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Moonpaw of ShadowClan
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NAME: Moonpaw

AGE: about 6 moons old, they found him in Leafbare (winter)


CLAN: Shadowclan

RANK: Apprentice

Blue/green heterochroma eyes with a slight derp look. he is a black coat, with hints of vitiligo (loss of pigment in skin/fur). He isn't sleek, but he isn't notably floofy. Moonpaw is a smaller cat, and he's not too strong. He makes up for this with his speed and intelligence. This being said, he's only fast when he needs to be. since he is a new apprentice, he has no battle scars.

 Moonpaw is more of an introvert. Because he knows he was abandoned, and that he has a derp face, he acts stupid around other cats that are not his mentor (pretty much moon moon memes. I will be posting them as they are relevant).This causes them to underestimate his intelligence, which he then can use against his opponents. In reality, he is a quick learner, and takes most everything seriously. Moonpaw does have a sense of humor, but few are able to see it. He is loyal to the clan, and is willing to die for those that he considers to be his friends. This being said, he is pretty distant and does not make friends too easily.


Moonkit was found during leafbare, when Shadowclan was recruiting loners due to their low numbers.  Since they could only guess his age, the clan decided that they would count the moons from when they found him.  Dovenose was the one that nursed him, so he considers her to be his mother. She named him Moonkit because he was found on the way back from a Gathering.


Since he is pretty much a brand-spanking new apprentice, I don't have anything to put here, other than that his mentor is Nightstorm.

Mentor: Nightstorm
Mother: Dovenose (NPC) (living)


He actually has a secret fear of being abandoned again by those that he's close to, which is why he acts stupid. it's a mix of "if I act this way, maybe we won't be friends and it won't hurt as much if they leave me" and "Maybe they'll be sympathetic for me and won't abandon me."(so he's pretty insecure about how his clan feels about him).

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Re: Moonpaw of ShadowClan
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HP: 50
AP: 25
Strength: 1
Intelligence: 2
Faith: 1
Agility: 1
Special Ability:   - Hidden Prophecies / +1 Intelligence to the user for the duration of the battle
Level: 2

thanks to altias for the pixel