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Author Topic: Sedgecloud of ThunderClan  (Read 413 times)

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Sedgecloud of ThunderClan
« on: September 01, 2016, 05:22:16 PM »
NAME: Sedgecloud
AGE: 28 moons
GENDER: Agender (they/them, unspayed)
CLAN: ThunderClan
RANK: Medicine Cat


(click for image)

Sedgecloud is a plain gray cat with short fur and an average build. They aren't very remarkable in any department, physically - they're not really lean, muscular, short, or tall. Their face is semi-wedge shaped, with a long muzzle and almond-shaped green eyes. There's a single smudge of white on their muzzle, just above their little black nose.

Their tail is of an average length, as are their black whiskers. Despite being otherwise notable, Sedgecloud does have notably small/rounded ears, though their size and shape don't really inhibit Sedgecloud's ability to hear things. Their paws are small, with little dark gray pawpads on each toe. They've got no notable scars to speak of yet.


Sedgecloud, at first glance, would say to anyone that they are hurried in an attempt to please everyone and do everything they need to do. Their social encounters with others are rushed and perhaps not so elegant, but they find themself excelling when it comes to focusing on their medicinework - though a bit of chatting while they mend wounds is always useful. That said, they also lean towards being a people-pleaser, often due to the nature of their relationships growing up - they always seek to prove themself useful and keep a smile on everyone's faces to avoid being cast out or ridiculed in any degree (whether this would happen or not). They have chronic anxiety, and as such, are prone to panic attacks when things get overwhelming; this is another reason they prefer the usually-quiet work of a medicine cat.

On that note, they are also a notable pacifist, often seeking to mend relations with words before cutting them altogether with claws and fangs. They were pretty bad at fighting, even with the minimal amount taught to medicine cats alongside their herblore training - which means they try not to get into those situations. Despite being a bit timid around other cats (especially larger ones), Sedgecloud could always be said to be open-minded and kind-hearted to whichever cats they interact with. They have more friends than enemies, or at least, they hope that's the case - and if Sedgecloud could have it their way, they'd make everyone their friend.


Sedgekit was born to Morningcloud and Poplarfur, two very young parents who weren't really expecting to have a kit together in the first place. Morningcloud was kind, though meek, unsure how to treat a child due to her inexperience. Poplarfur was distant from Sedgekit from the moment they were born, and it was often that they'd see the ginger tom sneak along the edge of camp to leave through the entrance and hunt alone. Perhaps that's how Sedgekit got it into their head that they needed to be useful... which is probably one of the reasons they started visiting the medicine cat's den. Though it was an expedition driven by feeling weak and unneeded at first, they soon came to visit the den with a different interest in mind - to learn.

It wasn't really unexpected when Sedgekit became Sedgepaw, medicine cat apprentice. Morningcloud was relieved to be free of the nursery, though she wondered if Sedgepaw would be alright on their own. Sedgepaw was mentored by a large bicolor black-and-white cat by the name of Ternstorm, bulky and large to a point of blocking the entrance to the den sometimes - though the entrance itself wasn't all that big to begin with. The new apprentice was taught the ropes, but was often left feeling like they weren't progressing fast enough for Ternstorm's liking. There was an incident where Sedgepaw lost an apprentice to a particularly nasty injury delivered by a monster that had swerved off the Thunderpath; they could only resolve to do better next time, but the feeling that they weren't trying hard enough stayed well after they'd graduated to a full-fledged medicine cat.

Their visit to the Moonstone granted them the suffix -cloud for their patience with others and generally easygoing nature. Their mentor retired and passed peacefully away a few seasons after giving the position to their apprentice; they were rather old, and they died content, knowing their knowledge was passed on. Sedgecloud still felt very much not ready to be "the" medicine cat, but at this point, they felt obligated to do their best. After all, it was all they felt they were any good at, and they wanted to be able to support their Clanmates nonviolently.


Morningcloud ; dilute tortie she-cat with green eyes and white paws.

Poplarfur ; dark ginger tom with amber eyes and white "stockings".

Ternstorm ; bicolor black-and-white cat (neutrois) with yellow eyes.

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Re: Sedgecloud of ThunderClan
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2016, 05:40:35 PM »


HP: 100
AP: 25
Strength: 1
Intelligence: 1
Faith: 2
Agility: 1
Special Ability: Healer's Touch / +10 HP for Clanmate of choice, may only be used once per battle
Level: 5

thanks to altias for the pixel