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Character Creation Resources
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I wanted to compile a list of resources for anyone wishing to create a warrior cat, hope these can be useful to someone!

Important! Before you use any of these, please read the artist description and be sure to follow any rules they have listed. Do not take credit for any art that is not yours, and if you post what you make anywhere, be sure to link back to the base creator or doll creator you used. Thank you!

If you have any additional resources to share that aren't listed post them and I will add to the list.

Cat Makers:
Realistic Cat Creator (Accurate Genetics)
Create A Cat (Accurate Genetics)
Create A Cat
Warrior Cat Maker
Create A Warrior
Kitten Maker (Unrealistic Markings)
Cat Maker (Unrealistic Markings)

Cat Bases/Reference Sheets:
Base 1
Base 2
Base 3
Base 4 (Medicine Cat)
Base 5
Base 6 (Various Tail Shapes)
Base 7
Reference Sheet 1
Reference Sheet 2
Reference Sheet, No Base

Cat Stock Photos:
Creative Commons Cats
Warriors Graphics
Feline Resources
Deviantart Domestic Cat Stock
Flickr Creative Commons

Cat Genetics Help from Altias
In Depth Genetics Guide
Warriors Wish Name Generator
Canon Name Parts List by Squirrelypaws
Traditionalist Naming Guide
Random Cat Descriptions
Random Warrior Descriptions

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