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The Manual (Please Read!)
« on: August 30, 2016, 07:53:28 PM »
This post will contain step by step instructions on how to create your first character and get started in the roleplaying world.

  • Read over the roleplay rules, and make a mental note to follow them. Only good cats (and maybe a couple morally questionable cats) go to StarClan, so you want to be on your best behavior.
  • Start your character creation by heading over to the Character Creation Point Store, and purchasing the necessarily elements to make your warrior's description. (Be sure to check for coupons!) So you may pay 100pp for green eyes, 100pp for a brown base, and 20pp for classic tabby markings. This is a total of 220pp to make a basic brown tabby. In a reply to the point store post, please purchase the necessary items to build your cat. Then, you're ready for the next step.
  • Go to the Application Form in the Application board. Though the details of the application are there for people more familiar with this style of roleplaying, we'll walk  you through the steps in more depth.

    Name:  This is the kind of name you will give your cat. Though we don't have rules on naming, at least not on paper, it should be known that you should not give your Clan cat a name that contains words that the Clan cats would not know. (IE: Anything with angels or devils, dragons, gems, etc.) This does not count for kittypets or former kittypets, as their names were chosen by Twolegs.

    Clan names are always comprised of a prefix and a suffix. For example, Ravenwing or Snowfur. Kittypet, loner, and rogue names do not have to follow this naming pattern. If you are having a hard time finding a name, there are many generators on the internet. We even have one on the main site, here. If you are looking to follow a more traditional nameset, try ailuronymy.

    Age: One moon is the equivalent of one month. You should write your character's age in moons, and if you want, in quotes, you can put their age in months and years to make it easier to reference. Your character will age one moon on the first of every month, regardless of actual birthday. Please include the season your character was born in -- this is mainly so other cats will know the conditions your cat was born under.

    Gender: Because we are an LGBT-friendly community, your cat is welcome to have any gender they so choose. Please indicate whether or not your character is spayed or neutered if a kittypet or former kittypet, and for all cats, provide the pronouns they wish to be referred to by -- and please, be respectful and choose pronouns that are not mocking or overly obscure.

    Clan: As of the writing of this manual, there are four Clans to choose from in the forest. ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan. Each of the Clans has a guide in the post below this one. If your cat is not in a Clan, please indicate this by writing down what they are in a format such as Other - Loner or Other - Kittypet.

    Rank: This is your choice of rank. You can put just about anything here as long as there's an opening for it. Please, check our High Ranks List for whether or not your high rank choice is available. The ranks available for choice range from leader to kit. Some ranks, such as Senior Warrior or Prisoner, do not have their own places in the allegiances, but are still marked. If your cat is not in a Clan, please write N/A in this place.

    Description: If you've been following the instructions along the way, you'll know that you've bought your character's descriptive traits. Now you are by no means required to simply put the bare minimum here. You're more than welcome to go into intricate detail about every bit of your cat as long as you don't remove the traits that you've given them or add anything that you would otherwise have to purchase. You are expected to write a minimum of eight sentences here (or two paragraphs of four sentences). Again, you have all the wiggle room you want, just don't go outside the realm of your purchase and the plausibility of the world.

    Personality: Your cat's personality traits do not have to be purchased. Based on your character's traits, they may be assigned certain Stats and Abilities to use in prey hunts and battles. You must write at least eight sentences of personality description (or two paragraphs of four sentences). Please include details about how your character acts inter-personally as well as their likes and dislikes among the regular trait descriptors.

    History: Probably the most important part of your cat is their history. Without it, who would they be? You must write at least four sentences of history per rank that your cat has acquired. So, for example, if they're a warrior, write about their kit days, apprentice days, and warrior days up until the current point. If your cat is not a Clan cat, please write two or more four-sentence paragraphs of general history. You may also choose to divide this up by so-and-so amount of moons.

    Relationships: This is where you link to the bios of any cats your cat knows, or at least list a couple of them. If they're non-player characters (NPC), let us know and we may be able to put them into the allegiances if they're not deceased. You may put your cat's mate, rivals, friends, enemies, anyone here -- but if you're going to make your cat have a relationship with another existing cat, please consult their player first.

  • Now it's time to play the Waiting Game. You must wait for your cat's application to be accepted before you can proceed to roleplaying. Once a staff member deems your character suitable for the roleplay, your cat's application will be moved to a database board and added to the allegiances. You are now free to roleplay as you see fit.
  • You may notice that stats have been appended to your accepted application. Disregard these entirely if you are not going to participate in prey hunts or battles. You are fully permitted to spend all your time text roleplaying and ignoring the RPG-aspects of the game. If you do opt out, stats will not be of any consequence to you. For those of you who do wish to use battle and prey hunt systems, please refer to the Stats section in the following post. Otherwise that's it!

Good luck, and may StarClan light your path!

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Re: The Manual (Please Read!)
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Stats/Abilities and You

Stats, battles, and prey hunts are an element of the game that is not required, but still fun to explore if you're into tabletop games. Whenever a new character is added into the database, a stat sheet will be appended with the following elements:

HP: The health that your character has, rolled randomly with a modifier based on your description of the character and their personality.
AP: The standard amount of attack points, or turn points, is typically a base of thirty-five to start. Attack points give you a set amount of turns you can use in the turn based battles and hunts.
Strength: The amount of strength your character has increases or decreases their base health points.
Intelligence: The amount of intelligence your character has determines how well they can use their ability.
Faith: The amount of faith your character has affects their ability to defend.
Agility: The amount of agility your character has affects their ability to attack.
Special Ability: There are many special abilities, and your cat will be assigned one. It may be Clan-dependent, or something else entirely. Sometimes special abilities even have singular uses. It's a mixed bag. Your cat will always have access to basic abilities, however.
Level: As your level increases, so do your hit points and action points. Other levels of your special ability may be unlocked, and if your ability had a one-time use and you used it, there is a random chance you may have it recharged the more you level up. One level is worth a base 200 EXP, and an additional 10 EXP per following level.

Events and You

Event threads will pop up on a random basis, giving you a chance to do something with your character's stats to earn extra prey points, experience points, and eventually level ups. Parts of events go on a turn by turn basis, and are sometimes dependent on dice rolling. You will be given clear instructions in every event thread.

Prey hunts:

A prey hunt will appear randomly in the hunting grounds of your Clan. They usually contain an established scene, stats about the prey in question (such as what they're vulnerable to and their hit points), and an icon of what prey you're after. Most of the time, prey's stats will be randomly generated. Sometimes, there may be more than one prey animal per thread.

Here is a list of different kinds of prey:

Butterfly / A crunchy snack, not ideal but edible.
Mouse / Delicious, juicy mouse.
Bird / Catch it before it flies away!
Fish / A fine, fresh meal.
Rabbit / The dinner of the moorlands.
Squirrel / Watch that it doesn't take flight!
Bat / Hard to catch, but flavorful.
Frog / It's kind of slimy.
Non-Venomous Snake / Not bad, not bad at all.

Battles w/enemies:

Here's a list of enemies:

Venomous Snake / One bite can be deadly!
Hawk / Ready to snatch up a kit, if it isn't stopped.
Fox / Very dangerous, run if you can.
Badger / Those claws can kill!
Rat / Could be diseased.
Dog / Bork bork!
Rogue Cat / Not friendly, not at all.

Clan skirmishes:


Example of a battle:

Clans and You


(Under construction!)

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