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Author Topic: [NPC] Bramblefoot of ShadowClan (Not Done)  (Read 249 times)

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[NPC] Bramblefoot of ShadowClan (Not Done)
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NAME: Bramblefoot
AGE: Twenty moons
CLAN: ShadowClan
RANK: Warrior

He is a black tom. He has long fur and white whiskers. He also has a little patch of white on his chest and white paws. His eyes are olive green and very shining. His tail is long and fluffy. He has a snaggletooth. His paws are large and his claws are sort of messed up. He has scars on his nose from a fight with a fox.


He feels like he doesn't belong in his Clan. Although he's tried to be a good warrior. He just feels more like he belongs in RiverClan. He likes the feel of water.



Not done yet.