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Re: Good Leaders, Bad Leaders
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I think there are a lot of qualities that make good leaders, but that there isn't one ideal. I mean that in two ways: for one, I think we have never seen a 'perfect' leader, and for two, I don't think that one cat with all the best leaderly traits would be appropriate for all Clans in all situations. Sometimes you need a Onestar, who will make choices that aren't necessarily good for diplomacy, but who will make his Clan feel strong again. Sometimes you need a Firestar, who might sometimes seem like he's butting in too much, but who genuinely cares about all the Clans and respects them. Sometimes you need a Leopardstar who will never stop fighting for her Clan, even when it's a battle that doesn't need to be fought.

This is a REALLY good point. Not all leaders are right for every situation. For example, I agree with you that Leafstar is a great leader for her clan and her situation, but would she be the right leader for say, ShadowClan? Maybe not. Different clans need different things and that's definitely something to consider in what makes a leader great.

High fives to you for liking Leafstar by the way, she's one of my faves as well. Underrated character, in my opinion.

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Re: Good Leaders, Bad Leaders
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For favorite leaders, it really depends. Like from what Barkfoot said there are different circumstances when it comes to leaders. I wouldn't say that Leafstar is a very good leader (but I do think she's a good character) because she never really dealt with any of the issues in Skyclan. The daylight warriors and all normal warriors acted so indifferent towards each other as if they were from opposite clans and she did almost nothing to stop it.

I think the best leader for Windclan was Tallstar, he put his clan before his own needs and was very calm and collected. He solved issues easily and did the best that any leader could do for their clan.