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Application Form
« on: August 27, 2016, 05:34:46 PM »
This is the standard application for all characters.

Please title your thread with (Name) of (Clan). [IE: Silverpaw of ThunderClan]
For cats outside the Clans, put (Name) the (Rogue/Loner/Kittypet). [IE: Tansy the Kittypet]

NOTE: Please refer to the Character Creation Point Store to purchase descriptors for your cat!

NAME: (as a standard, Clan members usually have two-part names [ie: Silverfur, Tawnypelt, Brokenclaw], while outsiders can have any kind of name.)

AGE: (in moons. One moon is one month. Also include which season your character was born in.)

GENDER: (your character's gender; please indicate if character is spayed/neutered and provide preferred pronouns.)

CLAN: (the Clan that your character is loyal to. If your character is a loner, rogue, or kittypet, please put 'other' and then specify [ie: Other - Kittypet].)

RANK: (the rank of your character in the Clan. This usually does not apply to loners, rogues, or kittypets. Please check to see if positions have already been filled when applying for a high-level rank, such as leader, deputy, or medicine cat. [All of the ranks are as follows: Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat, Medicine Cat Apprentice, Elder, Senior Warrior, Warrior, Queen, Apprentice, Kit, Prisoner].)

DESCRIPTION: (this is the physical description of their character. Please try to be as detailed as possible. You can include any defining characteristics, or anything they might wear (such as a collar, if a kittypet) here. At least two paragraphs of four sentences each are required.)

PERSONALITY: (this should be the personality of your character. Again, try to describe as much of it, including how they act around other cats or how they feel towards one thing or another. Two paragraphs of four sentences each are required.)

HISTORY: (please include one paragraph of four sentences for each rank your character has been through. For example, one paragraph for kit, apprentice, warrior, et cetera. Just basically describe what they did at this time in rank. For non-ranked cats, just include two or more paragraphs of general history.)

RELATIONSHIPS: (if your character has any family members, or is in a relationship with another cat, you can include their names and rank/clan if applicable. If any of the characters are pre-existing, also include a link to their character bio.)

OTHER: (whatever notes, or anything you need to add)

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Re: Application Form
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Keep in mind: your character's battle stats and special abilities will be assigned at random/based on your character and appended to your application upon acceptance.

Keep in mind that these modifiers will affect your character during Clan games, battles, and prey hunts.

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