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Author Topic: Way of the Clans [AU traditional Warrior Cats RP!]  (Read 836 times)


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Way of the Clans [AU traditional Warrior Cats RP!]
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What are we? A simple, free-form, plot driven Warrior Cats roleplay. We're based in the forest territories from the original series, and are entirely AU! We have no word count, and no character limits! We encourage traditional names (names that make sense for feral cats to understand, within our low fantasy elements) and creating an exciting story within the Warriors universe!

But I've never read Warriors! We encourage newbies to the canon to come play with us! We've created a welcoming newbie guide meant to encourage new players to the fandom, or those that are simply wondering what all the fuss with cats is about! Think of it as exciting political dynamics and tribal structures, just with cats! No previous knowledge required!

Come check us out today!