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Author Topic: [[OLD]] 2014 AP Design Portfolio - concentration pieces  (Read 355 times)

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[[OLD]] 2014 AP Design Portfolio - concentration pieces
« on: August 06, 2015, 01:04:44 AM »
So while I try to figure out what things I'd like to share here...
I'll let you guys see the things that I made Senior Year of high school for my AP design class. (the college board really liked it, I got a 5 on my portfolio \o/)
For the most part I do see some flaws with these pieces but uh, figured it's better to post the old things first.

So my concentration (or series of works that are tied together) was a narrative series of tarot-inspired cards detailing the journeys of a boy through neverland and a girl through wonderland. The series contained 12 cards but here I'm just sharing what I still have on my computer/what I'm not too entirely embarrassed to show.

The media I was working with sort of... changed at some point. I started out with watercolors/ink pencils/pens and then fell into a crunch where I absolutely had to work digital if I was going to accomplish this by the deadline. The original cards were very small, about the size of artist trading cards... so they are somewhat blown up here.

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anyways I've been told to make a single thread for the rest of everything I want to share, but I already had this typed out for the most part
still, here are the things