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Introductions / Re: Refresher Thread
« on: June 25, 2015, 01:59:57 AM »
ok hello i haven't been here in forever and i am also anime trash

my name here is shadeflight (shortened to shade) but I prefer being called Ziv (or Teal) these days. I'm a SUPER old Ww member but I'm so horribly introverted that I just stuck to aim chats back in the day and tiny friend groups so no one really knows this. I joined Ww on August 16th, 2006 when I first found Into the Wild and wondered if I could find people to talk about it with. pronouns? I don't have a preference, since I'm genderfluid, but I do tend to think they/he over she/her most of the time...

I like to (friendly) bug sunneth on twitter, play video games (zero escape especially), rewatch steins;gate, and I'm currently impatiently waiting for new english light novel+manga releases of kagerou project, watching kuroko no basuke as it airs, and I'm 22 but as I said--I'm so awfully introverted that I don't even leave the apartment I live in unless I'm walking my dog or getting food with my mom so I don't have any jobs and haven't been to school in years despite being an "adult".

apart from introvert things and anime, I also like astrology (someone mentioned scorpio? I'm a gemini and half of my friends are scorpios), astronomy, mysteries, english/languages, I'm a writer with three projects going, I study color theory sometimes, and I study mbti and enneagram personality types to the core. I've been studying these for about 3 years now I believe and admittedly I have a somewhat big ego about it.

analyze anime characters with me and talk to me about mbti and we'll get along great probably. i'm sorry my sentences tend to be so lengthy and weird

Archives / Re: warriors wish version 5
« on: June 24, 2015, 09:36:41 PM »
v5, huh... I haven't been active here in roughly 5 years, so like, maybe the numbers lining up like that is some vague sign I should try being active around my original online home again? I've heard about things like the recent Ww crashes etc so I can see some of the reasoning behind moving, I guess.

as long as we're having a WW RENAISSANCE I have some Comments/Questions/Suggestions

none of these are really essential or immediate things but I thought I'd throw them out there anyway for consideration

1. this is probably up to the mods more than members, but do we really need the warriors analysis board anymore? does anyone feel like they'll really use it? I ask because it hadn't been used in a full year on v4... I think when there were a lot of discussion threads it may have been more helpful to separate the ~serious analysis~ from the casual observations, but with fewer people really into posting huge essays I'm just not sure it's necessary anymore, when those threads can just as easily be posted in the other boards. (maybe someone will prove me wrong or maybe we want to wait and see if it gets much activity, I just feel like it's the weakest link in the discussions)

maybe I don't have much say in anything when I've been so inactive, but isn't the Warriors series still ongoing? in which case the analysis board still could see some use at some point if anyone passionate enough--or anyone newly getting into the series/fandom activity and recently caught up with it all--wanted to construct theories of what's to come in future books or the like. 
but I do recall it being relatively inactive whenever I came by to visit so I do agree in how seemingly useless it currently is, though--and in the case it stays useless or mostly so, I'd second Dust's idea of making it a sub-board in somewhere appropriate?

2. the other thing that was pretty well dead on v4 was the gba/wba. I'm not saying we should get rid of them (assuming people out there are interested in participating again?) but maybe they could be reformatted or something? either remaking them like the old days, or like, combining them with the idea of the Challenges board, where it's less about competing with other members and more about participating in periodic themes/challenges or something...? again this is probably a thing that should wait until the more immediate stuff has been sorted out, but I have some Vague Ideas on the subject and would like to hear people's opinions (as the old wba mod I feel invested in this)

the gba/wba personally interests me, since by the time I rejoined the previous Ww we just left it was inactive, and I was inactive around the time the gba/wba was first built and moving... so I've never gotten to see the gba/wba in motion. I'd like seeing it running again and maybe even participate in writing sections (when possible) at some point if I manage sticking around long enough, though. also, moss's idea of the gba/wba being associated with things like the tcg/prey points systems/etc? that sounds cool, whatever thought was behind that. it'd encourage more people interested who are in the cards etc to keep the gba/wba going, maybe.

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