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Koschei the Rogue
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NAME: Koschei

AGE: Forty moons, born in Leafbare

GENDER: Tom (he/him, not neutered)

CLAN: A group of raider rogues

RANK: "Leader"

DESCRIPTION: At first glance, it wouldn't seem like Koschei is such a bad cat. He has the perfectly groomed coat of a housecat, and while he isn't small, he doesn't seem like such a threatening size. He is slender in body, though his chest is broad and forward, and his jaw is very strong. His paws are small, at the ends of legs that are almost short, but his claws are long and threatening. His tail is also long, and curved at the end. His fur is silky, and long, and wisps in various directions. His ears are pointed and triangle shaped, very sharp at the tops, with a small tuft of white fur on each.

He is white at the base, but on top of that he has patches of red. He is what's known as a red bicolour feline. There are barely visible darker red bits in his red patches of fur.. His colors are very vivid indeed. The red pattern is all across his back, and on his shoulders. It also forms a blanket of sorts on his head, though his muzzle is white, as is his chest, underbelly, and paws. His tail is pure red, with dark rings of deep red. His eyes are very noticeable because they are strikingly orange amber.

PERSONALITY: Upon first meeting him, Koschei will be affable, almost charming in a way. He talks eloquently, he doesn't seem like a ruffian in the slightest. However, there's always that glint in his eyes, as though he's always on the edge. The slightest mishap can set him off, and turn him into a raging psycho, hellbent on destruction. He has a craving for power, and will do anything to get it. His ambition knows no bounds. He is unafraid of battle and bloodshed, and even takes special delight in torture.

He cares for no one, except for his group of raiders. He will fight for his raiders with his life, they mean the world to him. He can become cross with them sometimes, but he is by no means a leader who would treat his subjects poorly. He only wants to inspire loyalty and trust in him from them, almost like a cult leader. However, to outsiders, he's more than willing to sink his claws into their throats. But his raiders will always be like his family, and anyone who threatens them has hell to pay.

Koschei likes to pretend that he fears nothing, but his greatest fear is water. There's nothing that terrifies him more than the aspect of drowning. He is also somewhat homophobic, not really allowing out and proud same sex relationships in his group -- a don't ask, don't tell policy. He is personally asexual and cares nothing for the affections of any tom, she-cat, or anything in between.

HISTORY: Koschei never knew who his parents were. He still has blurred memories, and can sometimes sense the faintest traces of their smells, but he can't remember it all. The earliest clear memory he has is of being left in a box on the side of the road. He was there with his brother, Loki, and his sister Brizo. Being the oldest kitten of the litter, he did his best to protect his younger siblings. They dealt with horrible storms, being cold and starving, and torn away from their family at such a young age.

When their first winter came, Brizo didn't make it through. She died at Koschei's side, leaving him frantically trying to wake her up. He always blamed himself for not being strong enough to protect her, or to hunt for her. He continued on with Loki until they reached a forest near the Twolegplace. They made camp there, and grew up together until they were both ten moons old.

They were joined by several more ragtag cats overtime, building up some kind of a group. They lacked territory that held much food, and their hunting skills were not the sharpest. They took to stealing food from the loners and rogues in the area, effectively becoming petty thieves and 'pickpockets'. When the rainy seasons came later on, Loki drowned in a flooded ditch, which caused Koschei to fear the water deeply.

Having lost his family, Koschei took to caring for any cats who came to him for shelter as his new family. He trained them how to steal food from other cats, as his hunting skills were not sharp enough for him to teach them how to gather their own prey. Through time, the band began to grow, and they ventured out further away from their territory. They trespassed into Clan lands, and made it regular habit to steal food from them.

It was easy at first, until the day that Koschei either lost his mind or his temper. He was out on a raiding party gone wrong, which resulted in many of his group being slaughtered. He himself was knocked unconscious by a powerful blow to the side of the head, and when he awoke they say he was just never the same. He continued on with the raids, but he was unstable in the mind.

In recent days, Koschei began to think that his group wasn't big enough. He wanted enough cats, enough raiders, to be bigger than the Clans. His latest tactic is destroy or assimilate. Either the cats he comes across join his group, or they die. Through time and much effort, the group moved out of the Twolegplace and traveled down the side of the Thunderpath to the territory beyond ShadowClan's territory. At this point in time, Koschei's group of raiders started becoming more of their own Clan than just a ragtag gathering.

The training for young recruits often brutal and difficult, but Koschei claims that it makes them stronger in the end. After all, he had to endure many hardships when he was a kit, so he wanted them to have a taste of it in order to make them better raiders. He allows any cats who come to him to join to join with his group, as long as they pledge full loyalty to him.

Loki - his brother, missing and presumed dead, a red and white tom with blue eyes
Brizo - his sister, dead, a red tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Parents are unknown
No mate, no desire for one
Knows many rogues and leads a group of them, so other rogues might know him or of him

OTHER: The picture isn't 100% accurate but I tried lmao :P

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Re: Koschei the Rogue
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HP: 140
AP: 35
Strength: 1
Intelligence: 2
Faith: 1
Agility: 1
Special Ability: - Them Bones / You're feared by other cats for the carnage you've caused, which gives you a boost of +1 Strength against feline foes (Usable once per battle)
Level: 8

thanks to altias for the pixel