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Author Topic: Oh wow I forgot to introduce myself  (Read 229 times)

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Oh wow I forgot to introduce myself
« on: October 10, 2016, 05:42:17 AM »
Hey guys, some of you may have known me here for a couple of months, i got a bit used to this site's system.

So, I'm Lord Gato (Not my real name, just my awesome pet cat's name), 14 years old by the time i created this topic, I'm from the Philippines, I like to draw stuff, I draw a lot, mostly sketches n' stuff I don't have an appropriate DeviantArt because that was three years ago.
I've discovered warriors from my sister, she loved cats as well, I bought the first book and liked where the story is going, I haven't found where to buy the other books, so I read them online. Gato, as you have read earlier is my pet cat, my OC is entirely based off him, his appearance, backstory, looks, except he just wore a no collar instead of his Warriors version's studded one. If you'll ask me who'll win between the real and fictional one, true Gato is absolute, @Palas Cat you know what I mean, my english skills are a bit rusty, i don't know how to separate sentences, and the proper use of symbols (Pls help me)
So yeah, You can talk to me when you want, i'm not a snake, I'm Gato's follower.

Just call me Gato, he doesn't care if I use his name anyway.
Gato is love, Gato is life

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