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The Warrior Movement
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The four clans aren't the only group of cats who live by a code after all, word tends to spread and their ideas soon sparked a movement. Cats from different regions started to form their own sort of clans and follow a certain code.

The Warrior code.

Every cat called the code the warrior code as they all had one same rank in common and that was the rank of the warrior. Our story takes place in a region far from the original clans that had started with two cats and two dogs. Their case was uncommon as most of the clans forbid any other species from joining, but not this particular region. Instead, they embrace their different system!

Sadly peace cannot last forever and problems have started to rise. Inferno clan's leader feels that the great four should become the four clans. The tom wants to drive out the two packs as he feels the packs cannot be trusted. Blizzard pack, not wanting to cause anymore trouble soon withdraws itself from contact with both clans which only seems to cause more trouble...

Rainfall and Cyclone are trying to put an end to all this madness, but these two can only do so much. Will Inferno clan rise against their leader or allow him to push apart the very threads of history? Will Blizzard pack ever return communication with the two clans? Only time can tell...

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