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Rabbitnose of WindClan
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NAME: Rabbitnose
AGE: 32 moons (Winter)
GENDER: She-cat (She/her)
CLAN: WindClan
RANK: Medicine Cat
DESCRIPTION: Rabbitnose has a light brown pelt with dark classic tabby markings. Her nose is dark colored and her eyes are yellow and narrow. She has delicate white whiskers on her muzzle and above her eyes. She has a very slender, small body that can help her weave through tunnels in the WindClan territory. When she walks, she has a slight limp in her back left leg due to being bitten by a snake when she was an apprentice. She has very tiny ears with tufts. Her fur is short but her tail is silky and long like a Turkish Angora. Lastly, she has a tiny scar over her right eye. It's barely noticable.
PERSONALITY: She is generally down to Earth but she has her hyper moments and can sometimes be caught playing with the apprentices. Although she is a medicine cat, she maintains a lot of childish traits. When she was younger, she always dreampt of being a medicine cat and her dream came true when she became an apprentice. She loves to heal and help cats. Nowadays she likes to keep herself very busy by sorting herbs and the like. She loves to organize and she can be considered a bit of a neat freak. When she talks, she tends to talk very quickly. And she nearly never shuts up.
HISTORY: She was born the daughter of Birdsong and Fallentree. She has two siblings named Graykit (now Graywhisker) and another from a different litter called Ferretkit (now Ferretpaw). She was always very hyperactive as a young kit. She liked to play with moss balls and twigs.

As a medicine cat apprentice, she vowed she would help her clanmates til the end. She has always had a heart for kits. If she wasn't a medicine cat herself, she would have wanted a mate and kits of her own. She trained and learned quickly and made her mentor proud.

Now as a medicine cat she has treated many injured cats. She will always go out to the battlefield to help even when it's frightning. She sometimes even goes out with the patrols when there's nothing better to do, just in case they need help. Her favorite thing to do as a medicine cat is have StarClan dreams that tell her things.
Birdsong - brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes (elder)
Fallentree - mottled tom with amber eyes (elder)
Ferretpaw - already an NPC
Graywhisker - gray tabby tom with green eyes (warrior)

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Re: Rabbitnose of WindClan
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HP: 100
AP: 25
Strength: 1
Intelligence: 1
Faith: 2
Agility: 1
Special Ability: - Moonstone's Sight / You can foresee an opponent's next move, and dodge (Usable once per battle)
Level: 6

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