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Mottlepaw of WindClan
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NAME: Mottlepaw
AGE: 7 moons
GENDER: she-cat, she/her
CLAN: WindClan
RANK: Apprentice

A medium-long haired, mostly gray she-cat with bright green eyes. She has three white paws, and a tiny white tail tip. She is also covered in tiny ginger patches. Her fur is kept well groomed and neat.

As a new apprentice, she often appears wide-eyed, either with excitement or nervousness. Her tail may also sometimes puff up. In most cases her eyes are a normal size but may still appear big due to their very round shape. Mottlepaw is an average size for her age, and she has a bit of a lanky shape, though this may be obscured some by her fluffy fur.

Mottlepaw at first glance appears to be a standard eager apprentice. She wants to be able to prove her skills and make her clan proud. She may have some habits of seeking approval, though she doesn't want to seem like this is the case. She may also be inclined to do something she wouldn't normally want to do if she thinks someone might give her praise.

All this said, Mottlepaw feels a bit squeamish about fighting other cats. She will talk big about it so other cats don't know, but deep down she doesn't like the idea of getting hurt, nor does she especially like the idea of hurting other cats. She wants to experience the full life of a warrior, but is not sure what the future holds. Only time will tell if her anxieties will lessen over time.

Mottlepaw's favorite thing to do is explore. She loves the idea of finding secret places or interesting things. She wants to see all of WindClan someday, and if the chance is given, maybe even more.

As a kit, Mottlekit did not really do anything significant. She played inside of the WindClan camp and made some friends. She liked watching her Clan gather to talk about significant events, though she was too young to really understand the consequences of these meetings. She always bragged about how she was going to catch the biggest rabbit one day. She liked to bother the elders, who did not seem to mind her tiny company.

Currently, Mottlepaw is a new apprentice. She only became an apprentice around a moon ago. In that time, she has seen some of the important locations that WindClan has, which has sparked her interest in exploring. She is still learning how to hunt rabbits, though she has caught some smaller prey successfully. She has not yet been to a clan gathering, but she has caught the scent of other clans at their borders when being shown the territory. She is learning how to spar at this time, but she feels a bit nervous about it. She is determined not to seem like she is, though.

RELATIONSHIPS: Mentor - Flickerlight (warrior)

If anyone wants to make their character related to Mottlepaw that would be fine! :3

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Re: Mottlepaw of WindClan
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HP: 50
AP: 25
Strength: 1
Intelligence: 1
Faith: 1
Agility: 2
Special Ability: Fleet Feet / +1 Agility to the user for the duration of the battle
Level: 2

thanks to altias for the pixel