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Author Topic: Altias's COTC Fan-game! - WIP  (Read 591 times)

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Altias's COTC Fan-game! - WIP
« on: July 28, 2016, 09:23:42 PM »

Each cat has seven stats - strength, tracking, agility, speed, endurance, spirit, and healing.

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each cat has 5 in each stat before modification.


Each cat gets certain bonuses and subtractions from their stats depending on their allegiance.

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Ashfur: ThunderClan warrior. 8str - 7trk - 4agi - 6sp - 6end - 5spr - 5hea

Health and turn number are determined by end and end*sp/5. Ashfur's health would be 6 and his number of turns before exhaustion would be 7 (rounding down).


Each user picks one leader, one deputy, one medicine cat, two warriors, and one apprentice, regardless of allegiance. If this group is a tribe, then they may instead pick one Stoneteller, two prey-hunters, two cave-guards, and one to-be.

Both users require a 10-20 card 'deck' of other cats in case StarClan commands it so. If you have no cats left in your deck, then one of your 'dead' cats will return from StarClan with kitten stats (-3 to everything). if three turns pass, they will become an apprentice (and have their stats modified again), and if another three pass, they will become a warrior again.

Your setup should look like this:

< warrior/ph/cg >

< to-be/apprentice >

< warrior/ph/cg > < deputy/ph/cg > < medicine cat/ph/cg >

< any other cats that join later on >

< leader/stoneteller >

Or, if properly formatted, here's an example:

The card-master formats both of your sets of cards to face each other, and on either side, their stats will be listed. Below each card will be their health and turns left.

 The user with the highest turn count goes first; if there's a tie, check endurance, and if there's a tie there, the card-master will flip a coin.

On your turn, you can do the following:

- Attack (ends turn, so please be sure to do everything else you want first)

- Defend (ends turn like the above, but you will take less damage next turn)

- Heal (only available if your medicine cat is alive)

- Switch (switch your active cat with another of your clan - kits cannot be switched in.)

- Pray (ends turn, but your active cat's spirit stat will be used to roll a random event just for you!)

After both clans have their turns, a 'gathering turn' will commence, and both clans will be subject to a dice roll to see whether your clans will be blessed or cursed.

(click to show/hide)

After the gathering turn, the battle phase begins again, and the cat with the highest turn number goes first again.

The game will end when one Clan's leader is completely dead. Each leader has nine lives, but for the sake of this game, they only need to be killed three times.
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