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Shattered Alley [LB]
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We are LGTBQ+ friendly!

We have a Google Translation option located in the side bar to translate our forum into another language!

Welcome to Shattered Alley! We are a realistic domestic feline role play. (Not Warriors) In the Summer of Year 1 a destructive tornado ravaged the isolated village of Foxcroft killing many of the humans, the rest fled never to return. It has been 3 years since the tornado that ravaged and changed the Village forever. Life is just now starting to stabilize some what. What happens is completely up to you. Make your own destiny in this strange and new world!

What we offer:

  • Create a ghost cat and play in the Afterlife
  • Form your own Colony or Band of cats
  • Wage war on your enemies
  • Friendly members and staff
  • A wonderful shop for all that you need

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