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Flickerlight of WindClan
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NAME: Flickerlight

AGE: Twenty-seven moons, born in Summer.

GENDER: Male, he/him

CLAN: WindClan

RANK: Warrior


Flickerlight is a rather small and sleek tom, with muscular legs, but a thin body build. He has long-ish white fur, with red, vaguely tabby patches on it. His patches come around his face like a cowl of sorts, covering around his ears, head, and eyes, but leaving the bridge of his nose and his lower cheeks and muzzle completely white. He has more patches down his back that lump together and continue onto his fluffy tail, which itself is completely red.

He has sparkling amber eyes. His ears are slightly large for his head, and his paws are dainty in comparison to his legs. His claws are of small size, leaving him to have to work harder in battle. He has a very small notch in his left ear from where he was clipped by another warrior during a border skirmish. His nose is small and pink, and he is very proud of it.

PERSONALITY: Flickerlight has always been a flamboyant sort, daintily prancing around, collecting feathers like a RiverClan cat might. He has a slight stammer, and trips over his words, and often repeats himself. He describes himself as being very spiritual, and having a strong connection to his StarClan ancestors, but refuses to become a medicine because the life of a warrior is, to him, so much more exciting. Besides that, he'd always had a hard time with memory, and therefore doesn't remember what most herbs are called or what they can do.

He doesn't like being put on the spot or forced to answer questions with which he's not comfortable. He'll often joke around in these cases, giving incorrect answers in an attempt to be funny. He doesn't understand sarcasm very well and therefore does not like it, so his jokes are typically not too ironic, just silly.

He is extremely loyal to his Clan, and would protect his Clanmates with his very life. He doesn't object to the word of a leader, and could never betray his Clan by having a forbidden romance. He's never had a preference between toms and she-cats, so the mate pool of all of WindClan's population is wide open to him. (He's never had a mate, however.) His unwavering dedication to WindClan has made him one of the top picks for a deputy, should something happen to the current one.

Flickerlight can be a touch bit sensitive when cats make fun of his appearance, because he personally thinks he looks wonderful. He isn't arrogant about it, necessarily, just very comfortable in his own body. He gets very defensive, but in a passive way, and he rarely lashes out in aggression. He's a very chill cat, but he does care about what others think of him.


When Flickerkit was born, it was a hot day in the fields, and WindClan territory had been hit with a kind of drought. He had a sister, Rosekit. His mother was a fearsome warrior known as Dawnseek, and his father was called Vinetail. He was never a very outgoing kit, and only played with Rosekit, not wanting to interact with the others in the den (although this changed drastically when he became an apprentice.) His favorite thing to play with when he was a kit were dried-up leaves, of which there were plenty given the weather -- they blew in from around the ThunderClan territory and from the copses towards the North.

The drought was over by the time he became an apprentice, with an older cat named Barleywhisker as his mentor. He was trained in the ways of the warrior, and he took everything he was told to heart. There was no doubt in his mind that he would always be a loyal warrior, no matter what the temptation. He made a conscious effort to befriend anyone in his Clan, but has remained passively hostile to the cats outside of his Clan. He's never enjoyed going to Gatherings, and will only go when forced, mostly because he doesn't like the stench of non-WindClan cats.

He was named a warrior after successfully defeating a ShadowClan spy, along with his sister, Roseheart. Dawnseek died in this battle however, and Vinetail mourned for a very long time. In a border skirmish with RiverClan, his sister was killed, and he was overcome with terrible guilt and vowed to put his life in front of the lives of his Clanmates from that time on. He would die for another in his Clan, though he isn't suicidal about it, he just knows if it came time, he would choose their lives over his. At this point in time, he's in line for a deputy position should anything happen to Darkstorm.

Mother - Dawnseek (deceased)
Father - Vinetail (living, elder)
Sister - Roseheart (deceased)
Mentor - Barleywhisker (living, elder)
Mate - none yet
Apprentice: Mottlepaw (living)

OTHER: Nothing else.

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Re: Flickerlight of WindClan
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HP: 100
AP: 35
Strength: 1
Intelligence: 1
Faith: 2
Agility: 1
Special Ability: WindClan's Faith / +10 HP for user, may only be used once per battle
Level: 5

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