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Author Topic: Dustfeather of ShadowClan (NPC)  (Read 337 times)

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Dustfeather of ShadowClan (NPC)
« on: September 02, 2016, 04:05:35 PM »
NAME: Dustfeather
AGE: 20 moons (or somewhere around there if this doesn't fit with the timeline); born in newleaf
GENDER: Female (not neutered)
CLAN: ShadowClan
RANK: Warrior
DESCRIPTION: Dustfeather is a tall, slender, long-legged cat, though her slight frame is masked somewhat by her thick fur. She is a lilac tabby with a classic tabby pattern. Her face is narrow and angular and she has long whiskers, giving her a slight advantage in perception. Additionally she has a long, fluffy tail and slightly tufty ears.

Her eyes are a pale greyish-green and her nose dark pink. She does not have any noticeable scars - any she may have are obscured by her fur. Her small paws have become slightly darkened due to spending much of her time walking on boggy ground, but she makes sure to wash as frequently as possible to prevent her fur from matting. When in camp she often sits with her feet tucked neatly underneath her.
PERSONALITY: Dustfeather is calm and quiet for the most part, but dislikes confrontation. She has little patience for drama and unnecessary fighting and will tend to stay out of disputes - sometimes to the annoyance of her Clanmates. She enjoys being helpful and is more interested in practical duties such as den-building and hunting than more interactive activities such as border patrols or sharing tongues. However, she does have a hidden whimsical side and secretly delights in stories and legends, sometimes hiding so she can listen covertly to the elders' storytelling.

Dustfeather enjoys knowledge and particularly likes learning the names of all the plants, animals, and insects in her territory. She prefers to stay low to the ground and feels vulnerable in trees and high-up places.

Although socialising does not come particularly naturally to her, Dustfeather is close with those who have helped her, and eager to make her parents, leader, and former mentor proud, though she often lacks confidence in her abilities. She excels at stealth and observation, but struggles with force and agility. She is moderately spiritual, believing in StarClan but cautious about interpreting potential omens as such.
HISTORY: Dustkit was born in newleaf as part of a small litter - herself and her brother Kestrelkit - to a queen named Bramblefur and a tom named Ashcloud. Both were kind and supportive of their kits, though Kestrelkit, being the more vocal of the two, would often command more attention. Food was plentiful and they were fortunate to spend their kithood in a peaceful and prosperous time. Less adventurous than her brother, Dustkit was less inclined to wander off and get into mischief, but when she did venture into the camp she would often spend time observing and talking to the medicine cat and learning about the plants that the marsh had to offer. Unfortunately for Duskit, her dreams of becoming a medicine cat herself remained impossible, as the current one already had an apprentice.

Resigning herself to making the best of an undesirable situation, Dustpaw became the first apprentice of a young warrior named Rainpelt. Due to Rainpelt's inexperience in mentoring, she quickly became impatient and exasperated when Dustpaw struggled with fighting and hunting techniques, and would often lash out at her and patronise her. This carried on for a few weeks before Kestrelpaw urged her to request a different mentor. Not wishing to cause a fuss, Dustpaw eventually relented and asked the Clan leader to switch. Rainpelt, upon being informed of this, was initially furious, but upon realising how she had treated Dustpaw, apologised and agreed to be more patient with her next apprentice. Dustpaw was given instead to Frogtail, a senior warrior.

Despite Dustpaw not being very physically strong, Frogtail managed to identify where her talent lay - namely in stealth and creeping around unseen and unheard. As she gradually became more confident in her abilities, her warrior training began to pick up, and where she had fallen behind the other apprentices she now felt more able to catch up.

Dustpaw managed to avoid a bout of greencough that hit the Clan during that leafbare, but her brother was not so lucky, and died before he was able to complete his training. Although they had not been particularly close, she still mourned for him and became very anxious now that the pressure to make her parents proud lay squarely on her. Bramblefur and Ashcloud's loss was felt greatly and even at Dustpaw's warrior ceremony, her success was somewhat overshadowed by her parents' wishes that both their kits could have been there.

Nonetheless, Dustpaw was relieved to have earned her warrior name - Dustfeather - the suffix a reference to her light-footedness. She remained close with her former mentor Frogtail, and although he retired shortly after, she would still often visit him in the elders' den to report on her progress as a warrior. She and Rainpelt, although slightly awkward around one another, were able to speak to each other civilly.

Dustfeather's first experience of battle was during a fight with an invading group of rogue cats, in which she sustained only minor injuries but was criticised by her Clanmates for not engaging more with the attackers. Since then she has fortunately managed to avoid getting into too many conflicts, and when on patrol, prefers diplomatic negotiation to impulsive physical attacks. This has created friction with some of her more temperamental Clanmates.

Dustfeather still hopes that she may be able to train as a medicine cat if the opportunity were ever to arise - but doesn't like to admit this, as it may be misinterpreted as wishing ill on the current medicine cats. She has no particular interest in having a mate or kits as may jeopardise her chances of becoming a medicine cat.
RELATIONSHIPS: Bramblefur (mother), Ashcloud (father), Kestrelpaw (brother - deceased)
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