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36 moons, leaf-bare.
No clan, but is affiliated in The Clowder.
A Hefty, but well muscled Pallas' Cat,Strikes almost a intimidating look.Coldfuse sported battle scars of his life in the cold tundra, he also has

long, thick scarlet spotted fur, with white over his beard and chest. Oddly small for a cat, he is, but a real tank in the midst of a battle. The

cold weather of the north gave him resistance to the season of Leaf-Bare, his hunting skills are perfect for bringing back many prey. His owner, has

a pet dog named Asimo, who trained him in fighting face to face with opponents, rather than his usual hit and run tactics.
The care of twolegs made him lazy, he usually naps throughout the day until Gato comes over and scorns him. He is persuasive though, he won many

arguments, but none with Gato since everyone knows that he isn't gullible.
He once belonged to a tribe of tundra cats, he was driven away after he failed to cope with them, and stumbled upon the Twolegplace. There he met

Gato, he was a juvenile back then, so he was taken in to The Clowder. After that he wanted to surpass Gato, Coldfuse self proclaimed to be the Great

Leader's Nemesis, though that boastful cat only laughed.
[NPC] Asimo - Roommate
Gato - Nemesis & Leader.
[NPC] Faust - Sidekick.
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Hey, I am sorry to say but, your character can't be a Pallas cat as it is a wild cat, not a domestic cat. You can create a character that looks similar to a Pallas cat and that would be fine though. Also, we require at least 8 sentences worth of description and 8 sentences of personality. Also at least 8 sentences worth of history since he is not a clan cat. If you need examples you can look at some of the applications that have already been accepted, in the database board :3

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