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Wrenpaw of ShadowClan
« on: September 02, 2016, 10:13:30 AM »

If there's one thing I know I am, it's that I'm fast.

NAME: Wrenpaw

AGE: 6 moons, born in the fall

GENDER: Molly [unspayed], she/her pronouns

CLAN: ShadowClan

RANK: Apprentice [she's a newbie]

DESCRIPTION: The first one notices upon seeing Wrenpaw (either for the first time or the 50th time) is her size. This molly is small and short in statue. Her eyes are a dull yellow. She has long legs, which lend her her speed. Her fur color is a dark brown, becoming lighter on her belly. Darker tabby markings adone her fur.

The pads of her paws are pink, her nose is small and pale pink. Her whiskers are long and white. As she's newly apprenticed, she doesn't have any scars - yet. Underneath her fur is a slim frame.

PERSONALITY: Wrenpaw is a playful cat. She likes to tell jokes and enjoys doing impressions of other cats. Full of curiosity, she was always exploring everything there was to look at. And when that is off-limits, she settles into playing with the kits or trying to engage play fights with the other apprentices. 

Wrenpaw is a social cat, and has a deep longing for friends and companions. Relationship-wise, Wrenpaw is very close to her siblings, though her and her mother's relationship tends to be strained. Wrenpaw is young and eager to learn, while she enjoys being the jokester, deep down she's worried of losing those close to her.

HISTORY: Wrenkit was born to parents Spottedpelt and an unknown father. Spottedpelt named all her children after birds - Wrenkit, Robinkit, Sparrowkit, and Kestrelkit. Robinkit died early on from sickness, leaving Wrenkit alone with Kestrelkit and Sparrowkit. A moon before they were to become apprentices, Sparrowkit fell ill and passed away. The two remaining kits were left.

Wrenkit quickly latched onto Kestrelkit, and the two formed a close bond. Spottedpelt returned to her warrior duties as soon as her kits became apprentices. As a newbie apprentice,  Wrenpaw hasn't done anything notable yet. She's seen ShadowClan territory, and practiced climbing some of trees in their territory, but hasn't been in any important battles or anything similar to that yet.


Mother - Spottedpelt [Alive] - A brown spotted tabby molly with yellow eyes

Siblings -
Robinkit [deceased] - small brown tabby molly with yellow eyes
Sparrowkit [deceased] - brown tabby molly with white markings and orange eyes.
Kestrelpaw [alive] - a dilute calico trans tom with green eyes.


  • Is very fast. Very fast, especially for a ShadowClan cat. Takes great pride in this.
  • Doesn't care much for having anything but a friendship with toms; prefers mollies way more.
  • She's a lesbian. Doesn't know this yet, though.

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Re: Wrenpaw of ShadowClan
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Looks good, although her description doesn't really state her colors and markings, do you mind adding that into the description? I'll accept and get your stats for you right after :3

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Re: Wrenpaw of ShadowClan
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woops, sorry about that ! edited her colors and markings in :3 i did want to ask: i'd like to create kestrelpaw too. would i just go to the character point store like usual and just purchase what i need for him ?

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Re: Wrenpaw of ShadowClan
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Awesome, you're set to go now xD
Yep, just go post in the store for the markings you want and it'll all be good!  :grin:



HP: 50
AP: 25
Strength: 1
Intelligence: 1
Faith: 1
Agility: 2
Special Ability: - ShadowClan's Stealth / +10 HP for user, may only be used once per battle
Level: 2

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