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Splashstep of RiverClan
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NAME: Splashstep

AGE: 18 moons, born in New-Leaf

GENDER: She-cat, unaltered, she/her/hers

CLAN: RiverClan

RANK: Warrior

DESCRIPTION: Sleek she-cat with glossy blue-gray fur with a white speckled back. Her fur length lies between that of a short-hair and a long-hair cat. She has a lithe, small build that helps her move quickly through the water. Not the strongest fighter, often handicapped by her small size, her strength lies more in her speed and sharp reflexes when hunting. She has a black nose and long whiskers, with an average facial structure. Her eyes are blue and of average size. She has a few small scars on her right shoulder from past skirmishes. In a typical RiverClan fashion she spends some time meticulously keeping her coat clean and shiny.

PERSONALITY: Splashstep is compassionate, curious, and aggressively loyal. She has a hard time putting her own needs over those of others, particularly her close friends, more than willing to put herself in harm's way to help a friend or the clan. This tends to become a problem if the direction the clan is going goes against her own values, but due to her loyalty to the clan she will often just reluctantly follow along and keep her problems with it to herself. She's good at picking up when something's wrong with other cats and on what they aren't telling her and does her best to help any of her clanmates who are down. She is too quick to form first impressions of others but isn't too stubborn about changing them, tending to be generally trusting upon first meeting someone. She enjoys meeting new cats in other clans and finding out about their different experiences, but is wary of getting too friendly with other clan cats because you never know when something might happen between her clan and theirs, desperately not wanting to end up facing a friend in battle. She is very curious about a variety of things but has a hard time focusing on learning about one new thing for too long. She wants to someday have kits, though not anytime soon due to not wanting to be tied to the Nursery just yet.

She believes that if a cat can demonstrate that they're loyal, strong, and follow and believe in the warrior code that they can be one, but is wary of too many outsiders coming in to her own clan. She won't kill unless she or a clanmate will die if she doesn't. Will help any kit she sees in danger despite of clans or borders. She would rather not fight ever, really, wishing that cats could just get along and talk these things out, but will fight if her clan needs her to. If a cat is injured or fleeing she'll let them go. She follows the warrior code, but is skeptical of the unspoken clause regarding medicine cats having to be alone. As she values her friendships and a possible future mate strongly, the idea of that being a forced rule particularly during times when the medicine cat apprentice has finished their training and has been named makes her sad for the medicine cat. Her stance on half-blood cats is that while the parents really shouldn't have done that, cats can't take it out on the half-blood cat themselves as it's not their fault they were born. She believes in StarClan but has a hard time when disasters strike, wondering how they could let them happen.

Splashkit was born as the older of Mistfall's first litter of kits, her younger sibling being Willowkit. Mistfall was a loving mother, distraught when Willowkit, born extremely frail, passed away a quarter-moon after being born despite her and the medicine cat's best efforts. Due to this Misfall became determined to make sure Splashkit grew up strong. Her mother started teaching her to swim in the shallows as soon as she was strong enough and became very comfortable in the water from an early age. Splashkit liked visiting the medicine cat's den, baffled by the array of herbs she was convinced "all looked the same" while she tried to pick up what some of them did and also going to visit the elders to hear their stories, particularly about LeopardClan, hoping that someday she could hunt as well as those ancient cats. Her father, an excellent hunter himself, came by often to say hello, occasionally bringing in bird feathers he had come across that Splashkit enjoyed playing with and "hunting".

When she turned six moons old, Splashkit was made an apprentice and given Lilytail as her mentor, an older warrior who trained her hard but not cruelly. One moon into her apprenticeship her mother had another kit, Streamkit.  Unfortunately when Streamkit was two moons old her father was gravely wounded in a skirmish with a group of rogues in Leaf-Bare invading RiverClan territory for prey. Soon after he passed away. Splashpaw sat vigil alongside her mother, Streamkit being watched over by another queen in the nursery for the night. She had a hard time understanding why rogues could do something so horrible as to kill a cat, instilling her loyalty to the warrior code and her reluctance to fight. She would then after try to bring in pretty things she found to her brother as her father had done, dealing with mourning Reednose by throwing herself into training to become the best warrior she could be. She honed her hunting, fishing, and swimming skills with Lilytail and practiced some techniques that would use her still small size to her advantage, though she remained reluctant and insecure during fighting lessons after her father's death, part of her afraid of ever being in battle after her father, a cat she had always idolized as big and strong and invincible, had been taken down. How could she ever beat cats bigger than her if her father had been beaten in battle?

When she was 12 moons old she was out with Lilytail on a hunting patrol (unbeknownst to her, Lilytail was evaluating her) when they heard scared yowling from the stream they were going to. Splashpaw told Lilytail she would check it out. Once there she saw a terrified kit clinging to a rock in the stream, the stream having risen much higher than usual and the current much stronger due to the large amount of rain that had fallen that day. On the other side of the stream was a WindClan queen, calling out for help and telling her kit to hold on. Without thinking, only thinking that there was a kit in danger and she had to do something, Splashpaw jumped in and, fighting against the harsh current, swam to the kit, grabbing it by the scruff and hauling it to the other side. The queen thanked her warmly as Splashpaw panted and tried to regather her strength. Splashpaw took a moment before turning back to face the stream again, happy that at least this time she wouldn't have a mouthful of squirming kit to handle, spotting Lilytail on the other side looking at her with pride. Soon after returning to camp she was awarded her warrior name, Splashstep.

Nothing terribly eventful has happened in her time as a warrior yet. She remains a skilled hunter and enjoys going to Gatherings to say hello to other cats and find out about their lives, though she is wary of getting too friendly she does like hearing about different experiences, curious as to how to the other clan cats live their lives. She keeps a close eye on Streampaw's progress (a little too close for his liking!) and checks in with her mother often. Streampaw and her still share pretty things they find around, though less frequently now that she's a warrior and Streampaw is training. 

Mother: Mistfall (NPC) (Living) - Blue tabby she-cat with long fur, blue eyes, and a small build.
Father: Reednose (NPC) (Deceased) - Mottled gray tom with glossy fur, blue eyes, and a stocky, short build.
Siblings: Willowkit (NPC) (Deceased) - Gray tabby she-cat with long fur and blue eyes.
Streampaw (NPC) (Living) - Gray tom with medium-length fur, blue eyes, and a stockier build.
Mentor: Lilytail (NPC) (Living) - White she-cat with pale gray spots of average build with a long tail and green eyes.
Significant Other: Open
Close Friends: Open
Enemies: Open

OTHER: Nothing Else

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HP: 100
AP: 35
Strength: 1
Intelligence: 2
Faith: 1
Agility: 1
Special Ability: - Feather Collector / You love pretty things, and have a one in two chance to dodge while you're picking a feather up from the ground, may only be used once per battle
Level: 5

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