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AGE: 63 moons


CLAN: Other- Storm clan

RANK: Warrior

DESCRIPTION: White tom with brown spots all over him, he has green eyes and a red collar with a tag that reads "Cow"

Personality: He is very annoying according to others, but he is very protective and calm around the ones he likes. He tends to hang around apprentices, giving them tips on hunting. He can't stand having to battle when he doesn't need to (see below for reason) so he's never in battle patrols, normally he's protecting the queens at camp in case someone comes.

HISTORY: He was abused as a kitten, his parents didn't like him, he has no clue why. When he was about 13 moons old he ran away and got found by Pebbleblaze, who was still pebblepaw, by the caves where stormclan was. He got taken in by the clan and was made an apprentice. When he was about 15 moons old him and his mentor, FallenOak, were out hunting and Fallen got killed by a rouge clan. It scared him so bad even hearing the word 'fight' makes him feel sick. His mentor became PebbleBlaze (she had gotten her warrior name about half a moon after he came) and he soon fell in love with her. Soon after starting training with PebbleBlaze he became a warrior. (even though his name never changed)


OTHER: He loves rocks
I was a kittypet before I met PebbleBlaze of StormClan, Now im part of StormClan and have 3 kits!

(Im female but im RPing as a tom)