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Jagger the Rogue
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NAME: Jagger
AGE: Born approx. twenty-one months ago in the middle of summertime.
GENDER: Sterile tom cat, unable to reproduce because of genetics.
CLAN: Belongs to no Clan, is a rogue.
RANK: No rank, allied with a band of raiders.
Jagger is a handsome tom, and he knows it. His luxurious calico coat is his pride and joy. He considers it to be unique. There are few toms with such a coat as beautiful as his, as he says. It starts out with a creamy white, topped with freckles of multicolored fur, and patches in red, black, and brown. Down the sides of his cheeks, he has two parallel stripes of black running just under his eyes, like war paint. His large, notched ears look like they've been dipped in many colors. His eyes are lined in dark black, accentuating the sky blue of his vibrant eyes. He is also a very muscular cat, lean but powerful, with strong legs and an arched spine. His paws are enormous, with sharp claws, deadly and fearsome. He wears a faded, worn leather collar with metal spikes, the only remnant of his kittypet life. His body bears many scars, but they are mostly hidden by his fur. The most visible scar is the one down the bridge of his muzzle, which is twisted and pink-silver.
PERSONALITY: Like the arrogant son of a crow he is, Jagger has much pride and much faith in his appearance. He falls for vanity, and spends much time grooming, and not letting himself get too dirty. If someone doesn't worship and adore him, they must suffer his wrath, and die at his claws. He yearns to be the center of attention, living in the spotlight, in the grandeur that the growing raider group will one day provide him. He's not a soft cat, and there's little kindness in his heart. He's a tease, a flirt, and very smug. He's got charisma and charm, but most she-cat's think he's unbearable. He doesn't mind this, however. He doesn't go for the ladies... he's more of what you can call a 'confirmed bachelor'. Sadly, due to the rules put in place by Koschei, he has to silence his desires and meet with the other toms in secret.
HISTORY: He was born in a cold, unloving environment. He doesn't remember his mother, or care to. He doesn't even remotely remember having a father. He just remembers the steel floor, the kittens he did not know, the dry, crunchy food, and the putrid stench of filth and litter that always hung in the air. He was taken home by twolegs when he was two months old. They raised him, still feeding him the dry food, keeping him in a life he wasn't satisfied with. They named him Jagger, the very first name he ever knew, and the name he would always go by for the rest of his life. They gave him a collar with spikes on it, thinking it humorous to put such a think on a cat. Jagger spent many hours staring out the window, wanting to get away from this life. When he was seven moons old, he could take it no more. He ran away from his home, in the twoleg nest, to find freedom. Instead of freedom, he found starvation, illness, and pain. He wandered aimlessly, more alive than dead for the longest time until he came across a group of rogues. He was accepted by them, and he learned their ways well. He soon rose through the ranks, until he was fifteen moons old and became the youngest leader of a raiding party. At this point in time, he began to realize that he never did develop any feelings for any of the she-cat raiders. When other cats were taking mates around him, he was never particularly interested in them. Instead, he went for the toms, and since he couldn't reproduce anyway due to his genetic code, no one really minded. With a wink wink nudge nudge, you can guess that he had more than just a few affairs with some of the more... open-minded toms of the raider band. However, recently he's had his eyes on trying to change the ever-so stubborn mentality and homophobic traits of the leader of his group, known as Koschei. Koschei with his brilliant amber eyes and twisted ways, so alluring.
RELATIONSHIPS: He's never been one to form strong relationships. They're mostly only flings. He doesn't remember his family at all, nor does he care to.
OTHER: Hi, I'm back thanks to Sweet. <3 I hope this is OK. I lifted most of it from W:MS.

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Re: Jagger the Rogue
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HP: 100
AP: 35
Strength: 2
Intelligence: 1
Faith: 1
Agility: 1
Special Ability: - Forbidden Romance / You woo your enemy then hit them for 20HP (Single use)
Level: 5

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