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Warrior Name: Quietstream

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What is your warrior name?
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WARRIORS NAME QUIZ: What is YOUR Warrior name?

First, choose either your first name or your middle name. The suffixe's first letter matches the letter that it's next to, so x and z won't have one.Match them to these prefixes:
A: Auburn
B: Brown
C: Cane
D: Deer
E: Eagle
F: Feather
G: Gorse
H: Heather
I: Ivy
J: Jay
K: Kink
L: Lion
M: Maple
N: Needle
O: Otter
P: Pine
Q: Quail
R: Reed
S: Snake
T: Turtle
U: Urchin
V: Viper
W: Wolf
X: ---
Y: Yak
Z: ---

Now, choose a suffix that matches the first letter of you last name:
A: -pelt
B: -fur
C: -blaze
D: -light
E: -wing
F: -tuft
G: -storm
H: -star
I: -branch
J: -claw
K: -face
L: -pool
M: -leaf
N: -heart
O: -nose
P: -foot
Q: -ear
R: -tail
S: -whisker
T: -feather
U: -stripe
V: -flight
W: -scar
X: -cloud
Y: -leap
Z: -frost