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Author Topic: Plot Holes & Out-of-Character Moments  (Read 562 times)

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Plot Holes & Out-of-Character Moments
« on: July 19, 2015, 02:48:42 PM »
I was thinking about things just didn't quite make sense in the books or with characters that acted a little.. unlike themselves in the series. Note that these aren't really errors; just things that don't really fit.

I actually posted this part in the old board but wanted to see if I missed anything that might have explained this since the final book has been released, and I wanted to hear some other people's thoughts and opinions on this.

Tigerstar's plan doesn't make any sense at all. There are so many flaws that I don't understand how's he's really that much of a threat. In fact, I feel like he shouldn't be a threat at all if StarClan would bother to actually do something.

There are two major flaws that I managed to think of that make me question how Tigerstar is even supposed to pull off his plan:

    1. I believe it's stated that DF cats can't cross over into StarClan while StarClan cats can cross over into the DF. We also know that being 'killed' again after you die will result in you disappearing forever. I'm going to assume that throughout the history of the clans that there were far more cats that went to StarClan than went to the DF. So wouldn't it be feasible for a bunch of StarClan cats to attack the DF cats, namely Tigerstar, and destroy him once and for all and be rid of his threat? Yeah, some StarClan cats would probably die, but in the end wouldn't it be worth it?

    TL;DR: StarClan should invade the DF and kill off Tigerstar and his cronies.

    2. The trainees. I understand how Tigerstar can pick off and start training cats because they are hurt or feel wronged or just want to be a better warrior. I get that. However, things start to get a little messy around reveal time. All this time training the Clan cat believes they are just being the best warrior/apprentice for their clan, but then Tigerstar starts bringing in other cats from other clans. That should be a red flag there. Why would a cat that's helping you train to be the best in your clan help a cat in another? As we continue down this road, we come to another red flag. He then reveals that he wants to destroy the clans. Woah, buddy. I could see if Tigerstar was trying to get the Clan cats to destroy all the other clans so there's would be the only one, though the resulting battle would probably result in the destruction of their own, but that's not what he's doing. He wants them to destroy their own Clan and kill their own clanmates as well. I can see a few special cases where the clan cat would feel wronged by his own clanmates as well as wanting to kill off other cats from other clans, but enough to provide a small army? No.

    TL;DR: With a few exceptions, what clan cat would go through with his plan?

I've tried to find some way to come up with a solution, but I can't think of any unless I assume that every character in this series is a moron (though admittedly so many problems could be solved if characters just talked to one another, but that's another thread entirely). There are so many other ways that Tigerstar could do this that would actually make sense, but of course he doesn't pick any of those.


I also had some issues with Leafpool's Wish (but then again who didn't?).
Maybe it was just me, but I would have figured that Squirrelflight would have taken up Leafpool's kits for the sake of her sister without being lied to or pressured by Yellowfang. The 2nd series constantly talked about how close the two of them were and it seemed like Squirrel would always stand beside Leaf. I understand and have no problem that she wouldn't have been on board at first since as she stated that she didn't want to hurt Bramble, but I feel like when it came down to the final hour she would have chosen to help her sister without Yellowfang butting in.


I also don't really understand Bluestar losing it after Tigerclaw betrayed her. The pair never seemed that close and I can't recall them ever spending a lot of time together or having any sort of relationship in Bluestar's Prophecy or even in the first series. If it were someone closer to her like Whitestorm or Lionheart then I think that would have made more sense, but this just seemed a little... out-of-character.

What do you all think? Or do you have any other scenes or characters that seemed to make that much sense?

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Re: Plot Holes & Out-of-Character Moments
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2015, 03:30:04 AM »
I thought it was weird that Firestar and the rest of ThunderClan so readily believed that Ivypool had a dream from StarClan that they should take back part of the forest from ShadowClan that had been established to be basically worthless.

Also, since the E-novellas were written by Vicky and not Kate or Cherith, some words (babies, children, mama, papa) seem really out of place.

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Re: Plot Holes & Out-of-Character Moments
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2015, 07:06:24 AM »
Everything about Yellowfang's Secret and Leafpool's Wish seems so out of character and just... not Warriors. The Yellowfang we saw in YS didn't feel like the one we were introduced to in Into the Wild, imho. ._.

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Re: Plot Holes & Out-of-Character Moments
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2015, 05:30:12 PM »
@Frostclaw: I guess Firestar's reasoning was that her sister had powers that he knew/guessed about so I guess she might have some sort of power or special connection with StarClan based on that, but yeah... I don't think I'd go into battle or even threaten another Clan based on something like that alone. Better to just keep an eye on that border and check with your actual med cat.

@Lightning: Yeah, those two books... weren't all that great (at least to me).