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Author Topic: IvyClan Forever: A warrior cats rpg!  (Read 742 times)


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IvyClan Forever: A warrior cats rpg!
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(we are also looking for affiliates, if interested, please contact us!)

  • Our forums open a world of creativity to those who have been waiting for it. We have no character limits, and the forums allow you to post wherever, whenever, and whatever you wish so long as it is within the rules. This means that yes, if you log off for a little bit and then return later your post and data will still be there for you to see!
  • Your characters are given free will. If you wish for them to create a band of rogues and try to attack IvyClan, you're free to do so, as long as you expect the consequences if you can't do so.
  • Once we get more members, we will be introducing more Clans and a tribe!