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Author Topic: "You're a fool, and stupid too!"  (Read 1897 times)

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Re: "You're a fool, and stupid too!"
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@Darkforestwarrior yes I think there is!
Right after Firepaw gets his name Greypaw starts showing him around, and describes Spottedleaf as "She's our medicine cat. Not bad-looking either. Younger and a lot prettier than most--" blah blah Darkstripe shows up and starts complaining about Firepaw, then when Darkstripe walks away "Now Darkstripe," Greypaw hissed to Firepaw under his breath, "is neither young, not pretty."
YES THAT IS THE ONE LMAO Darkstripe got owned.

Also the most awkward line in Into the wild imo is when Spottedleaf dies Firepaw goes to share tongues with her one last time and he goes --
"Goodbye, my sweet Spottedleaf."
Dear lord that's so cringeworthy e____e

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Re: "You're a fool, and stupid too!"
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