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Author Topic: RP Rules [8/27/16]  (Read 475 times)

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RP Rules [8/27/16]
« on: August 27, 2016, 11:32:04 PM »
Warrior's Wish Roleplaying Rules
Global forum rules apply to roleplaying as well, of course.
  • Your Clan alliance on the forum is your roleplaying Clan as well. You may have two [living] characters at a time, and both must be in your Clan. This includes NPC characters aside from NPC's listed in your main two character's backstories. Create accordingly!
  • Refrain from creating an NPC that has a high rank if you can. Some exceptions may apply, but we would like to leave these roles open to people who may want a chance to create and play them. If you're thinking of making a high rank NPC, PM a mod and we'll talk about it.
  • Refrain from keeping your two characters together all the time (i.e., within the same threads). Branch out and interact with other Clanmates! Exceptions will be granted for Gatherings, etc.
  • You cannot control other players' characters (powerplaying, godmoding, etc). Be sure to discuss your roleplays with your partners to keep everything civil and fun! If you have issues, take it to the Clan Discussion boards and ping a moderator for help.
  • You cannot view boards outside your own Clan.
  • You may dress up your roleplay posts as fancy as you like (CSS, HTML, etc), so long as it is not determined to be blindingly bright or otherwise disruptive. Please keep other theme colors in mind when choosing your own font/background colors.
Rules are subject to change at any time. Nothing is guaranteed. If we see an ongoing problem within the forum, we may add or subtract a rule.

Additional issues:
- Activity guidelines (to be discussed)
- Sentence/Grammar requirements (to be discussed)