolegplace. It bothered Nightkit that he wasn't able to meet his father and he vowed to someday venture into Twolegplace and find his father.
Nightkit was very extroverted and interactive with the other kits. He was easily the largest kit and had the largest appetite anyone had ever seen from a kit. He enjoyed rough-housing with the other kits and was known to be a fiesty, inquisitive little bugger. As he got older, he ventured into the Elder's den one day on a whim. Two grizzled Elders grew to love this little fireball and took it upon themselves to teach him about the Warrior Code, ShadowClan's history and the history of all the Clans. Nightkit's favorite stories were those about TigerClan and ShadowClan's successful battles. He quickly memorized the Warrior Code thanks to them and became a bit of a know it all in this area.

| Apprenticeship |
Nightpaw was assigned to a younger Warrior named Blackfang. Nightpaw was immediately interested in his mentor; Blackfang had previously lived in the Twolegplace and joined ShadowClan only a moon before. Nightpaw explained to Blackfang that he wanted to become stronger and travel to the Twolegplace to find his father. His mentor explained that it would take moons of training before he would be strong enough to enter the Twolegplace. Nightpaw wasn't particularly close to anyone before then and Blackfang easily stepped into the father figure role. They quickly developed a strong bond and friendship. But Nightpaw learned early on that his mentor had little respect for the warrior code. Nightpaw initially questioned Blackfang about this, only to be criticized for his beliefs. Blackfang convinced him that he was indoctrinated into his beliefs and without any life experience, his strict adherence to these beliefs was foolish and limiting. Additionally, his mentor attempted to force his disillusioned and misanthropic teachings upon Nightpaw's inner belief system. Essentially, Blackfang explained that he could trust no cat and no hierarchy of power, as they always crumbled when times were hard. The only thing he could rely on was himself and Blackfang's guidance. Nightpaw only half-heartedly accepted a majority of these teachings and learned to hold back his true thoughts a majority of the time.  In his heart, he sought to make Blackfang regain faith in what life had to offer and believed if he proved himself to be the best Warrior in ShadowClan, he could accomplish this. He valued his mentor's approval the most and would sacrifice his morals to gain this respect. Blackfang trained Nightpaw rigorously, constantly challenging him to become stronger. Nightpaw was very dedicated and a fast learner, consistently meeting Blackfang's challenges. However, he was never able to receive praise for his hard work and perseverance; this was very frustrating but Nightpaw continued to hold his tongue.
At 12 moons old, Nightpaw would challenge the strongest Senior Warrior to a sparring match in order to earn his Warrior title. He out-maneuvered and managed to knock out this seasoned warrior, impressing everyone in ShadowClan except his mentor. Blackfang refused to let him graduate to Warrior status until he proved himself further. Initially, this was embarrassing to Nightpaw as his clanmates advanced to Warrior status. He was teased at Gatherings for this; sensitive to their teasing, he would beat the snot out of other apprentices and Warriors from other Clans during Gathering competitions.
After 3 moons of "advanced" training, Blackfang finally agreed to take Nightpaw to the Twolegplace to locate his father. They travelled into the Twolegplace, following leads they had acquired from old acquaintances of his mentor. Nightpaw was overjoyed to find his father alive. However, this discoverey was followed by a feeling of bewilderment: why had his father seemingly abandoned the journey his mother had described and seemingly settled down in the Twolegplace? Nightpaw and Blackfang observed his father's actions for a few days, drawing the conclusion that everything his mother had told him since kit-hood was a complete lie. Nightpaw was ashamed to realize his father was a womanizing, cowardly loner that never resembled anything close to a ShadowClan Warrior. His mentor explained that his mother most likely wanted to shield him from the truth and allow Nightpaw to grow up to be a strong, proud Warrior. Dissatisfied with this explanation, Nightpaw abruptly confronted his father for the truth. His father confirmed that he was a loner had left ShadowClan ago after he realized Clan life wasn't "easy" like he had thought. When Nightpaw questioned why he had seemingly abandoned him and his Mother, his father sneered that he had no intention of raising a son with such a clingy she-cat. But he was delighted to see that his son had grown up to be such a strong cat and with his help, Nightpaw and his father would be able to rule a territory in the Twolegplace together and have local she-cat's at his beck and call. Disgusted, Nightpaw refused and his father sneered that he didn't need him anyways, he was too weak for his father to associate with, and he would eventually be kicked out of ShadowClan for being a half-blood. Enraged with his father's comments, Nightpaw attacked and his father quickly surrendered, pathetically begging for his life. Disgusted, he spared his father's life and vowed to be the best ShadowClan Warrior he could be, even if he was only a half-blood. Unbeknownst to him, Blackfang would secretly murder his father for being a failed father to Nightpaw. Blackfang and Nightpaw returned to ShadowClan. Nightpaw confronted his mother and she tearfully explained that she did it to protect him and his honor; Nightpaw promised her to be a better ShadowClan warrior and future parent than his father was.
Shortly after returning, Blackfang presented Nightpaw with a final test that would earn him his warrior status. His mentor explained they would be going on a reconnaissance mission into WindClan territory in order to locate their campsite. Determined to prove himself, a party consisting of Nightpaw, Blackfang, and several other cats ventured deep into the WindClan territory. Nightpaw was the one to discover the campsite and make valuable observations about the layout. As they snuck back towards the ShadowClan border, one of the other ShadowClan warriors gave themselves away to a WindClan patrol nearby and a battle ensued. This resulted in Blackfang murdering a WindClan Warrior before ShadowClan was chased back into their territory. Nightpaw was stunned by the viciousness his mentor had shown during battle. When they returned to ShadowClan, Nightpaw was applauded for the mission's success and he received his warrior name, much to his mentor's pleasure.

| Warrior |
Immediately after being given his Warrior name, Nightstorm would confront Blackfang about his actions. His mentor dodged the conversation by revealing himself to be a former member of a notorious group of Twolegplace cats, known as BloodClan. Blackfang explained that he had a very harsh upbringing in the Twolegplace and was forced to fight without mercy in order to survive. He only joined BloodClan to ensure his survival but was betrayed by those he thought he could trust. He had been forced to flee and take refuge in ShadowClan. He sought revenge and confessed that Nightstorm was the only cat he could trust. Sympathetic, Nightstorm promised Blackfang he could rely upon him and he would do whatever was neccessary to bring about justice to these traitorous cats. With WindClan rallying at the ShadowClan borders, the ShadowClan leader was horrified to hear of the violent murder committed by Blackfang. Seeking to save face and prevent an impending war with WindClan, ShadowClan's leader banished Blackfang, quoting re-occuring violations of the Warrior code. When his mentor was banished, Nightstorm reluctantly joined him.
The pair ventured into the nearby Twolegplace. Blackfang explained that he had found out that BloodClan was using a fighting competition in order to recruit new members; the cats in charge of this competition were the same cats that had betrayed Blackfang. He encouraged Nightstorm to enter and win this competiton, thereby getting close to these cats. When he was declared victor, he would help Blackfang kill these traitors when their guard is down. Nightstorm did just this and confronted these cats with his mentor. He was horrified to see how bloodthirsty and heartless his mentor really was as Blackfang mercilessly slayed these cats. It wasn't until an innocent cat stumbled in by accident and Blackfang was about to kill him that Nightstorm broke his silence. He accused Blackfang him of being a manipulative, amoral killer fixated on revenge. Nightstorm confessed that he had lost respect for some cat who no longer resembled a noble ShadowClan Warrior. A fight ensued between the two and Nightstorm managed to pin him down. Blackfang would break down and challenge Nightstorm to deliver the final, killing blow. Nightstorm spared him and confessed that Blackfang was the father he never had and he will always respect and look up to him. However, he refuses to go down this path anymore, as he has a duty to his Clan. Nightstorm firmly told Blackfang he was no longer fit to be a ShadowClan warrior and that he would kill him if he ever tried to come back. The two parted ways and Nightstorm somberly returned to ShadowClan. He hasn't seen his mentor since. When he returned to ShadowClan, he spent many moons proving himself loyal to ShadowClan.

Nowadays, he's successfully earned back the trust of most ShadowClan cats, save for older warriors and those in leadership position who still find it hard to trust him completely. He takes his role as Warrior very seriously and prioritizes the most mundane of tasks, in order to demonstrate his reliability to those around him. He seeks to foster harmonious relationships with his Clan-mates and is quite the extroverted, well-known charmer of ShadowClan. He maintains an affable demeanor that is attractive to most cats.
He takes it upon himself to improve the image of ShadowClan and the relationship with other Clans at recent Gatherings. He is friendly with a quite a few other cats in other Clans. After spending many moons near the camp and spending a good portion of his free-time entertaining the kits, he is eager to start a family but doesn't have his eye on anyone currently. Also, he hopes to be recognized as a positive influence in ShadowClan and be chosen to mentor an apprentice.


Mother - Ivycloud (NPC)(Living) - short-haired she-cat with black fur, pale yellow eyes and delicate facial features; stocky build
Father - King (NPC)(Deceased) - short-haired tom with black fur, intense yellow eyes and angular facial features; muscular, long build
Siblings - N/A
Mentor - Blackfang (NPC)(Living) - Short-haired, battle-scarred tom with black fur, piercing yellow-green eyes and sharp, angular facial features; muscular, medium sized stature
Apprentice - Moonpaw
Significant Other - Open
Offspring - Open
Close Friends - Open
Enemies - Open


| Fighting Style |
His mentor, Blackfang, relied upon two fighting styles that were dependent on the environment and opponent. First of all, Blackfang taught the importance of using environment to one's advantage: concealing oneself in the surrounding environment to launch a surprise attack that usually would ensure victory. Additionally, one could use the environment to advantage and turn a battle around if you found yourself succumbing to your opponent. This meant observing the highest ground and usable objects in the environment to help one gain the upper hand. However, when you and your opponent were on equal terms, using strength alone to overcome your opponent was too risky. Victory wasn't ensured if you lost stamina and were overcome by a bigger opponent. To ensure victory in this scenario, Blackfang urged Nightstorm to dodge his opponent as much as possible and quickly land calculated blows to stun or incapacitate the opponent. If this meant using "low blows" that were inconsistent with the a warrior's "noble" fighting style, so be it. Blackfang emphasized that winning at whatever the cost was the most important as victory ensured his survival. Adhering to nobility in such a harsh world where the opponent potentially doesn't share the same sentiment could cost him his life. Additionally, if you had to kill another cat in order to win a battle, this is merely means to an end. A warrior recognizes that there is always the possibility that one's life might end in battle.
Despite his mentor's insistence, Nightstorm prefers to fight honorably and strictly adheres to the following guidelines: refusing to attack/pursue a weakened/fleeing opponent, avoiding the use of his full strength on a smaller/weaker opponent, refusing to use "low blows" on opponents that could seriously injure them, and only resorting to killing an opponent if their intent is to kill and he can't stun/incapacitate them.
Deriving influence from his mentor's fighting style, Nightstorm manages to maneuver very well, despite his large stature. He is careful to consider his surroundings and uses it to conceal himself and stealthily approach. He uses the element of surprise and a "blitzkrieg" style attack that entails him striking hard and fast. He possesses the endurance and strength to grapple bulky opponents but realizes he's likely to be overcome by even stronger opponents. In this instance, he will attempt to dodge his opponent's blows and land blows that will incapacitate them.  It's a rare occurrence to see him locked in a wrestling match with an opponent.

| Hunting Style |


| Mentor Style |


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