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Hazepaw | Windclan
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Name: Hazepaw
Age: 8 moons, in newleaf
Gender: Female (why would she be spayed, she isn't btw)
Clan: The one with the cold air rushing in
Rank: Medicine cat apprentice, if not, Apprentice (i dont know your policy on high ranks)
Appearance:  Pretty sure this is correct
Personality: At first, mad, pushy, etc. But if you connect with her, you lose the pushy part. Yeah she's mad all the time. But she's very peaceful, the level of mad is just strictly set to grumpy.

Shy, and scared of loud noises, but, believe it or not, she has... Friends. I know. Yeah.
Who lives, who dies, who tells your story. (History(He says in parenthesis)): Kithood:  Was indeed a kit. Played. Ate. Cuddled. The entire drill. *bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* Ok, well, simplified version: Born as loner/Rouge (she doesn't actually know, and plus it's fun to leave it up to mystery) in Twolegplace, her 5th moon came, got chased out by mother, found Windclan, taken in, DONE.
Relationships: Never knew her mother's name, nor fate. Never knew father at all, though her mother
occasionally told her to look at some fence when her father was there.

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Re: Hazepaw | Windclan
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(tripple posyt)

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Re: Hazepaw | Windclan
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@Darkforestwarrior she's getting angery approve this quick

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in my defense I've been doing birthday stuff with my family the past few days, my husband's birthday, not mine eheh.

@Giegue Do you mind adding a few more sentences worth of description to your character? We ask for at least 8 sentences worth of description and four sentences per rank in the history section. Here is the manual thread

Being a medicine cat apprentice should be fine!

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