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I really like Darkstripe as a character too, but it feels weird to consider him a villain. He just seems too... pathetic, and dependent on Tigerstar to be a threat on his own.
yeah, I was thinking that he's more of a minion than a villain, because by his lonesome he's... kind of useless. but iirc he does, like, attempt to murder a kit, and try to kill some other cats, so I feel like he's in that camp of "definitely not a good person" but maybe not evil, if only because he wasn't strong enough to go that far/was pretty much just following orders.

I also felt a little weird listing Hawkheart as a villain, because he's just a normal part of the clan in Tallstar's Revenge, but I figured he counts because he was an enemy from Bluestar's pov (was that his first appearance? if he was introduced killing a character, and with a name like Hawkheart, it kind of sounds like they meant him to be a villain figure at first...)
I can't fault him at all for protecting his supplies, I think the controversy is over whether it was necessary for him to kill the cat who was going to destroy them, instead of just chasing her off like ~noble warriors~ are supposed to do. but it does make for a nice shades-of-gray thing; he was undoubtedly loyal to his clan and willing to risk a lot to protect them, and fwiw he apparently went to StarClan, so it's not like anyone's hardcore blaming him for that self-defense murder (well, except maybe Bluefur). but at the same time it's tough to say if he went too far or not, so it's understandable that other cats might view him so negatively.