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Random Babble / Secret Santa 2017 Gift Giving Thread
« on: December 23, 2017, 03:56:56 PM »
Hey everyone! Here is the gift giving thread. Everyone have been notified of the secret santa so you have between now and January 15th to give your gift! Please use the anon account to give your gift, which is quoted before from Darkstar for the username and password:

"To keep messages private, there is now an anonymous account.

In order to access it, these are the credentials:

Username: anon
Password: password

When you are finished with your turn, please sign out."

 In addition, if you have any questions to the person you have been assigned, you can use the anon account to ask things. Remember to check the sign up thread for prompts for their gift!

Note: I personally will be online only very rarely between the 24th and about the 2nd of January. So if you have any questions for me, it might be a while before I reply.

Merry Secret Santa 2017 everyone!

Random Babble / Ww Secret Santa 2017- Sign Up Thread
« on: December 12, 2017, 02:25:49 PM »
Hey everyone! It's that time of year again, and this year I'll be your host to this years Secret Santa.

Sign up will be from: December 12th to December 22nd MST. I will be sending out the results on the 23rd-24th, and making the thread for the gifts then. It's a little late for a secret santa, but everyone is more likely to be busy during the holidays anyway. That gift thread will be open until January 15th, so there should be plenty of time for everyone!

-All gifts must still abide by Ww rules. Remember they are posted publicly!
-Don't tell your secret santa who you are until all gifts are given! You are free to tell your SS after January 15th! If you have any questions for your SS in regards to your gift, use anon to contact them on the gift giving thread.
- If you have any problems with giving your gift on time, contact me.
- Use the anon account to give your gift. Username and password is in the advice and life board.

I missed the sign up date! Can I still join?
If I haven't signed out the Secret Santa's yet, sure! I will make a post of when I sent out all the pm's, so if you don't see that message, there is still time. If you do, it's too late. Sorry.

I can't draw; can I send other things?
Sure! Any gift you can send is still a great gift. Examples include written works, designed avatars/ signatures etc.

It's January 15th, and I haven't received my gift, what do I do?
Everyone will receive a couple of reminders before the event ends, so I will try my best make sure everyone gets their gift. If your SS has to bail out, or doesn't give your gift, I will personally make sure that you get your gift.

To sign up, fill out of the sheet below! Remember, the more you fill out, the more your SS has to work with. That being said, all sections except for username is optional.

Code: [Select]
[b]Appearence (Ww cat persona)/ OC:[/b]
[b]Favorite Characters/Etc:[/b]
[b]Favorite Shippings/Pairings:[/b]
[b]Any Additional Comments:[/b]


Random Babble / First World Problems
« on: July 19, 2016, 03:32:20 PM »
This thread is exactly what it says on the can. Let's share, shall we?

I wanted to post some pictures from my camera and my phone today but while I remembered my camera, I forgot:
-My phone
-My phone cord to attach to my computer
-My camera cord to attach to my computer

It just wasn't meant to be

As a bonus I have been casually trying to translate this doujinshi. I managed to find the meaning for three kanji in a row just for it not to make sense anyway. *plays "In the End" song in the distance*

The Books / Please Dear StarClan, Forgive Us for our Sins
« on: July 05, 2016, 05:48:45 PM »
I decided to make a separate confession thread for warriors related confessions, since the regular confessions thread is a relatively busy one not to mention that it can be a little ...uh, depressing. Since a lot of us read the series when we were quite young, and at a time when fandoms more separated by interests, we should have quite the selection of terrible confessions. I know I do.

I'll have more as I can either remember them or screenshot them, but I'll get started

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

That is all I that I have for now, but I also had a warriors graphics site, as well as a warriors role playing site that are still around on the web, as well as on my old thumbdrive some embarrassing signatures that I used here. Some of said warriors screenshots are quite something else because if some of you old farts remember:
1. Browsers didn't have spell check
2. Typing like you were a braindead monkey was actually the style of the time.

Random Babble / So I got this Month's Issue of The Dawn Patrol
« on: April 01, 2016, 05:39:56 AM »
I thought that this month's issue sounded pretty interesting so I bought a copy! I scanned in the front cover so you guys could have a preview of it.

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The Shippings / Abandoned Ships
« on: November 24, 2015, 05:52:54 PM »
Is there any ships that you used to love but now don't? This could be either found out they were related, found a different ship that better etc.

For me, a long time ago I shipped Mousefur x Runningwind. I noticed that they were together a lot, and was wondering why no one else seemed to ship them. They weren't over the top obvious, but they seemed to have chemistry to me, and I wasn't the type to ship everyone x everyone. Then eventually I found out they were brother and sister, and I then I was pretty much: ABORT MISSION  D:

I can't remember if I shipped Whitestorm and Bluestar it would have been the same problem I'm not too into the obvious incest shippings, my line for warriors is if they are first generation related, or if they themselves acknowledge it imo.

At the beginning I also shipped Dustpelt/Sandstorm, but eventually the plot got in the way for that.

I was not a fan of Bramblestar/Squirrelflight, so at first I welcomed Ashfur/Squirrelflight with open arms. To me, it seemed better than the alternative. Then Ashfur went downhill from there and decided maybe it's not the best idea after all. I think this is about the time when he actually threatened Squirrelflight's adopted kits. Like wtf man. Rejection hurts, but gdi Ashfur, was that really necessary?

So what's yours?

Random Babble / Convention Thread!
« on: November 18, 2015, 01:23:37 AM »
Since it is sort of a niche activity (for lack of better word) I thought that I would just make one general thread about it.

So this thread is a general thread about:
-Conventions in general (who goes to them, best experience, funny experiences, where have you gone etc.
-Artist Alley (pointers on how to get into them, what stock you have etc.)
-Jfashion (Lolita, Fairy Kei, ouji, shironuri, docora, larme kei, gaaru, otome etc.)
-Other costuming (furry, steampunk etc.)
-Anything else that as to do with cons

I actually go to conventions a lot, over 20 a year infact, and so my life tends to revolve around these things. I can give pointers on anyone that is interested in starting up their own artist alley, but details can differ a bit between areas. I am mostly into the lolita fashion, more on the classic side for when I want to tone down and OTT sweet for when I ant to go the extra mile, so I can give pointers on that.  I do know some basic stuff about the other, even if what is about and what it definitely is not, so if you are interested in any of them I can at least point you in the right direction.

So who else goes to anime/comic/furry/etc. conventions? If you have pictures of cosplay/coords I would love to see them. I'll also post (more of) mine if anyone is interested

As an extra conversation starter, I recently got a dress called dolly cat! The print has, well, cats! I am so glad that they released this again because the first time I was on a way to a convention (lol) and was inbetween towns with no internet.
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*just outed myself as not only a weeb but a weird dress wearing weirdo*

Random Babble / Products That (Should) Scare Us All
« on: October 28, 2015, 08:33:39 PM »
So I remembered a thread I made long ago on v4 that was called Products that (should) scare us all. I thought that v5 should be blessed with the horror of things that shouldn't exist.

I went through a good check of the old thread (it's here if you want to look at it and here is the highlights. Mine you, this was the time that the Twilight cancer was reigning across the land, so it became a NO TWILIGHT OH GOD WHY type of thread:
-Twilight Ice Cream
-Twilight perfume
-Twilight candy (the one that say stuff on them like that you give out on valentine's day)
- Twilight boy glitter.
-  Twilight magazine
-windshield sticker that says  'I Drive Like A Cullen'.
-The Bella Womb (with fetus!)
-Edward Cullen sweatshirt that reads, “Edward can bite my pillows, break my headboard, and bruise my body any day.”
-Edward Cullen sock puppet (this one and two above from
-Edward barbie doll that sparkles
- Twilight panties with Edward's face on the inside of them ( there is a link to the picture but I'll spare the sanity of us all)
2009 was a dark, dark time. Most things up there was confirmed by someone on the thread, which is...horrifying

So what terrifying merch do you guys know of?

Art Nook / General Ww Art Thread
« on: October 28, 2015, 07:05:49 PM »
So I found it a little weird that there doesn't seem to be a Warriors wish art thread, so I decided to make one. Here is where you post anything Wuh-wuh related.

To break the ice. I have this meme that I did back in apparently 2010. Warning, some language is cringe.

(click to show/hide)
There is some things that I do remember, but there is also things like I don't like apparently spammers was a big problem back in the day? Like I remember the v4 incident, but I literally found that out a week ago.

Also I forgot all about my tendency to kill threads back in v1. As shameful as it is, I confess that if there was a thread that I really loved that ended up was on page 3 or 4, I would copy my comment, delete my post and repost my comment. I must have done that at least a dozen times. I also forgot all about mistynight, But remember everyone else I mentioned.

Here is the original for if you guys want to do it. Even though it says in my meme "I think I know this person" I can't for the life of me remember. WHO MADE DIS?!
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Art Nook / Wolfie's Art Thread
« on: October 28, 2015, 01:57:38 AM »
For the last couple of years I haven't been doing much art but yet I still list it as one of my hobbies hahaha...

So I was thinkig for my art thread, I would just post my "best of's" and then post more recent (even though it's likely won't be as much effort) after that. I might post my crafts and things like buttons too I don't know, we'll see how things go.

Sadly, enough I did most of these in high school or shortly after.... I need to get my mandarin together and pump out more art, which is actually my future goal is to work more on it. My regular style (when I'm not trying to be realistic) is alarmingly simular to 2012, which is not good.

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Critiques are accepted on all my work!

Introductions / Hello!
« on: October 20, 2015, 10:44:11 PM »
Hi everyone! I am Wolfie (aka Wolfstorm)! I am actually a super old member, as I was around shortly after the first version of the forums was around back in 2006.  For example, I remember the time when "no marriages" was a rule, and why it was put there haha. However, admittedly I have not been active for quite a while, so I'm not sure if anyone would actually remember me. I still collect and read the books though! I was feeling pretty nostalgic and I found out Ww moved so here I am!

My hobbies include drawing, and I tend to do a lot of crafts. My favourte things include Harvest Moon,Slayers, Hetalia, FMA soul eater and FMA. I am also quite into the lolita fashion and have been wearing it for three years.

It's great to meet everyone here, and it's good to be back! :sunglasses:

Edit:/// oh my goodness when going through the forums here again and looking at names I remember from almost a decade ago makes me feel so nostalgic that it hurts haha. I have to say Ww certainly changed a lot over the years but it's also neat (and weird?) to see the same joking around, excitable teenagers I spent this forum with for years suddenly become adults and college students. I remember when I was first here, adulthood felt like a lifetime away. Ehhh sorry if I'm not explaining it well, I rather suck at these types of things.

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