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The Books / After Dawn of the Clans
« on: March 13, 2017, 10:10:07 PM »
noon of the clans. mid-morning of the clans

I know a lot of people were excited to see how the clans and all their traditions came to be, and while the DotC-era books have covered a lot of that, there were still some things at the end (so far) that weren't solidified - formal deputies, the mentor-apprentice system, warrior names, etc.

so what kind of things do you wish DotC had covered but didn't get brought up? anyone have any headcanons or ideas of how things might go after Moth Flight's Vision, regarding the development of the clan system?
also, if there are going to be more one-shot stories (novellas or maybe even super editions) set in that timeframe, what do you want to see?

personally I'd like some more stories focusing on early shadowclan and riverclan, since most of the main characters so far have been in the other clans. tall shadow, river ripple, and pebble heart are some of my favorites, so it would be nice to see more of them. I'm especially intrigued by shadowclan because supposedly shadowstar was kind of a jerk, but tall shadow really isn't like that, so I wonder if that's just the modern clans' bias? *

as for headcanons, I've always found it curious that they somehow completely transitioned from the tribe's two-word names to the one-word names they all use in the future, but maybe the leaders' names set a precedent? like, starclan gave all the leaders their -star names, and after that perhaps some mothers decided to name their kits similarly - Ravenfeather instead of Raven Feather, or such - and eventually it just became the standard.
though that still leaves the question of how the -kit and -paw tradition started...

* I'm curious in general about how much of the history detailed in the guide books is actually "correct"... especially because some of it already isn't consistent with things established in DotC :x I like the idea that the history given in the other books is the history the clans believe, which has been warped over time - hence the mischaracterizations and anachronisms and such (though I doubt that's what the authors were going for). but it also raises the question of what else from the guides might have been different in actuality? I think it'd be really interesting to see a full timeline of the pre-first series events and how they all fit together

The Books / Warriors in Other Settings
« on: September 17, 2016, 06:17:40 PM »
consider: clans in different locations, either forests in other parts of the world or entirely non-forest areas. I think that changing where the clans/tribes/whatever live could make for a lot of cool adaptations to the canon clan system!

for example, what different prefixes and suffixes might they use for their names? would there be any substantial differences in how territories are laid out, or a warrior's duties? what else might be used as a moonstone or moonpool, or a gathering place? what "specialties" might the clans have in different territories, in terms of battle or hunting skills?

for reference, the canon clans are supposed to be loosely based on a place in southern england. they don't really stick to reality, but I presume most of the plants and animals mentioned in the series are local to that area.

so what would warriors be like where you live? are there any different animals or plants in your neck of the woods that would make for cool names? different prey or predators or enemies, or other challenges that a clan might face? (weather, for example, or threats from twolegs, etc.)

or are there any other particular areas (general habitats or specific places) that you think would make interesting homes for clans? anyone have any fanclans set in territories unlike the canon forest?

talk to me about catgroups in fun new territories

Art Nook / Weekly Prompt Thread
« on: July 03, 2016, 08:54:33 PM »
i'm gonna make a million threads here and NO ONE CAN STOP ME

this is a challenge to artists to try drawing something different every week, based on a new prompt every sunday. someone gives a prompt at the beginning of the week, and anyone can respond to it until the week is over. you can draw as many responses as you want, in whatever medium you want, with as much or as little effort as you want - just draw it and post it on the thread! doesn't matter if your art is "good" or not, this is only for practice and fun, not judging

- prompts need to adhere to the forum rules and should be moderately specific, so the artists don't have to make a ton of decisions on their own ("a cat" is too vague). try to make them general enough that everyone can understand them, or give references if it's something less generic
- anyone can post a prompt! when sunday rolls around we'll take the first acceptable prompt posted
- feel free to drop in to comment or make suggestions (or give critiques if the artists are okay with it), even if you don't intend to draw anything yourself
- you don't have to take this super seriously, doodles or sketches or unfinished works are all perfectly fine, it's just supposed to be motivation to keep arting and hopefully branch out more in subject matter


first prompt: several small round birds sitting on a power line on a sunny day

someone plz join me it defeats the purpose if it's just me doing my own prompts

Suggestions and Questions / media center issues?
« on: June 09, 2016, 11:12:20 PM »
not the media center itself, actually, everything looks fine when I preview it there, but certain images are breaking when I try to view them anywhere else... the direct link just gives me this, and when posted on a thread they look like this:

the weird thing is that it's not happening consistently?? some days some pictures show up while others disappear, and then other days they switch. I don't think it's just my internet/computer because everything else displays fine, and afaik the album settings/permissions haven't changed ... the error message looks like it has something to do with the coding on the new theme, but it happens on any theme, and if it's a code thing I'm really curious as to why it's doing it only some of the time

anyway most images seem to be totally unaffected, so it's not a huge deal, but I thought I should ask if anyone else is experiencing this or knows why it's happening. it's making it hard to see my 100 themes gallery ;(

Ww Fanfictions / Divided We Stand (wwfic rewrite)
« on: October 07, 2015, 09:42:33 PM »
The Cat Kingdom stands on the brink of war.

For years there has been tension between the Cats and their neighbors, the Badger Union, and now it has finally broken. Both sides are preparing for battle, the first conflict in the lifetime of anyone in either realm.

As if things weren't bad enough, in the midst of the preparations, Princess Sunneth mysteriously disappears. Pressed to its limit already, the Kingdom can't spare the time or energy to search for her when they have no idea where to start.

But some Cats aren't content to let their friend disappear so easily. Now more have gone missing, and while the princess's friends are marching out to find her, her army is marching out to war. Can the Kingdom really deal with both problems at once, or will the conflict tear it apart?

//floods this board with wwfics

this is actually a remake of the wwfic I wrote years ago on v4. much of the body of the story will probably remain intact, but I'm planning to do a lot of editing too -- cutting out the superfluous parts, fixing errors, etc., maybe even actually finishing it :O if I can write my way out of this corner

since this was started way back in 2009, parts of it are outdated, so I'll be keeping the stuff that was integral to the story and throwing out whatever I decide I don't need (of course the cut parts will remain on the old thread if you really want to read them). that said, if you signed up for the original story and want to stay in the remake, please tell me! you don't need to fill out a new form if you don't want to but you should tell me if there's anything to update from your old one (name, appearance, pronouns, etc.); otherwise I'll just keep you mostly where you were before. if you don't say anything to me there's a chance your part will get cut or replaced.

if you weren't in the original but want to be included this time, tell me that too! most of the story is already written, but since I'm changing things I can probably find places to write new people in, though they may be only brief appearances.
this is the info I need for new characters:
(click to show/hide)
you can link a universal signup form instead, but make sure you specify a job and weapon that will fit this universe somewhere, or I'll make it up for you

as for the actual story... don't expect frequent updates :') I have to do a lot of planning and reworking before I can do any real (re)writing, and I'm not a fast writer anyway. I'm actually finishing up another unrelated years-long project right now and I'm not even going to start this until that's done, which will probably be weeks, but I thought I'd put the form up anyway to give us time to work out how to fit in the new people.

Art Nook / artes and spells
« on: September 16, 2015, 11:53:30 PM »
an actual art thread since the other one is for other things

I'm not much of an artist but I draw casually a lot and want to get better... unfortunately I'm too lazy to put in a ton of time so I'm just floundering around trying to improve little by little
comments and specific advice are always welcome!! I know I need to use refs more and work on shading and all that but if anyone has tips for certain things I am all ears

throughout college I doodled on my papers a lot and then compiled what I drew, so here's several years' worth of messing around:
(click to show/hide)
I still have a bunch of scans that I haven't put together yet, I need to get on that :x

lately I've been sketching a lot but not finishing much, except the cats I've been posting on other threads... at one point I did a lot of screenshot redraws (where the goal is to reproduce the original, not restyle it) as practice, and I kind of want to get back into that but I can never find the time. I think what I really need is expression practice because on so many of my sketches the face looks so bad it ruins the rest and I just end up scrapping the whole thing orz

also I cannot get pen pressure to work on this computer for the life of me, and I don't want to drag out my old computer just to draw, so I'm stuck sketching in pencil and then scanning to do everything else in photoshop. it's a lengthy process so I get less done, but I'm actually kind of liking the results?? I never got the hang of digital lining anyway tbh
here's some wip experiments that I forgot to resize:
(click to show/hide)

will add more when there is more to add~

100-Theme Challenge / spells's theme machine take 2
« on: August 24, 2015, 11:48:19 PM »

because last time I only got through like 12 of them,,, but I think I'm going to try some different things this time. for reference my last attempt is here. I don't think my art has improved much since then but again, my goal is just to force myself to finish and post things even if I don't think they're good so I'll get that ~learning experience~

feel free to comment or offer suggestions! I know I'm not great with anatomy or shading or arty things like that but if you have advice on anything specific I would welcome the help

saving the rest of this post for links n stuff

1. ThunderClan
2. ShadowClan

3. WindClan
4. RiverClan
5. SkyClan

6. StarClan
7. The Dark Forest

8. BloodClan
9. The Tribe of Rushing Water
10. The Tribe of Endless Hunting

11. The Ancients
12. Rogue
13. Loner

14. Kittypet
15. LionClan
16. TigerClan

17. Greenleaf
18. Leaf-Fall

The Books / Territory Layouts
« on: August 15, 2015, 06:56:34 PM »
I think we had a thread like this on v4, but I'm probably even more confused about this now than I was then...

basically, how do you see the camps and territories? do you stick to the maps or just kind of imagine the cats' surroundings as you go? have you ever thought that something looked one way, and then found out it's really not like that at all?

as for the camps, I'm certain I'm totally wrong about them :P somehow I never got a clear sense of where all the dens were in either the original forest or the lakeside territories, so when they mention them in relation to each other in the books, I kind of just... skip over that...

but then I got to the short graphic novel part at the end of bramblestar's storm and the camp looks nothing like I imagined?? I was thinking of the hollow as, like... a big, near-circular hole set into a hill, so the cats aren't going down a steep slope at the entrance but there's still cliffs in the back. but here it looks really deep (the entrance is diagonal) and really spacious, with hardly any brush inside, and hardly any trees above either... I don't know if that's just because there's fewer trees around the edge of the hollow but I definitely didn't imagine thunderclan's forest as that sparse

for the territories in general, I guess I never referenced the maps enough because I've always had a pretty skewed idea of where everything is, but a few things in particular threw me off in bramblestar's storm:
(click to show/hide)

Art Nook / imagine your favorite character
« on: August 07, 2015, 09:44:32 PM »
nyaw draw them as a cat.

here is some tales of xillinya

(imagine she's like twice as fluffy tho)

join me. make anyone a cat. MAKE EVERYONE A CAT

Random Babble / GBA/CBA Interest?
« on: August 04, 2015, 05:50:15 PM »
some of us were discussing this a while ago on the idea thread, but we never came to a decision, and it seems people are still interested, so...

on older versions of Ww, we had these things called the Graphics Battle Association and Writer's Battle Association. I can't say much about the gba since I wasn't in it, but I think it worked pretty similar to the WBA, which was basically a competition system for writers. people would post challenges based on some prompt or theme, usually with some kind of specifications (like word limits or stylistic requirements), and usually aimed at a certain number of people at a certain skill level. then participants would sign up, create something following the host's rules, and when the deadline passed other people would vote on them, and a winner would be chosen. (the boards are still up on v4 if you want a more complete look at how it works)

I think it was a cool idea, but in the end, both associations had good runs and then... fell completely inactive. so now that v5 is here and there's a lot more activity, does anyone want to revive these? how many people would be willing to participate, either by hosting challenges, posting entries, or just voting and commenting?

other things to consider:
  • should we keep a separate GBA and WBA, or combine them into one big Creative Battle Association? (honestly I am all for the second, but I'll detail that plan below)
  • how formal should participation be? it used to be that you had to sign up for the association, but we could keep it casual and let anyone join in
  • should we keep the rank system? the wba, at least, had people submit an example piece of writing, and then the mods sorted them into categories like "beginner" or "advanced." the point was to have people with roughly the same skill level competing, so new writers didn't have to face experienced ones all the time, but it was a whole extra process (and the stratification meant fewer people could join in each challenge)
  • how warriors-focused should we be? the old BAs had a strict warriors-only rule, because we wanted to generate more on-topic stuff when the discussions were dying out. (to be fair, there's nothing stopping people from creating non-warriors challenges outside these associations.) but I think people might find it more fun if we broadened the available topics to "somehow related to warriors," so it could include AUs and fanclans and more not-quite-canon things like that.
  • prizes? in the old systems there were no tangible rewards, just a point system for bragging rights, but now that PP is a big thing again this is a prime opportunity to let people earn some. the question is, how much, and for what activities (participating, winning, hosting, voting, giving feedback)? and should we keep a separate point system on the side?
  • and how do we hand those prizes out? would the current mods want to be in charge of doling out all those points, or should we have association-specific mods to help with that? we did have mods in the old wba, but they didn't do much except rank new members and keep things organized, so this might be entirely different.
  • any other restrictions or rules you think we might need?

to answer those questions myself, this is what I would suggest:
(click to show/hide)

if people like this idea or want to hear more, I can pull up a more complete set of guidelines, but that would be long and a lot of this is open to changes, so I'd like to hear other opinions first. mostly what I'm suggesting is making it a bit more about creating than competing... challenges would be open to everyone (most of the time), there would be participation prizes so it's not all about winning, non-creators could still be involved (and get rewards) by voting and commenting, etc. but also there would still be a point system for those who like to keep score.

so, thoughts on that system, or any other systems? proposed changes? thoughts in general??

The Books / Tallstar's Revenge
« on: July 21, 2015, 05:44:49 PM »
I read tallstar's revenge a few months ago, when the book discussions on v4 were pretty much dead, so I never shared my thoughts... but people talking about it again inspired me to go find what I wrote down after finishing it and finally post it.
so there's no overarching point to this thread except to talk about the book as a whole. what did you like, what didn't you like, how did you feel about the characters, whatever, feel free to just share your thoughts here

also should go without saying but this thread will contain unmarked spoilers!! Be Forewarned

overall I'm pretty ambivalent about this one, because I like WindClan and there were some cool themes here, but there were also things that bothered me...

tbh I think what got to me the most was the writing?? I know it's aimed toward an audience younger than me and it's not like I expect warriors to be a literary masterpiece, but there were a lot of instances of phrases being used over and over, sometimes multiple times within the same paragraph (I remember one that started with "Jake shook his head." and then ended with "He shook his head."). it's not the worst offense but I find it really jarring and it happens far more often than it should. this was the first warriors book I'd read in a while, but I don't recall having this issue with most of the other books :/

that aside, my other main criticism is that the plot felt a bit forced...? because on one hand it makes sense that Talltail is upset about his father's death, but on the other I spent a lot of time thinking whoa there buddy, you need to calm down, this is an unreasonable amount of anger... Talltail makes Sparrow out to be this conniving shrewd villain but it seemed pretty clear to me that his narration was really biased and he was basically blinding himself with his own rage. which is realistic, I guess, I'm sure people actually do that, but from an outside perspective it's frustrating because instead of sympathizing with him you spend the whole book waiting for him to realize how wrong he is instead of accomplishing anything. it was difficult for me to root for him in that part of his quest.

I was very interested in his restlessness, though. he's definitely got this claustrophobia thing going, both literally (being afraid of the tunnels) but also extending to the whole territory and encompassing his entire life as a warrior, and I thought that was pretty novel? I don't recall many warriors being that curious about what's beyond their territory or what life is like outside the clans, so it's nice to see one who's not just content to do the same thing in the same place for his entire life.

also some character thoughts:

I'm kind of torn about Shrewclaw because he was a total jerk and frustrated me a lot, but something struck me as very realistic about the way he bullied and teased Talltail for fun and just didn't realize how awful he was being. I became a lot more interested in him when Tallpaw started to brood after Sandgorse's death, because you'd think Shrewpaw would be the mean guy no one likes, but the fact that he maintained normal relationships and grew closer to Reena while Tallpaw sulked and drove everyone away from him highlighted Tallpaw's attitude problems pretty well. so while I didn't like him as a person/cat, I thought he was an intriguing character.

I was also interested in Hawkheart because (I think) the only other places we'd seen him were Bluestar and Crookedstar's books, where his main role was to kill Bluepaw's mother in battle. and warriors aren't supposed to kill and he's a medicine cat besides and even his name sounds ~evil~ so he was more of a villain in those books... but in this one he's just a normal part of the Clan. Bluepaw may have seen him as cruel, and his actions may have been too extreme, but watching his daily life with his clan it's clearer that he's really not so bad, to him it really was just self-defense. so it was nice to see him as more of a person than a stock bad guy. and I just like those kinds of gruff/blunt characters who come across as harsh but really aren't as uncaring as they may seem (in that regard he reminds me a little of Jayfeather).

Suggestions and Questions / Ww History
« on: July 06, 2015, 05:39:13 PM »
this is just a quick timeline of the site's history, since it's been around forever and us old jabbering elders are always hopping on the nostalgia train. I'm mostly drawing on the information posted here years ago, with help from the skype chat in filling in the missing pieces.
if anyone has any info not listed here that they feel is relevant feel free to add it! details of the early early days are pretty scant.

a few notes and extra links:
  • versions 1, 2, and 3 aren't up anymore, but version 4 remains as an archive here.
  • there's also a "shelter" forum we used to gather on in the event of the main forum becoming unusable (like during the pornbot attacks).
  • the "games" here are sitewide events that usually involve mods or chosen members playing "NPC" characters, while everyone else has to solve puzzles and riddles to reach some goal.
  • Blizz (Blizzardclaw) is the creator and original administrator of the main site and the forums. When she decided to spend less time on Ww, she transferred authority to the four mods at the time, Sunneth, Pine, Squirrel, and Darkstar. They are now the joint admin/mods of the site.
  • the Ww tv tropes page also has brief summaries of the games, and some old site history among the trope descriptions.

Site Opening: June 2005?

Forum Version 1: July 2006 - July 2007
Forum Opening (proboards): July 29, 2006
Game 1: January 2007
--- HF (Hawkfrost, usually played by Blackheart) kidnapped Blizz and tried to take over Ww. The members had to solve riddles and clues to bring Blizz back. (Webarchive Summary)
Game 2: spring 2007?
--- Blizz got kidnapped again and fell in love with HF. The game this time was putting together a puzzle. (Webarchive Summary)

Version 2: July 2007 - November 2007
Move to v2 (phpbb): End of July, 2007
--- Proboards shut Ww down due to a lot of underage members and sneaking past the COPPA requirements, so a new forum was opened with a different host.
Game 3: August, 2007
--- Blizz introduced the kits she had with HF to the forum. They were Frostkit (played by Sandstar), Blizzardkit (played by Sunneth), and Jaguarkit (played by Spellmaster). It turned out there was also a fourth kit, Starkit, whom HF locked away, but she escaped and killed him. After the game the kits were made into apprentices [?].

Version 3: November 2007 - September 2008
Move to v3 (proboards): early November 2007
--- Spambots/pornbots invaded v2 so a new proboards version was opened.
Game 4: December 2007
--- Eclipse. Warrior's Wish was plunged into the Place of No Stars, and everyone had to choose to follow either Darkstripe, Tigerstar, or Scourge to get out. Darkstripe's group was the one that found the exit in time; one of the others [?] managed to save Gorsecloud, the kidnapped mod.
Sunneth becomes a moderator: May 26, 2008
Game 5: August 2008
--- Riot. Apparently had something to do with spam and a bonfire.

Version 4: September 2008 - June 2015
Move to v4 (phpbb): September 7, 2008
--- Staff wanted to take advantage of phpbb's features, so we moved off proboards again.
Pine and Squirrel become moderators: February 22, 2009
Game 6: September 5-7, 2009
--- Time machine. HF came back to cause trouble again. Included shenanigans with the Cat In the Hat, Thing 1 & Thing 2, AED, and other assorted characters played by staff. (Game Summary, Explanation Thread)
Darkstar becomes a moderator: August 5, 2010
"Move" to v4.1 (phpbb):
--- Not a real move because the databases stayed intact, but the site was updated to allow for new features.
Game 7: August 8-12, 2010
--- StarClan vs. The Dark Forest. Members had to pick a side and solve clues given to them by canon characters (played by the mods). StarClan won. (Game Summary)

Version 5: June 2015 - Present
Move to v5 (SMF): end of June, 2015
--- v4 wasn't handling site updates well, so a new forum was created on a different platform to access more features and "revitalize" the site.

« on: June 29, 2015, 11:20:45 PM »
i'm a night owl and a wise bird too

okay for anyone who doesn't know, mafia is a game where a narrator secretly and randomly assigns the players to a faction, the mafia or the town. the goal of each side is to wipe out the other side; the mafia is allowed to (attempt to) kill one player each night, and the townies can vote to lynch one person per day. the way we play it usually involves a lot of ~cool powers~ and often themed roles but I think most of you are familiar with it so I'll save the longer boring explanations unless anyone asks.

the purpose of this thread is to ask how many people would join if we started playing again, and how many people are interested in narrating?? (to be a narrator you should be familiar with the game, but anyone can play!) if we have enough we could get some new games going but we'll need to choose a narrator first and possibly discuss what kind of game we want (the experimental power-heavy games are my favorites, but we were thinking of maybe starting with a simpler game so any new players can get used to it first). also the mods have agreed that we can implement prizes and activity incentives if we can decide on a way to make that work!

the only thing is, pleeaaase don't say you'll play and then disappear. we had to stop having games on v4 because so many people were signing up and then not participating. the game doesn't work without votes and discussion to keep it moving, so you need to be online and willing to post at least every few days, if not more often.

if you're intrigued but unsure, you can always sit the first one out and join in later. we generally have one game at a time to reduce the chaos, but with decent activity levels each game should only take a few weeks or months, so if you miss signups or won't be around for one game you can wait for the next.

who is in??

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