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Updates / Best Wishes to Vicky Holmes
« on: November 08, 2017, 05:46:14 PM »
Give your best wishes to Vicky on her Facebook page as she's recently been diagnosed with cancer. Hopefully she'll be able to beat it, but it's always nice to send out some good vibes!

Hello my lovelies

As you may have noticed, I've been quiet for a while. Not that I don't keep an eye on you, loving your passion and insane Warriors knowledge as always. I'm going to be quiet for a little longer, but I'm popping up to let you know why.

Darling Clanmates, I have been diagnosed with cancer. I had lots of surgery in August, and now I am beginning six months of chemotherapy. This will hopefully lead to a complete recovery, hooray! So please don't worry about me. I'm feeling calm and strong, and as always, there are moments of fabulous humour.

When I learned I'd have to have chemotherapy, I went out and had all my hair cut off, in readiness for losing it and being bald for the winter. Only then did I find out that the chemotherapy I'm having doesn't make your hair fall out... But check out my new short hair! I love it, and might keep it like this forever.
I feel very tired, and the chemo drugs make me hideously sick, but I'm not in pain. I'm counting the days until I can ride my crazy horse again, and meanwhile I'm watching the leaves change colour outside my window, and revelling in the beauty of Autumn.

All is well. StarClan lights my path, always.

All my love
Vicky xxx

Updates / Ww Costume Contest
« on: October 19, 2016, 12:15:43 AM »
This is just a simple costume contest, with a PP prize!

All you have to do to participate is post a picture of yourself in your Halloween costume. The deadline for posting your costumes is November 1st! After the submission part closes, you will be able to nominate your favorite costume by sending a vote to Darkstar. The nomination deadline is November 3rd!

Finally, the nominees will be put into a poll ending on the 10th of November, and the one with the most number of votes wins!

Winner gets 7500pp, and, optionally, a bag of Dutch licorice cats sent to their home address!

Random Babble / Halloween Costumes
« on: October 11, 2016, 08:37:04 PM »
Basically, my favorite part of Halloween is dressing up, so I would like to discuss costumes!

I've been going as various characters from Cats: The Musical, and did some Labyrinth and '80s bandom' costumes as well in the past. I might go as Yellowfang this year, but I fear that might be too similar to my Grizabella costume.

I need suggestions. :P

Also, would any of you be interested in a sitewide costume contest?

Updates / The Winner of the Grand Ww Raffle!
« on: September 22, 2016, 12:27:40 AM »
The random generator picked the winner of the raffle!

@Neon Skylite has been chosen by StarClan to receive the prize box! :D

Congratulations, Neon! You will be contacted soon with further details!

Archives / Claim a NPC!
« on: September 04, 2016, 08:34:31 PM »
Aside from characters that are made by people who want to be grouped but don't want to roleplay, and non-player characters that are not authorized to be roleplayed by their creator, there are NPCs that are left behind to be claimed. So, if you don't feel like coming up with your own character, you can pay a small fee and take the basics of one of the NPCs to play with -- an easier way of going about it!

(Note: If you have a living character in your character's backstory that you wish to have someone to play them, please send a message to Darkstar and let us know a little bit about them so we can put them up for adoption.)


The NPCs


(click to show/hide)


(click to show/hide)


(click to show/hide)


(click to show/hide)

Cats Outside the Clans

(click to show/hide)

Archives / Darkstorm of WindClan
« on: September 02, 2016, 02:37:42 AM »
TW: Creepy age-gap mandarin between an apprentice and a deputy, please proceed with caution

NAME: Darkstorm

AGE: Approximately thirty-nine moons, born in Fall.

GENDER: Male, he/him

CLAN: WindClan

RANK: Deputy


He is a dark colored tom, shaded in gray. He has dapples and flecks across his body in various salt and pepper shades, and mottled dark spots along his back and his flanks. His paws are dark gray and he has light gray-lined eyes and a gray muzzle and chin. His ears are dark colored and his underbelly is light gray. His nose is very smooth and black. His eyes are deep sea green in a round shape, wide and staring. His shoulders are covered in scars, and he has raked claw marks on the side of his left cheek. His ears have tiny notches from battles. The insides of his ears are pale pink.

He is a very large and menacing cat with long fur and a piercing gaze. He has enormous paws, though his claws are not in proportion, and while they aren't dainty, they are average sized and well hooked. He towers over other cats, with bulky muscle and a hefty build. He makes a lot of noise when he walks, so stealth isn't his forte due to his weight and the size of his paws. He has curled ears with tufts, and a long, feathery tail. He looks like the perfect stereotype of a warrior cat.


He is known to be a little unhinged, very off-kilter and with sort of a dark presence around him. He has very little impulse control, and that makes him a lethal fighter. His logic and thinking patterns are very off, leaving him with blood-lust and the desire to tear up other cats on the battle field. He keeps his distance from other cats, save a select few which he calls his friends. He gets very upset with other cats very easily, and he can be unusually harsh and cruel for no good reason. He is independent and headstrong, believing that he can do whatever he wants. He is very vicious, and very ambitious. He holds loyalty to no one but himself, a trait learnt from his time spent as a rogue.

Unfortunately, all of this culminates on him harboring dark secrets. Despite having been picked for a deputy position due to his proficiency in battle and calculated strategies, he is still disliked by many cats in the Clan. The leader even gets a bit testy with him, making noises about him being a little too out of touch with reality. He is apathetic and doesn't care who he hurts in the desire to get his way. Though he bullies other cats and sounds off about them being unintelligent or weak, he himself is not that smart. He is mostly a brute force kind of cat, who will use his brawn over his brains any day.


He was born a rogue called Juniper, belonging to a small group of raiders. His mother, Greta, was a former kittypet who had been swept into the rogue lifestyle by her mate, Mags (or Magpie). He was mostly raised by Mags, who wouldn't really let Greta teach him anything soft or coddling. He was made into a killer, brainwashed by the rogue raiders, and his father most of all. His brother, Thistle, was killed very early on after two RiverClan apprentices got a hold of him during a routine food mission. The apprentices, Palepaw and Leafpaw, recognized the group of raiders as one who had killed a queen in their Clan. As vengeance, they ended Thistle's life when he was no more than four moons old. This caused severe trauma to Juniper, who witnessed the brutal killing firsthand.

When he was about seven or eight moons old, he was taken on a raid to WindClan. He became fascinated with the cats who lived on the wily, windy moorlands, and wanted to know more about them. When his father, Magpie, was killed in an attempt to steal a kit from the nursery, Juniper knew he was free to be whoever he wanted to be. He stayed behind in the camp as the other rogues fled, thinking he'd been killed as well. He wove an intricate if not ridiculous story about having been kidnapped from RiverClan at a young age, and he asked if he could stay with the WindClan cats. They accepted him as an apprentice, giving him the name of Darkpaw, and having him mentored by Vinetail.

He soon became a warrior, and displayed excellence and proficiency on the battlefield. He was seen by some as a defender that the Clan could depend on, and by others as completely out of his mind. He gained the favor of the leader, however, who felt he could be a beacon of hope to a clan who thought that they were generally weaker. Darkstorm never abandoned his raider ways, fully. In fact, some nights he would go down to the nearby farms and terrorize the barn cats, sometimes killing in the name of sport. No Clan cats knew of these ventures, and to this day, none of them do -- and that's probably for the best, because after the previous deputy of the Clan passed away, Darkstorm was named deputy in their place.

Typically, deputies have an apprentice before they become deputies, but Darkstorm took on Jaggedpaw, his first apprentice, after. The black she-cat became the object and target of his affections, despite the very unnerving age difference. Hawkcloud, Jaggedpaw's father, took note of this and made a complaint to the leader. It was ignored, however, in a cover up to keep the Clan members from turning against Darkstorm. Thus, he carried on, taking Jaggedpaw out for extra excursions and training. Her naivety has kept her from recognizing that he wishes to posses her as a mate. Though he's never presumed himself to be anything other than heterosexual, he has slightly caught himself being attracted to Flickerlight, a ginger and white tom with glistening amber eyes who was always flaunting and flirting about the camp. A few remarks exchanged between the two left Darkstorm wondering a little, but he hasn't had any kind of urge to explore it.

Mother - Greta (living)
Father - Magpie (deceased)
Brother- Thistle (deceased)
Apprentice - Jaggedpaw (living)
Mentor - Vinetail (living, elder)
Mate - None, creepily interested in Jaggedpaw and low-key interested in Flickerlight

OTHER: Nothing else.

Archives / Flickerlight of WindClan
« on: September 01, 2016, 04:33:58 PM »
NAME: Flickerlight

AGE: Twenty-seven moons, born in Summer.

GENDER: Male, he/him

CLAN: WindClan

RANK: Warrior


Flickerlight is a rather small and sleek tom, with muscular legs, but a thin body build. He has long-ish white fur, with red, vaguely tabby patches on it. His patches come around his face like a cowl of sorts, covering around his ears, head, and eyes, but leaving the bridge of his nose and his lower cheeks and muzzle completely white. He has more patches down his back that lump together and continue onto his fluffy tail, which itself is completely red.

He has sparkling amber eyes. His ears are slightly large for his head, and his paws are dainty in comparison to his legs. His claws are of small size, leaving him to have to work harder in battle. He has a very small notch in his left ear from where he was clipped by another warrior during a border skirmish. His nose is small and pink, and he is very proud of it.

PERSONALITY: Flickerlight has always been a flamboyant sort, daintily prancing around, collecting feathers like a RiverClan cat might. He has a slight stammer, and trips over his words, and often repeats himself. He describes himself as being very spiritual, and having a strong connection to his StarClan ancestors, but refuses to become a medicine because the life of a warrior is, to him, so much more exciting. Besides that, he'd always had a hard time with memory, and therefore doesn't remember what most herbs are called or what they can do.

He doesn't like being put on the spot or forced to answer questions with which he's not comfortable. He'll often joke around in these cases, giving incorrect answers in an attempt to be funny. He doesn't understand sarcasm very well and therefore does not like it, so his jokes are typically not too ironic, just silly.

He is extremely loyal to his Clan, and would protect his Clanmates with his very life. He doesn't object to the word of a leader, and could never betray his Clan by having a forbidden romance. He's never had a preference between toms and she-cats, so the mate pool of all of WindClan's population is wide open to him. (He's never had a mate, however.) His unwavering dedication to WindClan has made him one of the top picks for a deputy, should something happen to the current one.

Flickerlight can be a touch bit sensitive when cats make fun of his appearance, because he personally thinks he looks wonderful. He isn't arrogant about it, necessarily, just very comfortable in his own body. He gets very defensive, but in a passive way, and he rarely lashes out in aggression. He's a very chill cat, but he does care about what others think of him.


When Flickerkit was born, it was a hot day in the fields, and WindClan territory had been hit with a kind of drought. He had a sister, Rosekit. His mother was a fearsome warrior known as Dawnseek, and his father was called Vinetail. He was never a very outgoing kit, and only played with Rosekit, not wanting to interact with the others in the den (although this changed drastically when he became an apprentice.) His favorite thing to play with when he was a kit were dried-up leaves, of which there were plenty given the weather -- they blew in from around the ThunderClan territory and from the copses towards the North.

The drought was over by the time he became an apprentice, with an older cat named Barleywhisker as his mentor. He was trained in the ways of the warrior, and he took everything he was told to heart. There was no doubt in his mind that he would always be a loyal warrior, no matter what the temptation. He made a conscious effort to befriend anyone in his Clan, but has remained passively hostile to the cats outside of his Clan. He's never enjoyed going to Gatherings, and will only go when forced, mostly because he doesn't like the stench of non-WindClan cats.

He was named a warrior after successfully defeating a ShadowClan spy, along with his sister, Roseheart. Dawnseek died in this battle however, and Vinetail mourned for a very long time. In a border skirmish with RiverClan, his sister was killed, and he was overcome with terrible guilt and vowed to put his life in front of the lives of his Clanmates from that time on. He would die for another in his Clan, though he isn't suicidal about it, he just knows if it came time, he would choose their lives over his. At this point in time, he's in line for a deputy position should anything happen to Darkstorm.

Mother - Dawnseek (deceased)
Father - Vinetail (living, elder)
Sister - Roseheart (deceased)
Mentor - Barleywhisker (living, elder)
Mate - none yet
Apprentice: Mottlepaw (living)

OTHER: Nothing else.

Archives / The Manual (Please Read!)
« on: August 30, 2016, 07:53:28 PM »
This post will contain step by step instructions on how to create your first character and get started in the roleplaying world.

  • Read over the roleplay rules, and make a mental note to follow them. Only good cats (and maybe a couple morally questionable cats) go to StarClan, so you want to be on your best behavior.
  • Start your character creation by heading over to the Character Creation Point Store, and purchasing the necessarily elements to make your warrior's description. (Be sure to check for coupons!) So you may pay 100pp for green eyes, 100pp for a brown base, and 20pp for classic tabby markings. This is a total of 220pp to make a basic brown tabby. In a reply to the point store post, please purchase the necessary items to build your cat. Then, you're ready for the next step.
  • Go to the Application Form in the Application board. Though the details of the application are there for people more familiar with this style of roleplaying, we'll walk  you through the steps in more depth.

    Name:  This is the kind of name you will give your cat. Though we don't have rules on naming, at least not on paper, it should be known that you should not give your Clan cat a name that contains words that the Clan cats would not know. (IE: Anything with angels or devils, dragons, gems, etc.) This does not count for kittypets or former kittypets, as their names were chosen by Twolegs.

    Clan names are always comprised of a prefix and a suffix. For example, Ravenwing or Snowfur. Kittypet, loner, and rogue names do not have to follow this naming pattern. If you are having a hard time finding a name, there are many generators on the internet. We even have one on the main site, here. If you are looking to follow a more traditional nameset, try ailuronymy.

    Age: One moon is the equivalent of one month. You should write your character's age in moons, and if you want, in quotes, you can put their age in months and years to make it easier to reference. Your character will age one moon on the first of every month, regardless of actual birthday. Please include the season your character was born in -- this is mainly so other cats will know the conditions your cat was born under.

    Gender: Because we are an LGBT-friendly community, your cat is welcome to have any gender they so choose. Please indicate whether or not your character is spayed or neutered if a kittypet or former kittypet, and for all cats, provide the pronouns they wish to be referred to by -- and please, be respectful and choose pronouns that are not mocking or overly obscure.

    Clan: As of the writing of this manual, there are four Clans to choose from in the forest. ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan. Each of the Clans has a guide in the post below this one. If your cat is not in a Clan, please indicate this by writing down what they are in a format such as Other - Loner or Other - Kittypet.

    Rank: This is your choice of rank. You can put just about anything here as long as there's an opening for it. Please, check our High Ranks List for whether or not your high rank choice is available. The ranks available for choice range from leader to kit. Some ranks, such as Senior Warrior or Prisoner, do not have their own places in the allegiances, but are still marked. If your cat is not in a Clan, please write N/A in this place.

    Description: If you've been following the instructions along the way, you'll know that you've bought your character's descriptive traits. Now you are by no means required to simply put the bare minimum here. You're more than welcome to go into intricate detail about every bit of your cat as long as you don't remove the traits that you've given them or add anything that you would otherwise have to purchase. You are expected to write a minimum of eight sentences here (or two paragraphs of four sentences). Again, you have all the wiggle room you want, just don't go outside the realm of your purchase and the plausibility of the world.

    Personality: Your cat's personality traits do not have to be purchased. Based on your character's traits, they may be assigned certain Stats and Abilities to use in prey hunts and battles. You must write at least eight sentences of personality description (or two paragraphs of four sentences). Please include details about how your character acts inter-personally as well as their likes and dislikes among the regular trait descriptors.

    History: Probably the most important part of your cat is their history. Without it, who would they be? You must write at least four sentences of history per rank that your cat has acquired. So, for example, if they're a warrior, write about their kit days, apprentice days, and warrior days up until the current point. If your cat is not a Clan cat, please write two or more four-sentence paragraphs of general history. You may also choose to divide this up by so-and-so amount of moons.

    Relationships: This is where you link to the bios of any cats your cat knows, or at least list a couple of them. If they're non-player characters (NPC), let us know and we may be able to put them into the allegiances if they're not deceased. You may put your cat's mate, rivals, friends, enemies, anyone here -- but if you're going to make your cat have a relationship with another existing cat, please consult their player first.

  • Now it's time to play the Waiting Game. You must wait for your cat's application to be accepted before you can proceed to roleplaying. Once a staff member deems your character suitable for the roleplay, your cat's application will be moved to a database board and added to the allegiances. You are now free to roleplay as you see fit.
  • You may notice that stats have been appended to your accepted application. Disregard these entirely if you are not going to participate in prey hunts or battles. You are fully permitted to spend all your time text roleplaying and ignoring the RPG-aspects of the game. If you do opt out, stats will not be of any consequence to you. For those of you who do wish to use battle and prey hunt systems, please refer to the Stats section in the following post. Otherwise that's it!

Good luck, and may StarClan light your path!

Clan Clubs / Fourtrees
« on: August 30, 2016, 03:51:29 PM »
This is a thread that Cats of all Clans (and Tribe) can come to discuss important interclan matters, or -- let's face it -- just banter.

Updates / Clan Clubs
« on: August 30, 2016, 03:46:09 PM »
There's now a board for Clan Clubs, which are essentially what the Clan groups used to be, only slightly different. Well, the main difference is that you won't have a colored name or group unless you have an active/inactive/NPC character, but that's not too bad. There will still be activities and special events for the Clan Clubs.

:) Have fun!

Okay, the boards are now private! Please send a message to a staff member with your requested Clan and they'll give you the password to the board.

Archives / Coupons
« on: August 30, 2016, 12:19:00 PM »
If you are creating your character within one week of joining Warrior's Wish, you can use the coupon code 'NEWWISH' to get a 30% discount on your character.

If you are an Established Wisher who has been here for over a month, you can use the coupon code 'WISHFALL' to get a 50% discount on your first character.

Be sure to mention your coupon code when you're purchasing.

Suggestions and Questions / Roleplay Feedback
« on: August 30, 2016, 12:15:23 PM »
This is a thread for roleplay feedback, please direct all inquiries and comments here.

Archives / Update! Non-Roleplaying Clan Joiners
« on: August 30, 2016, 02:43:51 AM »
Those who do not plan on roleplaying still need to make a character, marked as a NPC, in order to be added to a Clan. You are free and welcome to do this at this point in time.

Please do not sign up for a character at this time if you are planning on roleplaying. This call is only for those who wish to have their characters remain as inactive props in the story.

You do not need to purchase description traits for your cat if you are signing up for an NPC!

Archives / Level Up Store
« on: August 30, 2016, 01:45:44 AM »
If you wish to level up your characters stats or level them up as a whole, please refer to the following items.

- Level Ups -

- Attack Boost // Gives +10 AP to your character [1000pp]
- Health Boost // Gives +10 HP to your character [1000pp]

- Strength Boost // Gives +1 Strength to your character [1000pp]
- Agility Boost // Gives +1 Agility to your character [1000pp]
- Intelligence Boost // Gives +1 Intelligence to your character [1000pp]
- Faith/Luck Boost // Gives +1 Faith/Luck to your character [1000pp]

- Level Up! // Levels your character up by one level [500pp]

(Every level up in a category will have a cost increase of +250pp beyond your first purchase.)

Please post your choices of purchase below and you will be debited and the change applied to your character.

-- Can't afford to buy anything? Moneyfur has you covered!

Archives / Character Creation Point Store (Important!)
« on: August 30, 2016, 01:36:30 AM »
This goes in conjuncture with your character creation, as you have to purchase certain elements of your cat's description here.

-- Eye Color --

- Green, gives your character green eyes // 100pp (or free for first character)
- Amber, gives your character amber eyes // 250pp
- Blue, gives your character blue eyes // 650pp
- Brown, gives your character brown eyes // 350pp
- Yellow, gives your character yellow eyes // 100pp (or free for first character)
- Red/pink, gives your character Albino's eyes // 700pp
- Heterochromia, gives your character odd eyes // 1000pp

-- Pelt Color --


- Red base // 150pp
- Orange base // 120pp
- Yellow base // 100pp (or free for first character)
- Brown base // 100pp (or free for first character)
- Black base // 150pp
- Lilac base // 200pp
- Gray base // 100pp (or free for first character)
- White/cream base // 200pp
- Blue/silver base // 200pp


- Classic tabby // 20pp (or free for first character)
- Ticked tabby/Agouti // 50pp
- Spotted tabby // 50pp
- Mackerel tabby // 20pp (or free for first character)
- Tortie/calico/torbie // 50pp (add 20pp for dilute)
- Patched // 20pp (or free for first character)
- Dappled/flecked // 50pp
- Unusual/impossible markings // 500pp
- Bicolor // 50pp
- Seal point // 200pp
- Smoke // 200pp

-- Odd Parts --

- Overgrown claws or Extra-Sharp Teeth // 100pp
- Stumpy tail // 100pp
- Curled ears // 100pp
- No Fur (Sphynx) // 500pp
- Excessive battle scarring // 100pp

Please post below with your requests and you will be credited your cat's details in your bio.

New Member? Older Member? See here for Coupons!
-- Can't afford to buy anything? Moneyfur has you covered!

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