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Author Topic: Hello, I guess??  (Read 503 times)

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Hello, I guess??
« on: November 27, 2017, 05:04:37 PM »
Uh, hi! I'm jay. I came here from a fourm that I don't feel like naming that I barely touched. I think you all seem pretty nice. Uh, I like to draw and make stories. I don't really message people too often, but if you want to chat, just PM me. I'll be okay with it! If you bring up my interests (you'll find out eventually wink wonk) I will go INSANE. I'm also very weird and kinda hyperactive, so uh. Yeah. Bye? I don't know.

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Re: Hello, I guess??
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okay so this is way late but welcome!

Thank you SS!
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Thank you for the grab-bag gift Dustfeather!
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