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Author Topic: Creation from Chaos - fantasy wolf rpg, just opened!  (Read 364 times)


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Creation from Chaos - fantasy wolf rpg, just opened!
« on: July 23, 2015, 10:30:20 AM »

Game highlights
Custom combat system (including spells!), based on Savage Worlds
Unlock regions by helping out with board-wide achievements
Low 100-word posting minimum
Help build our world by exploring new territories
Balanced characters (hindrances and edges)

About the game
Creation from Chaos is a fantasy wolf play-by-post RPG. You are encouraged to be creative with your characters and think outside the box! Creative writing is a large part of the game, but CFC puts a greater emphasis on dice rolls and letting that decide your fate rather than being narrative-heavy. While you aren't required to roll dice or participate in combat, it is a large part of the game, and you might find yourself missing out. If you ever have any questions or need a walk-through, the staff is happy to help!

CFC is set on a planet much like our own, but without human intervention. To make things simpler, there are four seasons that go right along with our four seasons. Most of the area is mountainous and resembles the northeastern United States. The Chaos District, where CFC is set, has been closed off to wolves since as long as anybody can remember. An earthquake in early 2015 opened the way, which is where our story begins. Currently, only the Shadow Crag Mountains have been explored in any sense. The first territory to be explored was Chaos Passage. As wolves begin to branch out, they will explore more territories and name them along the way. In all areas outside the Chaos District, magic does not work. Nobody knows why it works here, but it does. Suddenly, wolves were able to do things they once thought impossible, though it is a learned skill that requires patience and training. Wolves that leave the Chaos District are stripped of their powers, but coming back does reinstate them. Battling amongst each other has become somewhat of a pastime for the wolves of the district. Bets are placed, friendships are won (and lost), and deals are made. It is not uncommon for all walks of wolf to try their paw on the battle grounds, but they are certainly not for everybody. Some remain on the sidelines, others tend to the wounded, and others still prefer to stay away entirely.

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Re: Creation from Chaos - fantasy wolf rpg, just opened!
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This sounds really, really cool. Someone should try this out.

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