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Suggestions and Questions / Anyone still alive???
« on: January 12, 2018, 10:48:34 AM »
wow the last post was so long ago, just wondering if anyone is stil here doe

Introductions / Oh wow I forgot to introduce myself…
« on: October 10, 2016, 05:42:17 AM »
Hey guys, some of you may have known me here for a couple of months, i got a bit used to this site's system.

So, I'm Lord Gato (Not my real name, just my awesome pet cat's name), 14 years old by the time i created this topic, I'm from the Philippines, I like to draw stuff, I draw a lot, mostly sketches n' stuff I don't have an appropriate DeviantArt because that was three years ago.
I've discovered warriors from my sister, she loved cats as well, I bought the first book and liked where the story is going, I haven't found where to buy the other books, so I read them online. Gato, as you have read earlier is my pet cat, my OC is entirely based off him, his appearance, backstory, looks, except he just wore a no collar instead of his Warriors version's studded one. If you'll ask me who'll win between the real and fictional one, true Gato is absolute, @Palas Cat you know what I mean, my english skills are a bit rusty, i don't know how to separate sentences, and the proper use of symbols (Pls help me)
So yeah, You can talk to me when you want, i'm not a snake, I'm Gato's follower.

Just call me Gato, he doesn't care if I use his name anyway.

Random Babble / It's Gato's 8th birthday!!!
« on: September 23, 2016, 03:37:19 AM »
Hi everyone! I'm here to celebrate my pet cat Gato's birthday! (Sept 23 2009)
@Darkforestwarrior He's okay right on time!!
Gato is now 8 years old, still young & a fat lump of laziness like he always was, happy birthday Gato!

Archives / Gato as the Main Antagonist
« on: September 15, 2016, 09:16:05 AM »
Please read my character bio so we could shed a little light in this proposal.http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php?topic=1183.0

Well now that you've read the title you'd know what this is, right now he just isn't that phase yet, and would go through character development to reach this role. Why not just place it on your character history? No, that's because I want some of your characters to interact in the same timeline therefore more character connection, not just joining in and becoming the tyrant. As you may have known (or not, I'll try posting his other story here just to give some clarity of what we're into) Gato, my OC, leads a group (The Clowder) which can play a major role in his "metaphase", this could go in different ways;
-By loss of loved ones (Would show defiance against other characters)
-Blinded by power (When he receives 9 lives from StarClan, I don't know how to put it but his mother was a ThunderClan queen that left and kitted Gato, like I said I'll give some clarity on this very soon)

So let's all hope that this'll make a great story, and all of us will enjoy, happy Roleplaying!

Archives / Thunderclan to Shadowclan Borders
« on: September 11, 2016, 10:05:38 AM »
The hunting party crept through the thick undergrowth. Gato searched for the rogue scents, "They went across the forest" he continued "we need to find out our enemies hiding spot". The three cats climbed up a tree then leapt across tree to tree, made no sound as they gracefully passed by. The cats scented a nearby badger, but they didn't stop to look and went on tracking the rogue scents, they reached the river and landed at the shore, Gato dipped one paw at the river and purred "safe to cross, unless you can't swim". He made his way across swiftly and the other cats followed, they leapt on a tree trunk and swiftly leaping on another tree, he went on tailed by two cats from his clan. The sun sank as they settled up the branches of an old oak tree.

Archives / Clowder Territory
« on: September 10, 2016, 06:25:18 AM »
Sunlight fell on the glossy, reflective floor, the calming scent of dewy roses filled the room, the light directly shone a black and white cat curled up in its comfrey bed, a Twoleg voice calls upon its name. The cat padded downstairs gracefully, the Twoleg placed its bowl onto the kitchen floor, the cat quickly went down on its food. What do you think? Is the cat living a soft comfortable life? You'll see. The Twoleg crouched and slid a black, dog teeth studded collar, and the cat made its way outside. In a grassy clearing with one large tree poking out at its middle, a clowder sits wait as the bicolored cat approaches; "Greetings, how was the night patrol" he mewed, "Dog scents here and there, but was mostly empty apart from our scents" the huge brownish gray tabby replied "the other teams scented these dogs, but no Twoleg scents were found, Gato". Gato stared for a little bit them mewed "Desmond, Maverick, Faust!" He continued "We will set out at dawn, the dogs cannot stay here for long", the two cats nodded in agreement. A beige tabby arrived late at the meeting, "scents rouges spotted in the eastern edge of our territory last time" she mewed "the others are tracking their scent outside.", Gato swung his tail left and right in annoyance. "Wretched lowlife rougues shouldn't set foot on our ground, double the patrols, send those slackers off to patrol" he paused for a moment, then continued "I want all markers scented twice, if that wouldn't stop them, Silver, assemble an attack party, those cats are getting too comfortable here". The large black and white cat signaled that the meeting was over, the cats splitted into small groups, Gato, Desmond, Maverick, and Faust went to track down the stray dogs.

Archives / Gato The Kittypet [The Clowder]
« on: September 07, 2016, 11:35:29 PM »
NAME: Gato
AGE: 84, Greenleaf
CLAN: The Clowder (A small group of kittypets protecting their shared territory in the twolegplace)
RANK: Leader
A large muscular bicolored cat (Mask, back, & colored Tail, high grade white spotting type 7, Seychellois Septieme). He has sea green eyes with the usual intimidating look. Sporting scars on his ears and right side of his snout. His forepaws have thumbs that are closer to his other fingers which enables him to grab hold of small objects, his front claws have a fine edge, although his back claws are cracked and mostly broken due to his continuous encounters with forest cats that overlap his territory, and urban parkour. He usually wears a black, studded collar, and occasionally wears a striped green scarf over a grey cat-size black tie suit, this happens only in leaf-bare when his owners put it on him.
(click to show/hide)
Gato is usually humorous toward his friends, frequently joking about them or the surroundings, which shows that Gato is extremely observant, analytical, with his knowledge of weak points of a large variety of animals, he exceeds in quick-kill methods, as shown in his history. His treatment to other cats are less welcoming though, Gato prefers to talk in a sadistic, slightly crazed manner, this was, in order to intimidate the enemy. According to Gato this was, in fact, a sign of mercy, giving a chance to go back without fighting, he still seems to hold back at this point. Due to his relatively short temper, he can rage, this is shown either when his friends are in harm, or in an adrenaline rush, Gato is also hard to impress, He has so much pride on himself that he seems rather cynical. with that said, Gato seems to look like a peerless monster, these traits are shaped by his past experiences, he sets aside his regrets and looks forward, unless he chose not to.
(Gato is a round character, meaning he could change multiple times in the storyline)
Gato's mother died a week after he was kitted, and his owners took him in to let him grow up then throwing him away, he had one littermate, Geneveive, she was a beautiful tabby and white cat, after time passed their owners grew a liking of them and kept them, Gato made no friends with the neighboring cats that wanted his sister as a mate and viciously protected her and his territory, Geneveive kitted three daughters Tiddles, a blind white cat, Stripes, a weak deformed cat, and Shade, a healthy black cat, they were beautiful kits, when they grew up the owners cannot take care of them all and decided to give away shade and to take care of the two since they are in bad condition. When the dog named Mallows, was taken in to the house because her owners are out on vacation, she was obnoxious and barking furiously at the cats, Gato did not flinch, but Geneveive was terrified, she was scared off and ran away, Gato looked for her in months but she never returned, and moved on to live alone with his owners. Another beautiful day, Gato was walking along his borders and met a small group of cats, it had no name yet, he curiously padded down to them and mingled, they became friends,Oakhart(who had no name so I named him after the warrior that he looked like), Silver, and Goldpatches, are his first friends, soon the group became larger with 7 members, all male since the females are permitted to move freely according to their rules, He out on patrol on the far side of their territory, he met Asimo, a huge black and beige Rottweiler, but friendly, Gato visited him almost every day to talk about stuff. One dark night, Asimo was being walked by his owner, he was unaware of the peering eyes that crept within the bushes, he was attacked by a pack of dogs, and was badly injured, Gato came to help, he flung himself toward the pack, with every swipe he targeted their necks, slitting their throats one by one, his clanmates saw what happened, they helped Gato with carrying back the injured dog, then he was elected leader by his clan mates, they saw his furiosity In battle, and caring for his loved ones.
Asimo(Close Friend/pending for oc owner): Large black and beige Rottweiler.
Silver(Best Friend/NPC): Small, gray tabby tom with blue eyes.
Oakhart(NPC): muscular, dark furred tabby tom.
Goldenpatches(NPC): plump, golden tabby and white tom.
Flurry(NPC): bluish calico coated tom, grey eyes.
Cookies(NPC): Spotted brown tom, emerald green eyes.
Grapes: big gray tom, with tabby markings on tail (Turkish van pattern)
Desmond(NPC): Brown tabby Forest Cat, amber eyes, and large stature.
Maverick(NPC): Muscular grey cat with blue smeared patterns, red glaring eyes.
Ravine(NPC): Beige Tabby she-cat(but thinks like a tom), beautiful purple eyes.
Blade (???): bicolored genes present, although not expressed, long furred, blazing flame eyes.
• His history is based on my pet cat Gato, who is now living in our home, hunting for those sewer rats.
• He seems to love fried chicken, especially garlic flavored ones.
• Gato was supposed to be a clan cat but changed due to him not fitting the role as a noble leader, hence my username.
• He is supposed to have brother named Blade but the story will get there.
• When in his nest, he is mostly seen eating a waffle, he calls "Waffle thinking"
• Gato has multiple names over the past RPs, Ex.: MaskedWaffle, Railclaw, Jetwing, Betelguese, Heatsong, Heatstar.
• Heatstar is from Gato's nickname Heet,(CRINGE WARNING! Nicknames Timeline: Gato>Wato>Fato>Heet>Hee'ums>Hoant>
• He is the cool dude on my avatar (duh)

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