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Starry Path
« on: September 10, 2016, 10:03:58 AM »

Starry Path, or Path Of Stars as i originally wanted to name it, is a Warrior Cats RPG forum centered around four fanclans of my own creation.
We are a new RP forum suited to roleplayers of every type and we are not solely focused on Warriors either as we offer separate areas for people who may be interested in something else. Maybe you'd rather create a roleplay that centers around different animals, maybe a human only roleplay or even something of your own imagination, we have areas suited for roleplays of these kinds.

We currently do not have any members as the forum was finished and pretty much just left to sit there until i was able to find time to advertise it in different places. So with that being said, as well as needing regular members to join and help us get off the ground, I am also looking for anyone who would be suited to fill the role of staff, i currently am just looking for 2 moderators to keep the place under control and to accept bios and such, maybe to even help spread the site around, but that would be up to you. If you apply to be staff i will of course ask questions and such to make sure you're suited for the role.