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Beetlefang of ThunderClan
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20 moons. Born in Newleaf.

Tom (he/him, unaltered)



Beetlefang is a chocolate brown tom with dark brown seal points.  His fur is short and sleek, much like his body.  His build is lean, with long, muscular legs and a long tail.  His ears are large, if not a bit comical, and his face is round with a long, blunted muzzle.

Beetlefang's eyes are blue.  His paws, though rounded, are small, and his claws dull, which is to say he's well-muscled but otherwise unremarkable.  He has no notable scars yet.  His whiskers are thin and have grown long as he has grown out of kithood.

On the outside, Beetlefang comes off as a charismatic, collected cat.  He enjoys being around other cats and cracks jokes when he gets the chance.  He always makes it his goal to help those who need it.  He enjoys serving his Clan through hunting and patrolling.

However, for all of Beetlefang's charm, he's always felt awkward on the inside.  He's learned to make others laugh to cover up his insecurities.  He's also a bit of a control freak - if anyone tries to do something he deems incorrect or imperfect you can bet he'll be gritting his teeth and trying not to take it over.  Because of this, he's not always the most loyal.  He often tries to do things his own way rather than how he was told.  He can also be very impatient and gets somewhat vocal about it.

Beetlefang is also prone to bouts of anxiety, especially when it comes to fighting.  He's not particularly bad at battling but its unpredictable nature scares him still.  When he's upset he lashes out at anything and has been known to have a rather sharp tongue while under pressure.

Beetlekit was born in Newleaf to Yewcloud and Icewhisker, alongside two littermates.  Both Yewcloud and Icewhisker were devoted parents, but they were far from clingy.  Yewcloud often encouraged their young kits to act independently whenever possbile, and both Yewcloud and Icewhisker told them all about how they found their own ways as warriors (along with fun stories, of course), and they both encouraged the kits all to find their own ways as well.  When it came time to do this, all three siblings were excited to live out their lives as warriors and, hopefully, become the heroes of their own stories, just like their parents.

Beetlepaw was ecstatic to meet his mentor, Honeyfur, a senior warrior whom Beetlepaw had always admired.  He held her up to some high expectations, as all young cats tend to do.  In his mind she was the biggest, strongest, smartest warrior in the Clan, and while she didn't stand up to all of them perfectly, he still cherished her teaching and friendship.  Beetlepaw found that he was good at both hunting and fighting, though not exceptionally so at either - a jack of both trades, but a master of none.  Being as talkative as he is, his apprentice training took a little longer than most considering how often he joked around instead of listening to his mentor.

Beetlefang was named a warrior after many moons.  The vigil taught him the value of silence and from then on he was a little less tightly-wound.  He was still eager as ever to perform his duties for the clan and now tends to volunteer for any and all manners of work whenever he gets bored.  While he does enjoy spending time with other cats, more often than not he takes trips out of the camp by himself to hunt and be alone with his thoughts.

Yewcloud (parent) - large chocolate and white bigender cat with green eyes. [npc]
Icewhisker (father) - thin white tom with silver lynx point markings and blue eyes. [npc]
Shadowfoot (sister) - tall black and white she-cat with green eyes. [npc]
Dovepelt (littermate) - lilac lynx point agender cat with blue eyes. [npc]
Honeyfur (mentor) - fluffy ginger tabby she-cat with yellow eyes. [npc]

n/a as of now
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Re: Beetlefang of ThunderClan
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Just to let you know, you're not being ignored and your profile looks great, I will accept you and move you to your clan soon as I can. Do you mind marking down what relationships the NPC cats have with your character in the relationships section? (I can figure them out but just for the sake of having them be as clear as possible) So for example, Yewcloud (parent) [description], etc.

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Re: Beetlefang of ThunderClan
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Ah, I see how that could be useful.  Sure; I'll go edit that in now.  Thanks!

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Re: Beetlefang of ThunderClan
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HP: 100
AP: 35
Strength: 1
Intelligence: 1
Faith: 1
Agility: 2
Special Ability: - Deciduous Daydreams / Battles that take place on forest terrain increase the user's strength +1
Level: 5

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