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Author Topic: it's been a long 7 years, hello again!  (Read 385 times)

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it's been a long 7 years, hello again!
« on: October 30, 2016, 02:03:58 PM »
hi!! i'm a VERY old former member of Ww, I was active on the site from like 2006-2009. i went by flower (dawnflower, darkflower, flower that blooms in darkness, darkstar, etc.) and i had a fanart shop and graphics shop and OH MAN this site was my home. i was around 13/14 when i stopped really using the site, and now i'm 20-almost-21 and a senior in college. i read through the refresher thread (will probably post there too) and i definitely recognize a lot of the names!

i came back because i'm in a class about internet culture (liberal arts college is wild y'all) and we're in the middle of a unit on fan cultures. warriors (and warrior's wish) was my first ever fandom & my first ever online community and it's just so cool to come back here after so many years!

i used the wayback machine to find some archives of the old forums, if anyone's interested
and my photobucket, with all the graphics and fanart i made for people

i want to spend at least a little time talking and posting on here, but i probably won't stay active consistently. feel free to follow me on tumblr or twitter, both @ elaphaia. i love u all!!!