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Darkstorm of WindClan
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TW: Creepy age-gap mandarin between an apprentice and a deputy, please proceed with caution

NAME: Darkstorm

AGE: Approximately thirty-nine moons, born in Fall.

GENDER: Male, he/him

CLAN: WindClan

RANK: Deputy


He is a dark colored tom, shaded in gray. He has dapples and flecks across his body in various salt and pepper shades, and mottled dark spots along his back and his flanks. His paws are dark gray and he has light gray-lined eyes and a gray muzzle and chin. His ears are dark colored and his underbelly is light gray. His nose is very smooth and black. His eyes are deep sea green in a round shape, wide and staring. His shoulders are covered in scars, and he has raked claw marks on the side of his left cheek. His ears have tiny notches from battles. The insides of his ears are pale pink.

He is a very large and menacing cat with long fur and a piercing gaze. He has enormous paws, though his claws are not in proportion, and while they aren't dainty, they are average sized and well hooked. He towers over other cats, with bulky muscle and a hefty build. He makes a lot of noise when he walks, so stealth isn't his forte due to his weight and the size of his paws. He has curled ears with tufts, and a long, feathery tail. He looks like the perfect stereotype of a warrior cat.


He is known to be a little unhinged, very off-kilter and with sort of a dark presence around him. He has very little impulse control, and that makes him a lethal fighter. His logic and thinking patterns are very off, leaving him with blood-lust and the desire to tear up other cats on the battle field. He keeps his distance from other cats, save a select few which he calls his friends. He gets very upset with other cats very easily, and he can be unusually harsh and cruel for no good reason. He is independent and headstrong, believing that he can do whatever he wants. He is very vicious, and very ambitious. He holds loyalty to no one but himself, a trait learnt from his time spent as a rogue.

Unfortunately, all of this culminates on him harboring dark secrets. Despite having been picked for a deputy position due to his proficiency in battle and calculated strategies, he is still disliked by many cats in the Clan. The leader even gets a bit testy with him, making noises about him being a little too out of touch with reality. He is apathetic and doesn't care who he hurts in the desire to get his way. Though he bullies other cats and sounds off about them being unintelligent or weak, he himself is not that smart. He is mostly a brute force kind of cat, who will use his brawn over his brains any day.


He was born a rogue called Juniper, belonging to a small group of raiders. His mother, Greta, was a former kittypet who had been swept into the rogue lifestyle by her mate, Mags (or Magpie). He was mostly raised by Mags, who wouldn't really let Greta teach him anything soft or coddling. He was made into a killer, brainwashed by the rogue raiders, and his father most of all. His brother, Thistle, was killed very early on after two RiverClan apprentices got a hold of him during a routine food mission. The apprentices, Palepaw and Leafpaw, recognized the group of raiders as one who had killed a queen in their Clan. As vengeance, they ended Thistle's life when he was no more than four moons old. This caused severe trauma to Juniper, who witnessed the brutal killing firsthand.

When he was about seven or eight moons old, he was taken on a raid to WindClan. He became fascinated with the cats who lived on the wily, windy moorlands, and wanted to know more about them. When his father, Magpie, was killed in an attempt to steal a kit from the nursery, Juniper knew he was free to be whoever he wanted to be. He stayed behind in the camp as the other rogues fled, thinking he'd been killed as well. He wove an intricate if not ridiculous story about having been kidnapped from RiverClan at a young age, and he asked if he could stay with the WindClan cats. They accepted him as an apprentice, giving him the name of Darkpaw, and having him mentored by Vinetail.

He soon became a warrior, and displayed excellence and proficiency on the battlefield. He was seen by some as a defender that the Clan could depend on, and by others as completely out of his mind. He gained the favor of the leader, however, who felt he could be a beacon of hope to a clan who thought that they were generally weaker. Darkstorm never abandoned his raider ways, fully. In fact, some nights he would go down to the nearby farms and terrorize the barn cats, sometimes killing in the name of sport. No Clan cats knew of these ventures, and to this day, none of them do -- and that's probably for the best, because after the previous deputy of the Clan passed away, Darkstorm was named deputy in their place.

Typically, deputies have an apprentice before they become deputies, but Darkstorm took on Jaggedpaw, his first apprentice, after. The black she-cat became the object and target of his affections, despite the very unnerving age difference. Hawkcloud, Jaggedpaw's father, took note of this and made a complaint to the leader. It was ignored, however, in a cover up to keep the Clan members from turning against Darkstorm. Thus, he carried on, taking Jaggedpaw out for extra excursions and training. Her naivety has kept her from recognizing that he wishes to posses her as a mate. Though he's never presumed himself to be anything other than heterosexual, he has slightly caught himself being attracted to Flickerlight, a ginger and white tom with glistening amber eyes who was always flaunting and flirting about the camp. A few remarks exchanged between the two left Darkstorm wondering a little, but he hasn't had any kind of urge to explore it.

Mother - Greta (living)
Father - Magpie (deceased)
Brother- Thistle (deceased)
Apprentice - Jaggedpaw (living)
Mentor - Vinetail (living, elder)
Mate - None, creepily interested in Jaggedpaw and low-key interested in Flickerlight

OTHER: Nothing else.

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Re: Darkstorm of WindClan
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HP: 120
AP: 35
Strength: 2
Intelligence: 1
Faith: 1
Agility: 1
Special Ability: - Cruel Seasons / You take advantage of the weather and gain +10 AP (Usable once per battle)
Level: 9

I'm still not exactly sure how you roll the stats so I'll let you do that DS

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