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Hollowed Souls
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Hollowed Souls is a Warrior cats based Roleplaying site based on the main five clans and centered around the lake territories.

The basis of the plot is that Skyclan have returned to the lake with no warning from Starclan at all and have demanded territory, naturally the four clans refused this demand at first, but when fights started to break out and cats from Riverclan, Shadowclan, Thunderclan and Windclan began to lose their lives in these battles the clan had no choice but to give into Skyclans demands for territory.

Skyclan have settled between Riverclan and Shadowclan, their territory spreading out backwards more as the clans did not give them that much space, this also lead to Skyclan having the largest territory but also means they've had to work harder to defend it against rouges, kittypets and boarder invasions from Shadowclan and Riverclan.

While no cat knows their intentions yet they're far from trusting of them despite Skyclan saying they want nothing more than peace among the clans. If the four clans feel threatened by Skyclans return they may very well start a fight that could lead to all out war.

So who are you? Which clan do you belong to? Are you a loyal Thunderclan cat? A swift running Windclan cat? A fantastic swimmer of Riverclan? Perhaps a proud and loyal Shadowclan cat? Or maybe, just maybe you're one of these Skyclan cats that's come to the lake? Whichever clan you belong too doesn't matter, come and join us and forge your destiny and see where your paws take you.

We're a new site currently and while the site has been done for months now we're still in dire need of members to join the clans so we may get things started. So do consider joining us! :)

The Territories