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Advertise / a moon ago...
« on: May 06, 2017, 04:06:50 AM »

a moon ago...

In an alternate timeline where anything after the Last Hope never happened, all of the cats are now simply legends in elder stories, even maybe bastardised, for this is the new Clans, of some years after the Clans went head to head in the dramatic Great Battle. 

The boards are new. High ranks like the medicine cat, leader and deputy are open,  and your cat could be remembered in history for the new generations to come...

Writing and Homework / Video games are bad for you
« on: April 28, 2017, 02:19:41 AM »
and so is it when your beliefs are violated but you need to do this for debating.

Since I've moved to a new school, I'm reapplying for the debating team there, and our auditioning speech is "Are video games good for you?" I would probably have a 100% win rate if I was for, because of both my ability of public speaking and some solid evidence that they are good, but I'm against.

Because of course I am, Lady Luck.

My auditioning speech has to be 4 minutes, and I only have one point, courtesy mother -- "video games keep you inside if you don't play them you can go outside and see N A T U R E and M A K E  F R I E N D S and play S P O R T" but other than that I don't have anything, halp me WW

Random Babble / This is a callout post of a callout post
« on: February 22, 2017, 03:24:36 PM »
I'm calling out @Sorrel because I hate his callout post calling out on @Tom because she hates Australia

If we get enough signatures on a petition to sink North America the prime minister and the Queen (she's Australia's head of state) legally has to see it

Random Babble / IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (to 2017)
« on: December 31, 2016, 01:58:23 AM »
doo doo doo
do-do doo doo doot
do-do doot

I'm not sure about where you guys live, but today in AEDT it's a little bit before 7 on 31 December 2016, making it the last day of 2016! and also my dad's 52nd birthday he's old

What do you guys have planned?  A countdown party? Watching a fireworks display? Any loved ones (like me) celebrating a birthday around the new year period? (by that I mean Jan 1 and Dec 31 a big period rite) How about your New Year's Resolutions? I've had a few myself the past years, but probably the one I've done the best was "be more sanitary" after 2015 had a classmate, infected with Whooping Cough, go to school way before than she should've and passed whooping cough to me.

Or are you just sitting at home doing nothing for the beginning of 2017?

Leaving / It's the summer holidays in NSW!
« on: December 17, 2016, 03:45:29 PM »
And that means vacation time!
On the 20th, I'll be going on a cruise (Royal Carribean for anyone who's wondering) to the Pacific Islands.
… like …
think, neon, think
… that cruise where some woman commited suicide …
… the carnival one …
… and the cruise that cancelled their last show …

Like all the other cruises, I'm travelling to the Pacific Islands. I'll probably be very seasick if it gets stormy and our cruise will return on the 28th.

Also, my summer holidays end on the 30th. Next month. Why can't we be like you northeners and get three whole months? It's not fair! Then my posting would probably be more limited.

So yes, see you on flip side.

Random Babble / Let's Talk Myer-Briggs!
« on: December 09, 2016, 04:19:50 AM »
I took the test a few months ago, deriving from my real-world personality, and got ENTP, otherwise known as the debater.

Guess who took up the subject in 5th Grade! Anyways, I think it's very accurate and faithful to real-world me. Wow, now I'm talking like the MB-personality is a movie, made off the book that is me. I sound really poetic with that.

Allergory? Metaphor? Israel*? ???
*anyone who can figure out why I said Israel can get a stolen certificate for public speaking from an old classmate. Hint hint: Public speaking is the hint. Also, my religion is a hint. What my religion is... go and dig through the Forums Game board. It's a popular faith in my country, for another hint.

I have a slight feeling that my father would get the same thing. He's similar to me. I think it's genetic.

Wait, I found some mistakes.

*gets out find/replace feature`*
*replaces "similar" to "just like" and "think" to "know" and "slight" to "certain"*

Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better.
`I don't have a feature like that on my computer. No uniqueness was destroyed during the making of this gag.

Take the test here!

I also had a friend take the test, and she's an INFP.

So, what's your type? Do you know anybody who knows their Myer Briggs type? Have any friends/family done it? What are their types? How accurate do you think it is?

Random Babble / How about we revive a cult
« on: October 09, 2016, 01:10:18 AM »
inb4 I become most liked Wishian of the year for reviving this cult
And you lawyer game fans who existed while Blizz did know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyways for passing a really hard exam, I was allowed to get something that I wanted my father won't get me a million dollars or a dragon smh dad and I've set my sights on Spirit of Justice.
But first, my 3DS needs to come back from repairs. (The circle pad broke.)
One of my favourite cases has to be 5-3. I also really like 6-2. By the way,

(click to show/hide)

Onto the music. I loved "I'm Fine!" and upset it only

all links spoilers

played three times.

I also really didn't like Courtroom Revolutionnairé 2016 at first, but I think it's grown on me.

So yes, what cases/game/music did you like, who's your favourite character, what's your thoughts about Spirit of Justice etc. etc. etc.

Leaving / IT'S MOVING TIME (on monday)
« on: October 07, 2016, 05:39:23 PM »
I'm moving on Monday and the internet may be a bit bumpy for the first few weeks. And since our internet is from the...
uncommunicative Telstra we'll have bad customer service and REALLY bumpy internet. I'll also be helping my family out in settling into my new home among other things (organising my new room, school, BEATING THE ARENA i hate you star dream)

However, if we're lucky, my internet will be not so bumpy, I get my room organised fast, I don't need to pack out a lot of things, school is no problem and I ANNIHILATE STAR DREAM WITH ALL MY OTHERWORDLY MIGHT aka beat the arena on Kirby: Planet Robobot with a no ability run; rubble hit and killed me on galactic nova form Star Dream at almost zero health and I'm so angry over it i was about to win the arena that trophy should be mine I might be on here sooner than I hoped.

So for Monday, if I don't post a lot, I've moved! Yay! And hopefully killed Star Dream.


The Books / Clan Games
« on: September 28, 2016, 11:46:52 PM »
I've always wondered ever since I read Dark River games that cats played. We've already seen "Warriors" in Bluestar's Prophecy and play-fighting/hunting in almost every other book. And DarkClan, of course!
I've always thought the kits had games similar to Hide and Seek (I'd imagine they'd do it a lot in Greenleaf or Leaf-fall since around that time of year there's a lot of stuff to hide in) or Chase/Tips/Tag. (Some people call it Chase, around where I live we call it Tips or Tag. Basically that game where one person runs around and tries to tag their friends.)
Also, I think Clans would happen often. (In fact, many of my Clan OC's had played Clans. The OC I'm currently building for RP here loved to play as Stonestar, leader of uncreatively-named StoneClan, with his sister being his loyal deputy, Featherbrook as a kit. They also bothered their irresponsive brother, pretending he was medicine cat when all he wanted to do was not be involved in anything.)
Maybe they had something like "Capture the Flag" with prey before that thing with Driftkit and the bird of prey I cannot remember in Code of the Clans? They might still play it now, but with a leaf or stick or something.
What are your thoughts? Do the kits in your fanfiction play other types of games? What are they?

Art Nook / Neon Skylite's Art
« on: September 23, 2016, 08:54:45 PM »
I draw things other than cats sometimes.
(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

I'm thinking of doing a Phoenix Wright-themed one, would you guys want to see it? Also thinking about doing Queen Sectonia. (this boss from Kirby Triple Deluxe)

NaNoWriMo / NaNoWriMo tools
« on: September 19, 2016, 03:18:40 AM »
NanoWriMo is approaching fast, and we need to start making plans. One of these important plans are tools. What do you guys use to write? For me, I'm using Dropbox to store my drafts, LibreOffice for my computer and Microsoft Word for mobile. I'm also making a YouTube playlist of things to listen to as I write. (It includes a lot of stuff I might show it once I get finished.)
So, what do you guys use to finish that 50K word count?

Games / 2 truths 1 lie
« on: September 19, 2016, 12:40:35 AM »
Write three things about you, make one false and leave the person below you to guess your lie!
Like this

1) 2+2 is five

2) Blue and yellow make green

3) Roy G Biv is a name to remember the colours of the rainbow.

(click to show/hide)

Other person:
I thought it was three I'm an idiot
(Insert facts here)
Note that it's very simple, and rather than stating obvious facts, write something about you.

1) I was so quick-tempered in pre-school, my teacher thought I was autistic.
2) My friend once tried to record all the mistakes in StarKit's Prophcy and suceeded.
3) One of my favourite dragons in Dragon Cave is the pink dragon.
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Quizzes / Kree8-a-Caaln Starlkot'sf pOrphcy vursion
« on: September 16, 2016, 09:25:21 PM »
i had made a quiz like this
*glares at hackers*

WOFOOOFOFOFOFOOPOOoooooooooo U maDE a CALLLLN! WQat fod yoy cull it (pick a word, it determines Clan prefix. I used a word generator for this, plus some words that came into my mind while I typed.)
tract (bigh arehe lend) - FiRA
cocky - SnEK
flute - Sufg
tawny - PACth
bunny - suftYT
flint - STOYNME
spark - LiHGH
birch - TINbah
twine - woHl
horse - Aih
splash - SWUosh wuosh (i pity the person who got SWUosh wuoshClan)
heart - SPAWttie
silver - BrIER
strike - LiEFTay
wrong - NeiHGYHt
swiss - SAMDFD
sward (LAYA opf dirt tat is cohjebvered bi gass) - treh

"OOOOOH NOES says a caht" WA NED DA LEDER! (Pick a fur type)
Ginger (faint stripes but not tabby) - GrewyStoipe
Ginger TABBY - Brakenfur
Dark Ginger - STARGLEMA
Cream (faint stripes) - Millioe
Cream Tabby - Assfur
Brown - FirePew
Brown Tabby - Bubpaw
Dark Brown Tabby (because dark brown tabbies are so different from brown tabbies they need their own category) - Mitsyfoot
Gray - Hacky-kin
Gray Tabby - Bullstar
Silver  - Holylaef
Silver Tabby - Squireflit
Black - Falled Leaf!!!!111!!!11!

woah said a kit when you got your nien lifvs u ned a depudy (pick a medicine cat)
Cloudberry - BROCKENSTAR
Sagewhisker - Berrienosie
Goosefeather - Dawnsaprkel
Barkface - Lionblx
Featherwhisker - JazSogn
Yellowfang - TIGGERSTAR
Runningnose - SandStrom
Littlecloud - Twanypelt
Mothwing - SCOURG
Willowshine - Tailpoppy
Flametail - Redstrom
Puddleshine - Iwped
Spottedleaf - Briarstorm
Cinderpelt - Rustfur
Leafpool - IScorhcWind
Jayfeather - CedarGeart
Kestrelflight - Bamblecalw
Alderheart - BleuStar

OH NOEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
its leif-bahre and grehncoff is ihn deh cemp.
hold on im a medisin cat
WHO COLD IT BEH? (Pick your favourite arc!)
The Prophecies Begin - Jayfeathern
The New Prophecy - WithStorm
Power Of Three - Bundleface
Omen of the Stars - Tailstar
A Vision of Shadows - Dayspow
Dawn of the Clans - Barkfall
Super Edition - Falmepaw
Novellas - Craw Feather
Lost Warrior - EagelWiKit
Tigerstar and Sasha - Lakepool
Ravenpaw's Path - NighRAin
SkyClan and the Stranger - Mouthwing
Field Guide - CXLOUDTAIL
Stand Alone Manga (Or, Rise of Scourge) - SILBERSTREAMA

gasp gasped a warir. there's two cahts breakeng the eleven commons that don't know how to count "TEN COMMONS? WAT THEY DOE?????????????????????????????????????????????? (Pick a forbidden couple)
Tiger X Dove - seid starcaln in van
Gray X Silver - stel someting form otter caln
Oak X Blue - kile otter outside battel
Lion X Heather - jelos of neibourgh
Ragged X Yellow - liy bout negburr
Jay X Half - unfaitful to meat
Crow X Feather - belived in other golncestors
Fire X Spotted - Disrespeting mom and ded
Fire X Cinder - make a pictur and warhipped iht
Crow X Leaf - BENG GAY

U connfren dem and sai "u brok the 10 commons di" "dont you now we command rouges ATTACK LEDER" how many lifs did you lose (Pick a Dark Forest cat)
Hawkfrost - 5
Tigerstar - sefven
Thistleclaw - for
Darkstripe - totootwo
Redwillow - thee
Antpelt - NEIN
Clawface - sux
Brokenstar - oen

u banihed them and (prefix)Caln will forever lif in happeniss
horray leder

Games / Warriors Adventure Game: Saving the Kits
« on: September 09, 2016, 04:46:09 AM »
Welcome, warriors to the WAG!
I'm just trying this out right now. I found this exists and it's pretty cool. I haven't read Omen yet, so there may be a long amount of time before I host another one, but right now we shall do the first one: Saving the Kits, an example adventure. The rules are here.
Of course, I'll be your narrator, and will guide you through, although since I can do more in here than physically I have my own kitty.
Quick Rules:
  • Don't make dumb decisions. Sure, it'd be fun to fly over there, but don't stretch it too much.
  • Be active. I can't survey everyone if they take a year and a day to respond.
  • Don't be afraid to gently RP! However, if you think it's a bit long, put a TL;DR above it and explain what you did.
  • To show you read the rules, tell me what was Firestar's warrior name.
  • If you want to save your character, inform me of what was Tigerclaw's original name that was changed last minute. (if you don't know, the name is in Tigerstar's Warriors Wiki article.) If you change your mind, tell me and I will cancel it.
  • Profiley stuff when the adventure starts should be PM'd to me, not said in the thread.
  • Be sure to read the PDF a few times. It's a bit long, but if you got it right it's easier for me.
  • Light debates on what to do are fine but don't let your want to visit the tracks overtake the fun or escalate into flame wars.
  • Have a unique character! If all our cats are the same, it's too boring. Obviously, this is more of a suggestion than a rule, but try to make your kitty different.

Code: [Select]
[b]CAT'S NAME:[/b] (Use traditional names please. For those uneducated folks, it means an ordinary Clan name.)
[b]GENDER:[/b] (PLEASE don't be a tumblrite and put toaster as a gender!)
[b]CLAN:[/b] (They must be a Clan cat. Because SkyClan wasn't included, I won't put in SkyClan. Sorry, SkyClan.)
[b]CAT'S COLOUR:[/b]
[b]AGE:[/b] (6-15 moons please. Check the PDF for the stuff you get as you get older.)
[b]RANK:[/b] (Warrior or apprentice.)
[b]PERSONALITY:[/b] (Three sentences minimum. In Chapter Two of the guide, there are a few good questions you can ask yourself to get a grip on who your charrie is.)
[b]SAVE MY CHARACTER:[/b] (if this is correctly filled out, if I publish the second adventure, your character will be saved with minor adjustments made.)
[b]STRENGTH:[/b] (An apprentice will have to spend at least one point in here. When they are 12 moons, they can add a point to this.)
[b]INTELLIGENCE:[/b] (An apprentice will have to spend at least one point in here. When they are 12 moons, they can add a point to this. When they hit 14, they can add a point to this or Spirit.)
[b]SPIRIT:[/b] (An apprentice will have to spend at least one point in here. When they are 12 moons, they can add a point to this. When they hit 14, they can add a point to this or Intelligence.)
[b]SKILLS:[/b] (Apprentices have 3 skills that have 1 level in that skill. Your Clan bonus (Thunder has 1 level in Ponder, Shadow 1 in Sneak, Wind Listen +1, River gets a level in Swim) is free and does not count. However, if you pick to have a second level, that second level counts. If you're at the max age, 15 moons, you will have 5 skills.)
[b]KNACKS:[/b] (New warriors have 3 knacks. By the time you hit the maximum age, you have 4 knacks. For your first three knacks, you cannot try to upgrade a single knack, they must be three stand alone ones. If you save your character, you will earn a knack in the second adventure.)

And here is my example cat and my cutie kitty, Dapplewhisker! Please fill your profiles similar to mine.

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