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Updates / Feb Catalog Update
« on: April 04, 2017, 09:38:12 PM »
Yeah, a bit belated for me to post, but here's the February update.

Tigerheart's Shadow
Sept 5, 2017
$18.99 USD, $23.99 CAD, £12.99 GBP
528 pages

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A thrilling stand-alone adventure in Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series!

After suffering for so long under Darktail’s horrible reign, ShadowClan is struggling to rebuild. Tigerheart has always been a loyal ShadowClan warrior—but an omen from StarClan suggests that the only way for Tigerheart to help save his Clan may be to leave it, and the forest, behind.

Set during the events of the current Warriors series, A Vision of Shadows, this Warriors Super Edition takes Tigerheart and the ThunderClan warrior Dovewing on a quest to save one of the proudest warrior Clans. This extra-long, extra-epic adventure follows in the bestselling paw steps of nine previous Warriors Super Editions—and features the fantastic, eye-catching repackaged series look!

Bonus! Also includes an exclusive Warriors manga short story.

Hawkwing's Journey (paperback)
Sept 5, 2017
$7.99 USD, $9.99 CAD, £6.99 GBP

Survivors: The Gathering Darkness #4: Red Moon Rising
Oct 3, 2017

Survivors: The Gathering Darkness #3: Into the Shadows   (paperback)
Oct 3, 2017

A Vision of Shadows #4: Darkest Night
Nov 7, 2017
$16.99 USD, $21.00 CAD, £10.99 GBP

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Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warriors series continues! Discover more epic adventures in the fourth book in this sixth action-packed story arc. Each hardcover also includes a double-sided jacket with a bonus poster!

SkyClan has returned to its rightful place among the other four warrior Clans, hoping to find a new territory to call home. But not every cat is convinced that this is where SkyClan belongs. The careful balance around the lake is more fragile than ever before—and the fate of all the warrior Clans remains uncertain.

With more than twenty million copies sold, the Warriors series has been flying off the shelves for fourteen years and counting. The latest series, A Vision of Shadows, is the perfect introduction for readers new to the Warriors world, while existing fans will be thrilled to return to the days of Bramblestar and ThunderClan, after the events of Omen of the Stars.

Each hardcover in the Vision of Shadows series will also include a double-sided jacket with a bonus poster!

Warriors: A Vision of Shadows #2: Thunder and Shadow(paperback)
Nov 7, 2017

Latest Release / Hawkwing's Journey Discussion (unmarked spoilers)
« on: November 03, 2016, 12:03:38 AM »
So, what did you think of the latest Super Edition?

- Gosh this was a depressing book. I liked that about it.  It was done in a... realistic way, I guess?  No cat was safe, young or old, and it was a variety of things that took them away.  It was also some pretty major characters, too.  And it started right off the bat with Duskpaw.  I think this book possibly has the highest body count of any book in the series so far.

- Good characterization overall, I felt.   Hawk x Pebble seemed sudden, but it was cute.  I also liked his friendship with Plumwillow after they lost their mates, and how it didn't have to be a romantic one. They were good for each other and I like the way Plumwillow said "We had a lot to talk about"; something about that line just stood out and made the characters feel more real.  Curlypaw was adorable.

- Disappointed that several cats seem to have vanished with no explanation from previous books.  Ravenpaw's Farewell made sense since Vicky said that she was pushing the character limit and couldn't put everyone into the novella, and could only list the ones that appeared in it in the Allegiances.  There were some in this that weren't in that one, but still: what happened to Egg, Petalnose, Shrewtooth, Rockshade, and Creekfeather?  And where did Mistfeather appear from? He was mentioned like once and seems to only have been thrown in, in order to appear in the main series.

- They were so hinting that Violet and Twig are his kits.  I wonder what will happen when they reach the Clans (and presumably defeat the rogues): get their own territory nearby?   Or split among them? 

Updates / Colored Graystripe Manga (Update: Cover/date)
« on: October 22, 2016, 04:40:42 AM »
So, apparently, according to manga illustrator James Barry's Facebook page, the Graystripe manga trilogy is going to be reprinted in color. 

There's not much that has been said about it, just a post saying:
Just sent the last colored pages for the Lost Warrior Trilogy off to my editor. So excited to see the reprint!

And a brief video showing some of his work on it.

EDIT 11/20/16: The cover and other info for it is up on HarperCollins Catalogs now.  It'll contain all three volumes, under the name "Graystripe's Adventure", it'll be released Aug 8 2017, and it'll be $12.99 USD.

Suggestions and Questions / Mobile site issues
« on: September 29, 2016, 05:28:39 AM »
Hello, I've noticed an issue with browsing the forum on mobile.

When I've tried to log in, if I get the password wrong I'd get an "incorrect password" message; if I get it right I get "You have reached your login attempts threshold, try again later" message. Thinking that perhaps I'd gotten it wrong too many times, I tried the right one on the first try on a different day, and still get that "login attempts threshold" message.
Earlier today I was just trying to browse the forum - haven't tried logging in on mobile for a few months now - and just clicking on a different page in a thread gave me the "login attempts threshold" message.

Figured I'd report this bug in case there's anything you can do about it.

Updates / Catalog Update (June 2016)
« on: June 30, 2016, 06:49:41 PM »
Two things for this update, mostly:

All three are released on April 11th 2017.

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Legends of the Clans blurb:
Discover untold stories about three legendary cats of ThunderClan: find out why Spottedleaf left her warrior training to become a medicine cat, explore Pinestar's past, and travel back to the Clan’s earliest days with its first leader.

AVOS #3: Shattered Sky blurb
WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS including Alderpaw's name.
(click to show/hide)

You pinged me last time, @Lightning , so I'm returning the favor now. :P

Updates / TAQ B&N Exclusive Version
« on: March 08, 2016, 10:35:45 AM »
Barnes and Noble has an exclusive version of The Apprentice's Quest: "This edition includes a double-sided jacket with a poster, plus a Barnes & Noble exclusive bonus scene."

Sigh. I hate when they do exclusives like this - didn't they learn after the backlash of the The Last Hope ebook exclusive edition?  I'll be getting this version anyway though since I don't wanna miss whatever the extra scene is.

Updates / TAQ Full Cover
« on: January 16, 2016, 07:10:09 PM »
New artist Owen Richardson has added the full, textless cover of The Apprentice's Quest to his portfolio.  It's pretty. :)

Updates / Vicky not touring anymore
« on: January 13, 2016, 09:46:20 PM »
Vicky posted this on Facebook yesterday:

Hello my lovelies, I've had a few messages about tour dates for 2016 so I thought I'd reply to everyone at the same time. Sadly for me, I no longer have the pleasure and the privilege of touring as Erin Hunter. Happily for you, other people do! Specifically the very wonderful Erica Sussman, senior editor at HarperCollins and the person is in absolute charge of the entire Erin team. Erica oversees Warriors, Seekers and Survivors, so is the best person to represent all of us. Her tour dates will be posted on the official Warriors website, so keep an eye on www.warriorcats.com for the most up to date news.

I had eight glorious years of touring the US, and I will treasure every memory for the rest of my life. Thank you to everyone who came to see me, or read the infamous Tour Diaries. We had the best times ever!

much love, always
Vicky xxx

It seems to me like she's being phased out of the whole Erin Hunter thing; she was not involved with Dawn of the Clans, for instance. I'm kind of sad she's not touring anymore; I always hoped for the chance to meet her, and it was always a lot of fun to read about the tours.

Updates / Ravenpaw's Farewell iBooks Preview
« on: January 12, 2016, 09:26:08 PM »
Ravenpaw's Farewell is an upcoming novella that's released both digitally and in a paperback compilation (with Mapleshade's Vengeance and Goosefeather's Curse) on the 26th of this month.

If the text is too small, the current version of the forum lets you click on it to get the full size.

Here's the iBooks preview:
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Latest Release / Goosefeather's Curse Opinions (spoilers)
« on: September 02, 2015, 01:06:23 AM »
Goosefeather's Curse, the latest ebook, came out today.  What did you guys think of it?

My thoughts (beware of unmarked spoilers):

- I liked the plot in general.  If he'd not been shown to have abilities already, I would've been annoyed since it would've been Yellowfang's Secret all over again, but Bluestar's Prophecy pretty much established that Goosefeather's got something different going on for him than for other cats.  The idea of seeing visions, and StarClan cats, was pretty interesting.

- The fact that StarClan cats were always there begs the question: are they always walking alongside their Clanmates like that?  Then why can they only be seen by cats on certain occasions normally (for example Spottedleaf appearing to Daisy's kits in Sunset)?

- Too many inconsistencies with cat ages.  Hawkheart was "the fiercest warrior in WindClan" before becoming a medicine cat, not a medicine cat apprentice all along like this says.  Thrushpelt and Dappletail were two of the youngest cats in Bluestar's Prophecy; they're not supposed to be older than Fuzzypelt and Robinwing (and apparently Weedwhisker, an elder in BP who never appeared here.) Tawnyspots was also supposed to be a senior warrior, not the same age as them.

- It ended a bit abruptly.  I honestly would have liked to see more development of this, perhaps a SE: show some other times when his skills were wrong, to give him the reputation we see in Bluestar's Prophecy.  ThunderClan in general seemed uncharacteristically rude to him, especially considering that he was right and able to help them with all but one vision. 

- I don't like what they did to Stormtail's character.  Not every cat who has some less-than-admirable traits has to go off the deep end - it's okay for them to just be flawed!  Being an aloof father, and starting to show more interest in the younger, prettier she-cat instead of your mate is a far cry from just being a flat-out jerk and evidently attempting murder.

Overall I did like the novella - especially better than, say, Leafpool's Wish and Dovewing's Silence, which I think were unnecessary - and even think the story could have been longer, but it has its flaws too.

Archives / MOVED: live chat for the book MIDNIGHT - warriors OF
« on: August 19, 2015, 08:43:23 PM »
Moving to Updates 'cause it fits there better.


Updates / PoS Browse - ENTIRE BOOK
« on: August 13, 2015, 08:09:49 PM »
The Browse Inside for Path of Stars is out.
But it looks like whoever uploaded it goofed: the entire book is still up and visible as of my making this thread.  That's right, the entire book, two and a half weeks before the release date. (Proof in case it gets removed - and I don't want to get in trouble for posting actual text of it, considering that it says "Copyrighted Material" on each page - the last word of the book is "grounds".)


EDIT: It's no longer up at that link, but the URL used in the source of the "embed sampler" feature on HC's page is still up:

EDIT2: It's been fixed: only the actual preview is available now.

Updates / Goosefeather's Curse / Path of Stars iBooks Samples!
« on: August 11, 2015, 10:28:27 PM »
The iBooks sample for DOTC #6: Path of Stars has been around for a week or two already, but the Goosefeather's Curse one was released today.

Go take a look if you haven't already! 

I haven't even read the GC one yet, but it's neat just looking at the Allegiances and seeing Pinestar's warrior name, and some of the earlier leaders and medicine cats of the Clans.
Not a big fan of a lot of names in it though, especially the fact that they re-used several just from a quick glance.

Suggestions and Questions / Spambots in the advertising board
« on: July 28, 2015, 09:09:03 PM »
Hi there, just wanted to know if it's possible to take any further anti-spambot measures for the advertising board, perhaps a captcha if one doesn't exist, or a Warriors trivia question, to try and avoid some of those bots that have been attempting to post spam in the subforum.

I've deleted some, but they keep trying it and those "Posts waiting approval" emails five times a day are driving me up the wall, lol.  I don't mind getting them if it's a legit post, just not for bots.

Random Babble / The "what happened to you today" thread
« on: July 27, 2015, 12:55:07 AM »
We've got a thread like this on another forum I'm on and it's pretty popular.
This is a thread where you can just talk about all the things you did today, or a particular thing that's real interesting.

So I'll start.  Here's two interesting things that happened me today:

- I managed to lock myself out of my running car at the library.
I was turning in some stuff at the after-hours deposit and just left it running 'cause it would take all of ten seconds, and on my way out, locked it out of habit. I did happen to put my clicker in my pocket - another habit, which I do whenever I leave my keys in the car just in case I, y'know, lock myself out - but when I tried to unlock it I discovered that it does not work while the car is running. I ended up having to get my spare key out of a magnetic box on the underside of the car, hidden just for situations like that.

- I also realized belatedly (because my phone was off and I didn't check my voicemails till midnight) that I'd won a basket from the basket raffle at the church picnic I went to.
It comes with like a serving tray and napkin holders or something like that, two bottles of wine, and a gift certificate to a spa (which I'm excited about - never been to one). (Possibly a restaurant gift card too, not sure about that, but I'm quite happy even without that. It's worth far more than I spent on tickets.)

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