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Crowstar of Shadowclan (NPC)
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AGE:60 moons (5 years old) born in Newleaf




DESCRIPTION: White pelt with pale grey ears, mask, socks and tail. there's hints of grey and brown in the pelt. Blue eyes

PERSONALITY: Crowstar is very vocal, but will always consult her deputy, medicine cat, and some senior warriors before she makes a major decision. Crowstar prefers to talk things out, but will fight if there is no other alternative. She firmly believes that the clan should have a voice in clan matters.

Crowkit was ironically named. Her mother, Rainsong had drawn a blank, as Crowkit was the runt of a (pretty large) litter. In a moment of complete ironic humor, her mate, Nettleburr went "That kit is the complete opposite color of a crow. why don't we name her Crowkit?" Needless to say, Rainsong went with it. Since then, Crowkit has learned to have a sense of humor about her name. When they were almost 6 moons old, Greykit wandered a little ways from camp, and got carried off by a rat.

Their first mission as apprentices was to find the rat that carried off greykit. Haypaw, Crowpaw, Flailpaw, and Thornpaw went with their mentors. They tracked the rat back to the carrionplace. Instead of finding the one rat, they came across a whole nest of them. Flailpaw died as they were trying to escape. They came back to the camp and told Rainsong what they had found. Shortly after, Rainsong died of mysterious causes. Some say that she purposely ate tainted crowfood left by the twolegs. However Rainsong died, it is commonly accepted that Nettleburr died of a broken heart. After all, he and Rainsong were life-long mates, and had shared apprenticeships together. It should be noted that after her parents death, Crowpaw embraced her name, even going as far as to perfect her crow hunting skills. This has pulled her clan through some of the rougher leafbares, even if everyone gets sick and tired of eating crow. This lead to her warrior name being Crow-watcher (hyphenating so you don't get confused reading it).

Crow-Watcher quickly rose through the ranks, dedicating just as much effort into mundane tasks as she did fighting/hunting. This dedication caught the attention of the then-leader, StarStar apprenticed Spottedpaw to Crow-watcher. Spottedpaw's apprenticship was uneventful, and Spottedpaw became Spottedpelt. When the former Deputy decided to retire, Crow-watcher was the clear choice. As Starstar grew older, Crow-watcher was essentially running the clan's day-to day affairs. When the dogs attacked the camp, Starstar gave up his last life to lead them away, essentially saving the clan. Once the medicine cat took care of the others, Crow-watcher headed to the moonstones to get her leader name.

It was Crowstar that considered taking in loners, when the number of Shadowclan members were down. She still doesn't quite know how she managed to convince the clan to do that. Of course, it was only her, Stumpytail, Spottedpelt, Foxtail, Bramblefur, Her siblings Hayleaf and Thornberry, and Frogtail. The new clan members had to go through an initiation of some sort. But because so many of the current shadowclan cats are actually of mixed blood, none of the cats who lived though it ever talk about it. Not even the loners, because it was stressed that even though they were loners, their offspring will consider themselves to be clan cats.

Regarding how to keep themselves looking strong to other clans, they enacted a policy at the Gathering. For a while, it was only the Clan cats that were going. eventually they would take one or two of the former loners with them. The loners were told that if asked they "were told as apprentices that Crowstar was doing a new policy that they couldn't go to gatherings until they were warriors."
Graykit (deceased?) (NPC)- solid gray she-kit with amber eyes
Hayleaf(NPC)-  Sandy colored tom with blue eyes. Has Hay fever.
Flailpaw (deceased) (NPC)- Cream colored cat with brown socks and Blue eyes
Thornberry (NPC)- Silver Tabby tom with orange ears and mask, amber eyes. Often says "Smashing!" much to the confusion of the other clan cats.
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Rainsong  (mother)(NPC) (deceased)- Dark silver she-tabby with blue eyes
Nettleburr (father) (NPC) (deceased)- Light cream tom with amber eyes and hints of brown on his pelt.

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