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Level Up Store
« on: August 30, 2016, 01:45:44 AM »
If you wish to level up your characters stats or level them up as a whole, please refer to the following items.

- Level Ups -

- Attack Boost // Gives +10 AP to your character [1000pp]
- Health Boost // Gives +10 HP to your character [1000pp]

- Strength Boost // Gives +1 Strength to your character [1000pp]
- Agility Boost // Gives +1 Agility to your character [1000pp]
- Intelligence Boost // Gives +1 Intelligence to your character [1000pp]
- Faith/Luck Boost // Gives +1 Faith/Luck to your character [1000pp]

- Level Up! // Levels your character up by one level [500pp]

(Every level up in a category will have a cost increase of +250pp beyond your first purchase.)

Please post your choices of purchase below and you will be debited and the change applied to your character.

-- Can't afford to buy anything? Moneyfur has you covered!

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Re: Level Up Store
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None yet...

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