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Gato's Application

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Gato's Application
« on: September 07, 2016, 06:19:57 AM »
AGE:210, Greenleaf
CLAN:The Clowder (A small group of kittypets protecting their shared territory in the twolegplace)
DESCRIPTION:A large muscular white cat with black patches on his head, lower back, and tail, green eyes, scars on his ears,  and his forepaws have thumbs that are closer to his other fingers which enables him to grab hold of small objects, although his back claws are cracked and mostly broken due to his continuous encounters with forest cats that overlap his territory.
PERSONALITY:Gato prefers to talk in a sadistic manner, convinced that it will help him avoid battles with the clans, it was first like this but it soon became a habit, He likes to joke about even when he knows he is in danger, for the sake of scaring them off by intimidating them, he is skilled in combat against enemies his size and larger, moderately good at hunting, but prefers eating cooked food.
HISTORY:Gato's mother died a week after he was kitted, and his owners took him in to let him grow up then throwing him away, he had one littermate, Geneveive, she was a beautiful tabby and white cat, after time passed their owners grew a liking of them and kept them, Gato made no friends with the neighboring cats that wanted his sister as a mate and viciously protected her and his territory, Geneveive kitted three daughters Tiddles, a blind white cat, Stripes, a weak deformed cat, and Shade, a healthy black cat, they were beautiful kits, when they grew up the owners cannot take care of them all and decided to give away shade and to take care of the two since they are in bad condition. When the dog named Mallows, was taken in to the house because her owners are out on vacation, she was obnoxious and barking furiously at the cats, Gato did not flinch, but Geneveive was terrified, she was scared off and ran away, Gato looked for her in months but she never returned, and moved on to live alone with his owners. Another beautiful day, Gato was walking along his borders and met a small group of cats, it had no name yet, he curiously padded down to them and mingled, they became friends,Oakhart(who had no name so I named him after the warrior that he looked like), Silver, and Goldpatches, are his first friends, soon the group became larger with 7 members, all male since the females are permitted to move freely according to their rules, He out on patrol on the far side of their territory, he met Asimo, a huge black and beige Rottweiler, but friendly, Gato visited him almost every day to talk about stuff, It turned out to be his owner's best friend's dog.
RELATIONSHIPS:Asimo(Best Friend), Oakhart, Silver, Goldpatches, Flurry, Cookies, and Grapes(Clanmates).
OTHER: His history is based on my pet cat Gato, who is now living in our home, hunting for those sewer rats.

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Re: Gato's Application
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2016, 08:12:13 AM »
Hi @Gato, were you logged out when you posted this? I'm not sure why you're showing up as a guest but I'm working on figuring it out. Also you need a few more sentences worth for Description (needs to be 8 sentences total) and for Personality (needs to be 8 sentences total) then I'll be able to approve you, but I'll need to figure out why you showed as a guest here so hold tight ^_^

Oh and I forgot, you'll also need to buy descriptors.

Can you try and reply to this thread while logged in so I can confirm that your posts aren't getting stuck somehow?

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Re: Gato's Application
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2016, 09:25:45 AM »
Hello sir, I'm sorry about that,  I was logged in  a PC then switched to a mobile phone afterwards,  it might be that. (Edit: and by "buying descriptors" what do you mean? Is real-world currency applied? If so, how can I earn the currency used in this site.)
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Re: Gato's Application
« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2016, 09:53:37 AM »
If you look under your profile where it says prey points, that's what you use to buy descriptors. Everyone starts off with 500 prey points and you get more points by posting more!  :cheesy:
As soon as you get your descriptors sorted, do you mind copying and pasting all this into a new thread so you're the owner of the first post?

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