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Author Topic: Eterna [warriors+non warriors feline RP]  (Read 345 times)


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Eterna [warriors+non warriors feline RP]
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- brand new site with open high positions!
- four feline groups, two Clans and two non-Clans
- extremely LGBTQA+ friendly (our mods all fall under the lgbtqa umbrella!)
- 150 word post limit

Many seasons ago, two loner sisters struggling to survive remembered kithood tales of five mighty Clans in a land far away. The hope for an easy life motivated the two to form two Clans of their own - RockClan, characterized by steep hills and a flowing river, and TreeClan, a marshy forest farther from Twoleg influence.

Perhaps because of their shared heritage, the Clans have always been somewhat close, though war has been known to sometimes break out between them. But peace will certainly need to remain - for there are other worries for the Clan cats now besides each other. Though the kittypets that live among the Twolegplace are usually harmless, the more hostile stray city cats often cause trouble for RockClan, and there are whispers that they have begun to form their own hierarchy - perhaps with the intent to one day wage war against their Clan cat neighbors. Likewise, on the TreeClan border, tensions with the woodland cats are rising in spite of their usual friendliness - and some of them are less willing to abide by the Clan's borders than others. There are rumors that farther into the densest part of the woodland, Twolegs have begun to encroach upon the territory - perhaps driving these cats farther towards the Clans.

Whatever may be happening, tensions do nothing but rise as the signs of leafbare start to approach. The Clans may have to band together to face whatever comes next.

The question is, can they do it?

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