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Random Babble / 6442 Warrior's Wish Apartments
« on: June 25, 2015, 04:16:21 AM »
Welcome to the Warrior's Wish Apartments, located at 6442 Wonderland Avenue, San Francisco 98427.
moss i kind of mostly fixed how the address goes
i'm bringing this back for us all to have a fun thread to grow comfortable with the new forum in

Why do we apparently live in San Francisco? Who knows. The Apartments were created from a late night AIM chat years ago, when moss and I began to desire a place on Ww where anything and everything could happen, and no logic was needed, thus the Apartments were built on Wonderland Avenue... and all chaos broke loose, ranging from ideas like the Whtat Army to Epic Tea Parties. Anything and everything can happen in the Warrior's Wish Apartments--think of it as our personal wonderland, or a forever-running Ww fanfic collab, and let your imaginations run free as you have fun living with the citizens of Wish in our own personal, never-ending apartment complex building! (Which we supposedly took over, by the way).

see also, the embarrassing original edition of this thread. (warning: that thread was started in 2009). feel free to bring back over anything you find there, and tell me anything that needs to be added to this first post!

Simply claim a number you want your room to be, and you're in! Yes, numbers such as Pi and ridiculously long strings of numbers are available! You can even name your rooms. And no, you do not have to abide to the no logic concept for those of us who are analytical. Just have fun doing whatever! Keeping forum rules in mind as well, of course. I'll edit this post as people claim their rooms. Also, let us know what name you prefer being called so I can record the rooms properly and we're all on the same page!

so who wants to have movie/anime marathon nights or something sometime

also does anyone want to be our janitor, that became a problem before our janitor's returned!

Featured Rooms & Activities
Aviary -- the bird hub for bird friends
Cafe -- moss's cafe, open for everyone! (insert moss's own tagline here)
Cat apartment -- bring your kitties to play with each other or let them stay here for you to visit to keep your room clean!
Dog apartment -- same as for cats, but with dogs!
Concert stage -- where all the musicians can sing their hearts out and play with their bands. go ahead, even bring in rock band gamer groups.
Karaoke hall -- if the concert stage is too big for you, come sing with a friend or by yourself in a karaoke room instead! multiple karaoke rooms are open.
Library -- come relax with a good book. we have lots of different kinds of libraries for all readers!
Video game booth -- play the latest and your favorite games at our special booths set up JUST for prime gaming! yes, we have all of the systems and a video game library.

Occupied Rooms & Their Owners
Rooftop (???) : Raintalon
Room 2: Pantherstrike
Sector 1 Broom Closet: Heat's rare pepe memes
Room 3.14: Meadowbreeze
Room 7: Jilda
Room 9: tinyfeather
Room 13: Splashy
Room 18: lavender, Darkforestwarrior, Anna
Room 28: Dawnwing
Room 42: Ivypool
Room 48: Scartail
Room 83: Bladeh
Room 113: Jinglepie
Room 133: altias
Room 182: Dustfeather
Room 243: fireheart
Room 302: Teezy
Room 342: shadeflght (ziv)
Room 404: Sheezy
Room 666: Heat, Lightflame
Room 746: finchthewyrmling
Room 999: glimmer
Room 1234: broadwaystar
Room 1987: centuries of immortals.
Room 2225: Lightning
Room 4869: moss
Room 6442: Scary
Room 24601: Holly
Basement (+ Janitor's closet): runningfire, fire breathing dragon

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